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Oct 31, 2017 Review  is the name of a Portuguese-language porn website operated out of Gijón, Spain. The site is available in different languages for different locales. It’s called VoglioPorno in Italy, PornoDingue in France, PornuRuf in…

Websites  is the name of a Portuguese-language porn website operated out of Gijón, Spain. The site is available in different languages for different locales. It’s called VoglioPorno in Italy, PornoDingue in France, PornuRuf in Germany, PornoDoido in Spain, PornoZot in the Netherlands, KoloPorno in Poland, and KalPorn in India. The English-language version of the site is called BubbaPorn.

No matter what version of the site you choose, you’ll find tens of thousands of hot porn videos, plus extra features to make you glad you stopped by for a visit. You may have never heard of BubbaPorn or PornoDoido, but after you’ve explored the site you may find you have discovered a new online home.



Content Review

The heart of any porn video site is the quantity and quality of the videos. BubbaPorn does a good job in this regard.

It’s true that porn mega-sites offer millions of porn videos. But nobody can watch that much porn. The truth is, you’ll find everything you want and more with the database of porn movies and clips on offer at BubbaPorn.

The home pages shows not only still images from the videos, but also informative titles. On a recent visit, the home page offered up titles like these: “hot Asian maid solo,” “POV brunette tug and suck,” and “vintage vixens taking the money shot in the mouth.” With titles like that, you know just what you’re getting.

Video listing pages also show the duration of each video in minutes and seconds as well as the video’s rating – the percent of viewers who gave it an upvote.

That’s a pretty good foundation for helping you decide which videos are worth checking out.

Of course you can filter and search the videos too. The home page provides a list of popular tags across the top: Asian, amateur, schoolgirls, HD, hentai, teen, celebrity, MILF, big ass, cumshots, orgies, European girls, massages, voyeurs, big dicks, anal, BDSM, shemales, big tits, costumes, fetishism, Arab girls, miscellany, double penetration, and lesbians. If one of those terms sounds intriguing, just click it and you’ll be rewarded with screen after screen of videos that match the keyword.

Another click takes you to the Categories page, which lists about 55 keywords with preview images.

If that’s not enough, you can always use the search bar to zero in on precisely the content you’re looking for.

BubbaPorn’s search bar is disappointing in operation. For example, when we searched for “British lesbians,” only the first nine videos matched both search terms, even when we sorted by relevance. Video number 10 was a solo masturbation scene and videos 11 and 12 were boy-girl sex scenes. The search yielded 136 pages of results – more than 6,000 videos – but the first few rows of results included videos that didn’t match the search terms.

BubbaPorn also maintains listings for more than 300 porn stars. Click on the Pornstars button on the menu and scroll through the thumbnail photos to find the talent you crave.

The Channels button leads you to a display of porn production companies and websites. You can use the Channels feature to navigate to videos produced by Vivid, Mofos, Brazzers, Nubile Films, Fake Agent, and other well-known companies.

A click on the Live Sex option takes you to cams.todayporn, a webcam site. You can watch cam models for free at the site, even without registering. Joining in the chat requires registration, and you can’t register without purchasing a package of tokens for tipping models.

The “meet & fuck” menu option takes you to PornMD, a competing video site that is part of the PornHub Network. PornMD is a fine site, but “meet & fuck” led me to expect some kind of dating or social community site.

You can also click on “sex games,” which is a link to The site looks fun, but you can’t register even a free account without providing a credit card number for verification.

Free registration at BubbaPorn sets up a default profile page for you. You can upload videos, keep track of favorite porn videos, and subscribe to other users so you know when they’ve uploaded something new.

It’s also fun to browse through other users’ profiles and see what videos they have uploaded. Some users upload amateur videos of themselves, which gives you an opportunity to strike up a conversation and get to know them online.


Watching videos is completely free at BubbaPorn. Registration is free. Creating a profile and tracking favorite videos is free. Subscribing to channels is free. BubbaCams is that rarest of miracles – a porn site that doesn’t want your money.

BubbaPorn does include links to external sites that charge for their services. But they aren’t BubbaPorn and they aren’t about watching porn videos. BubbaPorn is all free all the time.


· Clean interface is easy to navigate
· Very fast performance
· Videos from major porn-producing studios and websites are listed as channels
· All free all the time
· Video-selection pages show you lots of information to help you decide whether or not to watch any video


· A relatively small collection of videos compared to other sites
· You can’t create multiple playlists – just identify some videos as favorites
· No social network features
· The search bar yields poor-quality results


It’s easy to find websites with more porn content than BubbaPorn, but they tend to be cluttered with ads, pop-up windows, and extra features that just distract you from the reason you pointed your browser at the site in the first place. BubbaPorn does just one thing and it does it well: it gives you access to thousands of porn videos. Better yet, it’s absolutely free.

The only real negative fact about BubbaPorn is that the search function is primitive and yields too many false matches. The first page of matches for “Asian MILF” yielded both blonde European women and Asian teens, even when the search results were sorted by “most relevant” first. That’s a major shortcoming in a site that is otherwise a pleasure to use and one of the internet’s great bargains.

Our verdict? Recommended, with reservations.