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by Irina Kings | Feb 9, 2018 Review   Intro Japanese porn is popular around the world, but it is an acquired taste. Japanese videos often include situations that seem contrived and…

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Japanese porn is popular around the world, but it is an acquired taste. Japanese videos often include situations that seem contrived and foreign to Western eyes. The aesthetic expectations are different.

And of course, the Japanese include comic books, drawings, and cartoons in their porn repertoires. Hentai, manga, doujinshi, and anime are among the terms you’ll encounter as you begin to explore the world of Japanese cartoon erotica. is a porn website that is devoted to such erotica. The site includes image galleries, comic books and graphic novels, and animated erotic cartoons.

Access is free, so if you are curious about these erotic art forms, is an ideal place to check them out.

Content Review

There is an elegant simplicity to the website. There’s no call to create a profile page at, no urgency around creating playlists or lists of favorites. You needn’t read the fine print to find the difference between free and paid accounts.

There are no paid accounts at In fact, there are no free accounts. There’s no way or reason to log in. Everything the site offers is available to you as an anonymous user.

If you’ve been on the internet a long time, it’s positively nostalgic.

Hitome is Japanese for “schoolgirl.”  The hentai world seems obsessed with schoolgirls as the main characters for every story. Somewhere along the way their white blouses come unbuttoned, revealing huge breasts beneath. Their skirts flip up, revealing gushing wet pussies. Hentai schoolgirls tend to start innocent and afraid, but as their story arcs proceed, they find lusty enthusiasm for getting plowed by men, older women, young girls, wolves, monsters’ tentacles, robots, fanciful sex toys, and practically anyone or anything else nearby. Once a hentai schoolgirl’s lust is aroused, she’s pretty much ready for anything.

Because hentai is drawn and not filmed, taboos are relaxed. Sex with animals, with groups – the sky is pretty much the limit. Japanese manga and anime explore some of the most extreme fantasies with cheerful goodwill. specializes in full-color hentai image galleries. The galleries can be part of a manga, or graphic novel. Or the galleries can feature characters from specific comic-book series. Some manga characters acquire huge public followings and feature in large collections of graphic novels and image galleries. For example, the well-known character Sailor Moon appears in more than 2,800 galleries, graphic novels, doujinshi (fan art) works, and animated cartoons at

While almost all of the graphic novels and galleries at have full-color covers, many comic books, especially doujinshi, are black-and-white on their inside pages. has more full-color galleries than most hentai sites, and also has a more explicit focus on pornographic animated cartoons. Among the tens of thousands of image galleries at, the site has more than 650 anime cartoons.

Upon finding an image gallery, comic book, graphic novel, or anime video that you like, you can view it on screen.

Clicking on the cover of a manga leads to a screen with thumbnail images of all the pages. Click on page 1 to open a full-screen display, then use the arrow keys to flip from page to page. It’s so easy and intuitive there’s no need to read the instructions.

There’s also a Download button. Find images or videos you like and press Download, and the content will be immediately downloaded to the default download folder on your computer. Downloads are pretty fast, and there is no limit.

Once you have kicked around the hentai world a bit and figured out what you like, you can use’s menus to customize the display.

The first item on the top menu bar is Tags. That’s how you search for specific themes and elements in stories. For example, you could scroll down to Tentacle, where a single click will evoke the 50 comic books and graphic novels featuring tentacle sex. The site has three books devoted to labia stretching, 16,000 concerning lactation, and more than 135,000 featuring big breasts.

You can also search the database by artist.

Japan’s best-known hentai artists are cult personalities whose work is followed and collected by eager fans. No artist is too obscure to be listed in’s extensive index.

Some hentai images and comic books are part of particular series. A series is an extended story that might have been published original in a series of mangas, or comic books. Each chapter of the series may serve as the subject matter for a stand-alone manga or image gallery by a professional or amateur artist. Some of the series listed at have inspired hundreds of viewable and downloadable works of art.

You can also search the database by character.

For instance, Applejack, one of the characters from the cartoon My Little Pony, is featured as a character in 68 comic books and galleries. These comic books may have “My Little Pony” or “Friendship Is Magic” in the title, but don’t download them for your kids. Like everything at, there’s explicit, hardcore sexual content. The fact that it features cute little talking ponies? Well, that just makes it a bit more Japanese.

That’s in a nutshell. Comic books and graphic novels. Image galleries. Animated videos. All instantiating the uniquely Japanese art of sexual cartoons, a genre that quickly becomes strangely appealing.

Pricing is absolutely free. There’s no paid membership. In fact, there’s no membership at all. Just navigate to the site and start looking at porn – that’s all there is to it. There’s no way to register, to create lists of favorite items, any of that. If you find something you’d like to look at later, set a bookmark in your browser or download the images to your hard drive.


· Huge collection of hentai-based graphic novels and image galleries from thousands of artists
· Searchable by tag, artist, series, or character
· A nice selection of X-rated anime videos
· All features are free of charge


· No way to store lists of favorite items so you can find them again later
· Some mangas are available only in Japanese

Conclusion is an indispensable resource for anyone who is interested in the Japanese art of erotic cartoons. The site features hundreds of thousands of image galleries and mangas, plus a few hundreds anime videos to get your juices flowing. Whether you’re already a hentai fan or a newcomer to the world of Japanese erotic cartoons, is worth checking out.