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Oct 30, 2017

SpankBang Review

SpankBang SpankBang is one of the internet’s 15 largest porn sites and one of the top 250 sites of any kind. It’s a porn video site that hosts hundreds of thousands of hot videos. SpankBang…



SpankBang is one of the internet’s 15 largest porn sites and one of the top 250 sites of any kind. It’s a porn video site that hosts hundreds of thousands of hot videos.

SpankBang is a Web 2.0 site, which is a shorthand way of saying that the site’s user community provides and curates the content. Users upload the content, and user ratings determine which are displayed on the home page. SpankBang – like PornHub and xHamster and XVideos and many other sites – simply provides the framework.

That doesn’t mean that SpankBang provides no value. On the contrary, the framework is responsible for helping users search, discover, organize, and save lists of videos that please them. SpankBang accomplishes all of these tasks well.



Content Review

The front page of SpankBang looks much like the front page of other porn sites featuring videos. You get a menu bar and some navigation shortcuts at the top of the page, with the remainder of the page filled with freeze-frame images from 50 videos. By default, SpankBang presents the top 50 trending videos. With a single mouse click you can change the display to popular, recommended, subscription, or new videos. It’s also easy to toggle the display to mobile mode, to other languages, or to display gay or transsexual videos instead of the default straight selection.

If you hover your mouse over the image for a video, additional frames are shown, giving you a quick preview of the contents of the video without loading it up and watching it. That’s a nice feature.

Finding videos is a breeze on SpankBang. Clicking on Categories brings up a screen full of flat buttons that let you specify what kind of content you’re looking for: amateur, BBW, creampie, hentai, handjob, striptease, toy, and so on.

Selecting a category invokes a new screen full of videos that match the keyword.

But SpankBang doesn’t stop there. A sidebar allows you to add keywords. So if you have clicked on BBW, for example, the sidebar would allow you to narrow the search. You could click +Brunette or +Blowjob, for instance. Or you could start with the Asian category and add +Babe, +Solo, +Big Tits, and +Homemade. That particular combination yields about 30 videos.

SpankBang uses a handy slider-based control to let you specify what length of video you’re interested in.

You could specify a range of 30 to 60 minutes, for instance, with longer and shorter videos omitted from the results screen. You can also specify that you want 720p or 1080p videos only.

Of course you can also request videos by porn star. The Pornstars link on the home page takes you to the first of more than 150 pages of pornstar images. Click on a picture and you get a screen full of videos featuring that porn star.

When you select a video, of course you can watch it.

But you can also select among available resolutions, download the video, upvote or downvote it, add it to one of your playlists, add search tags, leave comments (including SpankBang emojis), generate code to embed the video on your own web pages, and buttons for sharing the video on 200 different social media platforms.

If that’s all SpankBang did, it would be a fine porn site. Lots and lots of videos presented in an easy-to-search, easy-to-navigate way. Plus an upload button so you can contribute to the site’s porn database.

But with SpankBang, that’s just the beginning.

When you register (it’s free) the site creates a profile page for you. You can keep track of your activity feed, the videos you’ve uploaded, the playlists you’ve created, videos you’ve liked, comments people have left you, site members who have subscribed to you, and various achievements. It’s a complete social network framework. You can even upload a profile picture.

SpankBang tracks the videos you watch and like, and uses your own history on the site to create the list of recommended videos accessible from the home page. The “subscribed” tab shows you videos from users you follow.

As soon as you start watching videos, SpankBang starts sending notifications to your profile page, congratulating you on unlocking achievements like watching videos, creating a playlist, and adding videos to a playlist.

If you subscribe to a porn star, the Pornstars tab on your profile page will show you movies from that actor or actress. Also accessible on your home page are lists of your subscriptions, messages to you, messages you’ve sent, your achievements list, playlists you’ve created, comments, and your activity history.

SpankBang doesn’t have a forum page where multiple members can participate in discussions, but except for that it’s got just about every social media feature you might want.

You also won’t find links to a dating site, cam girls, photo galleries, or online games. SpankBang is all about one thing: providing a good selection of porn videos and making sure you can find and watch the ones you want.


SpankBang is free. You can watch videos without registering or create a free account so the site will track your usage and recommend videos you might like.

Most free sites have some kind of premium option, or at least link to paid sites of some kind. Not SpankBang. This site is focused on delivering the idea porn experience, and that means no pay-extra frills. At SpankBang, free means free.


· Huge selection of user-uploaded videos
· Free registration lets you access hundreds of thousands of porn videos, create and view collections, earn achievements, set up a profile page, and follow other users
· Excellent, easy-to-use search page lets you combine keywords to zero in on the content you’re looking for


· No photo galleries, dating features, cam girls, or erotic stories
· Search results are limited to the top 50, though you can toggle between trending, new, highest rated, etc. to see different groups of 50.


If you’re looking for porn videos, SpankBang is definitely a site to watch. The website has excellent search and filter features for tracking down videos you like, plus a thoughtful selection of social media features. SpankBang is very highly recommended.