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Nov 8, 2017

YouPorn Review

YouPorn YouPorn was launched in 2006, YouPorn is one of the Internet’s largest and oldest porn sites. It has consistently ranked in the top 100 most visited websites in the world, and has occasionally been…



YouPorn was launched in 2006, YouPorn is one of the Internet’s largest and oldest porn sites. It has consistently ranked in the top 100 most visited websites in the world, and has occasionally been the number-one most popular porn site.

It’s easy to see why. YouPorn allows users to upload videos and clips of videos, much as YouTube does. But, at YouPorn everything is porn. The site hosts a huge selection of videos, so you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, it has loads of extra features to entice you to create a free or premium account.

Content Review

The first thing you’ll notice about YouPorn is that the home page layout looks familiar. There’s a menu bar at the top of the page, then a selection of videos that are trending in your part of the world, then listings of recommended, new, and top-rated videos. The layout is essentially the same as what you see at PornHub and RedTube.

The similarity is no coincidence. YouPorn was purchased by Manwin/MindGeek, the parent company of PornHub, in 2011. It’s a member of the PornHub network and it shares content and features with its sister sites. YouPorn is essentially a clone of the other popular PornHub sites. The upside is that if you are familiar with other PornHub sites you can easily find your way around YouPorn. And the feature set is complete and well conceived because it’s from a team that operates many of the internet’s top porn sites.

The handy menu bar at the top of the home page allows you to zero in on the content you’re looking for.

Under “videos” you can elect to look at new content, videos that the site recommends for you based on your location and site history, top-rated videos, most-viewed videos, videos that have inspired the most discussions, collections, or a page of random videos.

Collections are like playlists.

They make it easy to create and save lists of videos you like. For example, you might create a collection called Casting Couch that includes your favorite amateur audition videos from multiple porn publishers. You could have a second collection called Threesomes, and maybe another called Teacher/Schoolgirl. You can make as many collections as you want.

One great feature of collections is that you can share them.

Better yet, you can check out collections that other users have made. It’s a terrific way of searching out the best videos among the millions that YouPorn has online during your visit.

YouPorn lets you filter search results by category – BBW or Asian, for instance, and to combine filters to zero in on specific content. The keyword-combining mechanism is simple and intuitive. Once you’ve clicked on Teen, for example, you could click on +Redhead and +Anal and +Amateur to instruct YouPorn to deliver exactly the videos you want to see.

YouPorn’s “live sex” option takes you to the registration page for YPMate, a webcam site.

The “live cams” menu option takes you to exactly the same page. YPMate is not the internet’s largest cam site but you’ll likely to find hundreds or thousands of models online no matter when you click through. The problem is that you can’t enter a free chat in YPMate without registering – which requires that you provide a credit card in case you enter a paid room. There’s no interacting with YPMate without providing credit card information.

YouPorn also allows you to browse channels, which correspond to video producers like Defloration TV, Brazzers, Nubile Films, and Young Anal Tryouts. The site lists more than 2,500 channels. All of the big porn studios are represented and a great many smaller ones.

The site also allows easy search for videos featuring particular porn stars.

The site maintains searchable databases for thousands of porn stars. With a database that big, you’re sure to find lots of clips for your favorite star and you’ll be able to explore a bit and find new porn stars to follow.

You can create a free YouPorn account in less than a minute or simply use your PornHub account to log in. Free registration allows you to create collections and favorites lists, to leave comments on videos, to subscribe to other users, and so on. YouPorn offers a good dashboard at your profile page but it doesn’t support the online-community features that are becoming popular at other sites.


Like other PornHub-affiliated sites, YouPorn offers paid membership at $9.99 per month. Like other PornHub sites, the benefits are described only vaguely. You’ll be able to visit the site without viewing ads and you will get access to certain premium content, including high-quality 1080p HD videos and more than 13,000 DVDs. If you’re looking for specifics about what you get when you pay for membership, you’re out of luck. That’s all the information YouPorn provides.

Like other sites that are members of the PornHub network, YouPorn offers a seven-day free preview of premium membership. You can sign up, try it for a week, and cancel anytime. If you don’t cancel, your credit card or PayPal account will be charged…   $9.99 every month until you cancel your membership.


· Huge selection of user-uploaded videos
· Free registration lets you access millions of porn videos, create and view collections, and follow other users
· Excellent, easy-to-use search page lets you combine keywords to zero in on the content you’re looking for
· If you’re a member of PornHub, you’re already a member of YouPorn – just log in


· No photo galleries or erotic stories
· Very limited online community features
· The link to the YPMate webcam site is of limited value
· No real description of what you get when you pay for premium membership status


YouPorning websites for online lives up to its reputation as one of the lead porn. It gives visitors access to a huge catalog of user-uploaded videos ranging from commercial offerings to home-shot cam shows. The site is easy to navigate and it’s especially easy to find just the videos you are looking for.

It’s not entirely clear why you would want a membership at YouPorn in addition to one at PornHub. Both sites host videos that are not found at the other site. However, and since free membership in both is essentially automatic when you sign up for either one, there’s no reason not to do it.

PornHub is a stellar porn site and well worth a visit.