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May 10, 2018 Review

GotPorn Intro GotPorn is a porn tube site that lets you watch sexy videos. The site has millions of videos online, including thousands of HD clips. Although GotPorn offers some extras, it is primarily a…


GotPorn Intro

GotPorn is a porn tube site that lets you watch sexy videos. The site has millions of videos online, including thousands of HD clips.

Although GotPorn offers some extras, it is primarily a video streaming site. It’s a Web 2.0-style site, which means most of the content is provided by users who upload it. The rest arrives at the site via agreements with content partners.

GotPorn offers free membership and it takes only seconds to create an account. However, you can access all the videos and the rest of the site’s content – and get plenty of pleasure from the site in the process – without registering.

Content Review

Do you like porn videos? Then GotPorn is just the site for you. This stripped down site doesn’t offer a lot of bells and whistles. It’s just got porn videos – millions of them – for you to watch and…um, enjoy. In whatever way seems appropriate. You know what we mean.

With millions of videos to choose from, GotPorn has got to provide a way of finding the content you are looking for without scrolling through tens of thousands of pages of thumbnail still-frame images. When you’re choosing where to spend your porn-viewing time, the navigation, search, and filter options are as important as the videos. All sites have plenty of videos to get you off. But some make it easy to find what you want, while others make it harder (and not in a good way).

GotPorn has a unique approach to helping you find the videos you’re interested in.

Like all porn sites, it’s got a search bar. You can type a search term into the bar – Redhead, for instance – and get all the videos featuring redheaded pornstars.

If you type both Redhead and Blowjob into the search bar, you’ll get all the redhead videos again, including the ones that don’t feature blowjobs. And you will also get all the blowjob videos, including the ones that don’t include redheads. If you’re looking for blowjob videos featuring redheads, that’s not much help.

We discovered a workaround during testing. If you type “Redhead AND Blowjob” into the search box, the resulting screen will show videos of redheads performing blowjobs. “Redhead NOT Blowjob” also yields a screen of redheads performing blowjobs, so generating a list of likely videos could take some trial and error. The “AND” trick isn’t documented anywhere on the GotPorn website. We just tried it during testing and it happened to work.

In addition to the search bar, you can track down videos by clicking on Categories on the main menu bar at the top of the page.

This will bring up an alphabetical list of more than 70 terms and tell you how many videos are associated with each.

You will learn, for instance, that GotPorn hosts 33,932 amateur videos. There are 22,442 anal videos and 3,195 BDSM clips. Clicking on one of these categories gives you a full page of relevant videos.

There is, however, no way to search for multiple categories. If you’re looking for BBW deepthroat videos, you’re out of luck.

Below the categories, the list is a listing of more than 600 tags. Tags include 69, anal creampie, blindfold, outdoors, moaning…you get the idea. The site reports how many videos are associated with each of the tags. For instance, the site has 721 videos featuring pegging.

Once again, there is no way to combine multiple tags, or to combine categories and tags in a single search. The search bar’s AND facility is the best solution.

Above and below the videos shown on the main page are recent and trending search terms.

They are intended to lead you to videos that are popular right now.

The Models button on the main menu bar leads to a screen containing thumbnail photos of women. Some of the women are online now, others have videos you can watch. You can also browse through the database of profile pages for GotPorn models. The profile pages don’t contain much information. And there’s a reason for that. When you click on “chat now” on a model’s page, you are transferred to These aren’t GotPorn models. They’re just LiveJasmin models with profile pages full of data scraped off their LiveJasmin biography pages.

The Channels button leads to a list of porn producers and websites that share content with GotPorn.

If you have registered for a free account you can subscribe to channels so you’ll be alerted when they upload new content.

A button labeled Pictures takes you to photo galleries that seem to be uploaded by GotPorn users. Watermarks on the photos make it clear that at least some of the galleries are populated with photos from LiveJasmin.

The Hentai Games button links to

And the Asian women button leads to the sign-up pages for a website that seems to be about dating Asian women. However, the site crashes with a 404 website error when you complete the registration.


There is no charge for using GotPorn. However, the site does offer free registration. The main benefit of registering for a free account is that you can subscribe to channels. When you return to the site, you can check your subscriptions or your feed and see what new content has been uploaded by channels.

You can’t subscribe to individual members who upload videos, but you can click on their names to see what else they have uploaded.

Registration also allows you to download videos, and to designate videos as Favorites so you can easily find them again – essentially, a single playlist.


· Millions of free porn videos
· Free registration lets you view, organize, and download all the content you like
· Undocumented AND feature in the search bar lets you zero in on the content you are looking for
· Subscribing to channels means you’ll be alerted to new content from content producers you like


· Link-to sites don’t add much value
· The Models section is misleading – it’s just data from LiveJasmin
· No support for multiple named playlists


When you’re looking to get off, you don’t necessarily need a lot of bells and whistles. What you need is hot porn videos and a way to find just what you’re craving. GotPorn delivers. It’s not the fancying porn website on the internet, but it’ll be sure to help you get off. And that’s all that really matters.