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Feb 27, 2018

Free3dAdultGames Review

Free3dAdultGames Intro Porn sites all tend to look the same after a while. Video clips from commercial porn sites. Amateur videos from site users. Maybe some photo galleries. You can search and sort and filter the…


Free3dAdultGames Intro

Porn sites all tend to look the same after a while. Video clips from commercial porn sites. Amateur videos from site users. Maybe some photo galleries. You can search and sort and filter the video database to find videos that please you, but after a while everything starts to look the same.

That’s where comes in. This website offers something a little different: high-quality animated games that you play on your computer.

And not just a few games – hundreds of them. Thousands.

And yes, along the way the site offers high-definition porn videos, lots of sexy photo galleries, live cams, and access to affiliated adult websites.

So if you’re in the mood for something different, may be worth a look.

Content Review

The home page gives you a good preview of what you’re in for. The page provides screen shots of a dozen current game offerings. They’re all parodies of familiar games.

On a recent visit we found Grand Fuck Auto, Call of Booty, Raging Green Destroyer, Pokemon Cum, Batballs: Hard Knight Rises, XXX-Men Mutant Orgy, The Invincible Ironcock, Spidey Web Bang, Strip Poker, Ms. Pac Whore, Titris, and Superpimp SweepUp. All parodies of popular games and movies. The screen reported that 6,000 to 8,000 people were currently playing each of the games.

“Free” is part of the website’s name and the screen does say that all the games are free, but it’s important to read the fine print.

First, you can’t play a single game, view a single video, or create a “free” account at without a valid credit card.

The account-creation screen takes your name and invites you to create a password for your free account…and then switches to a second screen that requests credit card information. A banner at the top of the page says the site requires a credit card as age verification, but of course that’s not true.

Although lets you specify your location with a long list of countries, you must also supply an American five-digit postal code, or Zip code. That code is checked against the billing address of your credit card during validation. The site is barred from operation in hundreds of U.S. Zip codes, and that is one reason your validation could fail even if your credit card verifies just fine.

The credit card page says “SECURE AGE VERIFICATION – $0.00 No Charge!” at the top. The action button at the bottom of the credit card entry screen says “GET MY FREE ACCESS!” The explanation of member benefits says “Free Lifetime Memberships are $0.00 – No Charge!” in large print at the bottom.

All of this is only technically true at best.

You must provide a valid credit card when you create your “free” account at According to the fine print, after two days your card will be charged 40 euros – about $50 – plus a 25 percent value-added tax. And you will be automatically charged again every month. You give consent to this when you sign up for your “free” account.

The very fine print – it’s san serif font, 10px high, gray against a gray background, and therefore barely legible – says you can cancel your “Premier Passport membership” during the two-day trial to prevent charges. At that point, it says, after canceling, you will still have lifetime access to Free-Adult-Games.

It is not clear what benefits accrue to free members and what benefits are reserved for those who allow to charge their credit cards. The site provides no information on the difference between free accounts and paid accounts.

If you have sharp eyes, you may notice a tiny, tiny check mark in the finest print on the data entry screen. It’s in a third box of fine print labeled “Additional Free Bonus Offers.” If you don’t uncheck the checkbox, then you will get not just Premier Passport membership at, but Platinum membership.

Platinum membership includes a membership at EroticDvdsOnline and XXXHDVault. You’ll be charged about $50 per month for EroticDvdsOnline after a seven-day trial period and $60 per month for XXXHDVault after that website’s 10-day trial period.

Submitting your credit card for “age verification” is therefore, according to the fine print, your consent to be charged $160 plus 25 percent value-added tax, for a total of $200 per month.

That’s a pretty steep fee for a free site.


You can click a link at the bottom of the home page to read the terms and conditions. They are stored, confusingly enough, at The relationship between and is not spelled out.

According to the terms and conditions, all services are provided only to paid members. Paid membership for is $50 per month plus tax, a total of $62.50. That seems high for a porn site. There’s a lot of free and reasonably priced porn out there.

Prices were quoted in euros on the sign-up pages we viewed during testing from our European offices. We used current exchange rates to calculate approximate fees in American dollars. Note that the site’s terms and conditions page says that American users are charged $39.95 per month for paid membership, not the equivalent of 39.95 euros, which is a higher amount depending upon the day’s exchange rate. Either the sign-up page or the terms-and-conditions page is quoting the incorrect rate. The only way to know for sure is to sign up for a membership and see what you get charged. And don’t forget about the 25 percent value-added tax!

Unless you read through the illegible fine print carefully and uncheck the box on the credit-card authorization screen, you’ll be on the hook for paid membership at two additional sites.

Yes, you can terminate the paid memberships. If you act quickly, you can cancel them before you get charged. But if you do, you are entitled to no videos or games or galleries or anything at the websites. All of those services, according to the site’s terms and conditions page, are reserved for paid members.


· The games look fun


· Prices are extremely high
· The confusing and deceptive sign-up page means you can easily sign up for membership at websites you didn’t intend unless you read the fine print carefully
· Despite the word “free” in the title of the site and the URL, apparently no porn or games are available for free

Conclusion says that it collects credit card information for age verification. That’s simply not true. It collects credit card information because when you sign up for your “free” account, you’re actually agreeing to be billed $50 plus value-added text every month. That’s deceptive.

The company is further deceptive in the way it presents its “premium” membership. The type is too small to read on the screen and the checkbox consenting to additional charges is already checked. Unless you are very careful…  You will find yourself on the hook for $200 per month – and who knows how much more – for a site that has the word “free” plastered all over it.

A little digging revealed hundreds of U.S. Zip codes where is prohibited from doing business – and a handful of countries too. We don’t know why the site is blocked in those locales.  But a reasonable guess suggests it might have something to do with the gap between its claims to be free and the reality of its high charges.

We do not recommend