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by Irina Kings | Jan 8, 2018

NHentai .net Review

NHentai Intro Cartoon porn can be hotter than you think – especially if it’s Japanese hentai. Japanese obscenity laws mean that most Japanese porn is…


NHentai Intro

Cartoon porn can be hotter than you think – especially if it’s Japanese hentai.

Japanese obscenity laws mean that most Japanese porn is censored. Maybe that has led to a reliance on the power of the imagination for explicit sex. Japanese sexual imagination reaches full flower in the hentai world, where improbably young, improbably busty beauties start reluctant, then become eager sexual partners. Where schoolgirl outfits are omnipresent, their buttons always popping, their short skirts always flipping up to expose panties and eager wet pussies. Where tentacles, robots, and other kinks have become something of a mainstream tradition.

Welcome to and the world of Hentai. The kinkiest, sexiest comic books you’ll ever see.

Content Review

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of Japanese hentai or a confirmed fan, you will find much to like at This site contains thousands of full-length comic books and graphic novels, all featuring luscious anime girls who act out sexual fantasies.

Since hentai is largely a Japanese genre, the text accompanying graphic novels at hentai sites tends to be in Japanese. At, the audience is largely English-speaking, and most of the titles have been translated. A small flag icon on thumbnail images lets you know which titles are in English. Or you can simply filter the display to omit manga that are not in English.

Although the thumbnail images for hentai books are in full color, the inner pages are usually black-and-white.

At, they’re in glorious high-resolutions jpegs. Some books have several color pages at the beginning and end, with black-and-white pages in between. And a few are color throughout. should be commended for its search facilities. The site’s simple interface hides an array of powerful search and filter functions to help you find just the content you are looking for.

Every manga on has descriptive tags applied to it. The simplest way to search for content is to type a tag into the search bar and see what you get. For example, the tag “tentacle” yields nearly 10,000 results. That’s all the mangas that have the word “tentacle” as a tag or in the title. They’re listed with the most recent books first by default, but with a single mouse click you can reorder the display to show most popular first. Then you can start scrolling. With tentacle porn, you’ll be looking through 391 pages of results.

You can refine the results further by typing more complex searches into the search bar.

For example, searching for “anal” yields 42,575 results and “bondage” results in a list of 25,721 titles. But typing both “anal” and “bondage” into the search bar gives you only those hentai that have both tags: a list of 8,912. Add “femdom” and you’re down to a manageable 1,508 results. The actual number is smaller, because the 1,508 includes mangas in Japanese, English, and Chinese. The same graphic novel may appear three times, once in each language.

Within a few minutes you can learn the more advanced features of the search bar. For instance, you can type “anal bondage –femdom” to get a list of mangas that have anal and bondage keywords, but only the ones that do NOT have “femdom” as a keyword.

You enclose multiple-word search terms such as “big breasts” in quotes. You can also restrict searches to titles or tags, or to different parts of the site. It’s quite an advanced search facility yet very easy to use.

Speaking of different parts of the site, you might enjoy a look at the Parodies section. We found a manga book written and illustrated in the style of the Adventure Time cartoon, and it was both entertaining and strangely arousing. The section is worth browsing. offers free membership. An account at the site lets you mark particular books as favorites, “blacklist” certain tags, and choose among different color schemes for the site.

Once you’ve found the comic book you like, the pages are arrayed on the screen in thumbnail form. You click on them to view them full-size, and you can right-click to save the pages. If you click “download” a torrent file will be downloaded to your system. You can then use a peer-to-peer torrent program like uTorrent to download the page images all at once, very quickly. Our tests showed excellent seeding for new and old mangas.

That’s really all there is to

But that’s enough. There’s an elegant simplicity to this site. You don’t have to set up a profile page or participate in a forum. And, you don’t interact with different users, you can’t even, at this point, upload hentai graphic novels, though a FAQ on the site hints that someday uploading might be allowed. No, NHentai is all about helping you find the hentai content you like from a huge library and view it onscreen or download it.

The one downside is that almost all of the content was originally created in Japanese, and much of it is not available in other languages. If you’re looking for Spanish or Italian or Swahili translations, you’re out of luck. supports just Japanese, English, and Chinese. And many of the books are simply not available in any language other than Japanese.


One thing’s for sure about The price is right. There is absolutely no charge for any of its services. There is no premium membership option, no special content that can be downloaded in exchange for dollars. NHentai is all free all the time.


· Large collection of hentai-based graphic novels from thousands of artists
· Searchable by tag, artist, or character, with a separate section for parodies and groups
· All features are free of charge


· You can’t upload graphic novels you have acquired elsewhere
· No social networking features
· Much of the content is available only in Japanese without translation into English or Chinese


Is for you? You don’t have to think about it very long to answer that question. If you enjoy hentai, or if you’re just curious about it, then is definitely worth a visit.