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Nov 21, 2017

VPorn Review -more than a million porn videos

VPorn Review : VPorn Review – is a no-nonsense porn tube site. With more than a million porn videos online, delivers a streamlined, just-the-facts-ma’am approach to serving up what you’re looking for. You don’t…


VPorn Review :

VPorn Review – is a no-nonsense porn tube site. With more than a million porn videos online, delivers a streamlined, just-the-facts-ma’am approach to serving up what you’re looking for.

You don’t set up a blog at You don’t befriend other users or follow their newsfeeds to see what they’ve been watching. All you do is log in, conduct a search, and watch porn. That’s what the site is all about.

That doesn’t mean the site is unsatisfying. On the contrary. By sticking to what it does best, offers a very satisfying, efficient way of getting off – plus just enough extras to keep you coming back for more.

Content Review is all about videos. That’s apparent from the first moment you arrive. The streamlined home page offers a selection of the top-rated and most recently uploaded videos on the site. It’s up to you to type in some searches and find just what you need to get off.

This site brags about HD videos. And it should – it has a huge number of high-definition videos, including tons of full-length movies that run an hour or more. Whether you prefer watching short scenes or settling in to watch a whole movie, you’ll find what you want in – in glorious high-definition 720p, 1080p, or higher.

Like most porn sites, allows you to search for videos according to tags or keywords. Click on “Tags” on the home page and you’ll see a few listed, along with the number of videos in each category:

· ass (113,529)
· amateur (111,020)
· anal (94,107)
· anus (75,108)
· african (28,147)
· asian (28,020)
· adventure (14,592)
· …

One more click gets you the complete listing of keywords, which currently totals about 800. Click on any one of them and you’ll immediately be transported to a page of thumbnail images from matching videos. Nothing to it.

You can’t specify multiple tags by clicking on them, but you can type them into the search bar. Searching for “lesbian redhead” returns a screen of lesbian videos featuring at least one ginger. Unlike most tube sites, interprets multiple tags in the search bar as related by a logical AND. That means if you type “amateur lesbian redhead granny” into the search bar you’ll get only four hits – but those will be the precise four videos you want.

This is the best way for search bars to interpret multiple tags, and is to be commended for implementing its search this way. Other sites would do well to imitate this excellent feature.

On every screen, you can click a single button to eliminate all the videos that aren’t HD. is dead serious about moving to high-definition videos and using its commitment to high resolution as a major selling point to users.

That commitment extends to watching videos, too. Above the video on your screen you’ll see buttons to show all the resolutions the video is available in, and you can click on them to toggle among them. When you download a video, you get to choose the resolution too.

You can do a quick search from a menu on the left side of the screen.

It lists about 50 of the most popular tags and lets you specify the duration you’re looking for too. If you want HD BBW videos longer than three minutes but shorter than 16 minutes, you’re in business.

There’s also a menu in the upper right corner. That one is related to your account. It lets you navigate to your profile page, upload videos, check out favorite videos, update subscriptions, and more.’s web 2.0 social-network functions don’t get in the way, but they are there. You can upload a profile photo if you want and you can subscribe to other users so you’ll be notified when they upload something new. doesn’t let you save multiple playlists. You can mark videos as favorites so you can check them out later, but you can’t have separate playlists for your favorite threesome and blowjob videos. They all go into one big bucket.

The home page has links that say Porn Games and Fuck Now! The former links you to, a pay site. The latter goes to a signup page for, a U.S.-only dating site that requires paid signup to connect with other users.

Pricing is a free site. There’s no option to upgrade, no premium features. What you see is what you get.

And what you get is pretty darn good.


· More than a million porn videos in every conceivable genre, including lots of HD and HD+ offerings
· The excellent implementation of the search bar makes it easy to find exactly the videos you want
· Free membership lets you establish a profile page, save favorites, subscribe to other users, and a few other thigns
· Videos are searchable by length and sexual orientation as well as keywords
· All features are completely free


· The dating and game sites add little or no value
· No image galleries, erotica, member chat, or other features


When you’re in the mood for porn, you’re not looking to enter a user forum and debate which of Tori Welles’s classic films rate as her best. You don’t want to update your image gallery or scan through your time line to see who has visited your profile. That’s not what porn is about; that’s not what porn sites should be about.

When you’re in the mood for porn you want porn:

Sexy videos and plenty of them. You want a good flexible search engine so you can find the videos you are craving with a minimum of fuss and bother. Ideally, you’d like HD videos that look great on your screen. And maybe you’d like to mark them as favorites or download them to your hard drive so you can watch them again sometime.

That is precisely what you get at This no-frills site is packed with hot, sexy porn videos, and you get the tools to drill down to exactly the ones that will get you off.

What more could anyone want from a porn site?