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Mar 21, 2018 Review Intro is a tube site – a porn website that presents hundreds of thousands of videos, some from content partners and some uploaded by users. Like all tube sites, DrTuber offers keyword searches…

Websites Intro is a tube site – a porn website that presents hundreds of thousands of videos, some from content partners and some uploaded by users. Like all tube sites, DrTuber offers keyword searches and other mechanisms for tracking down the videos you’re looking for. Redheads? Teens? MILFs? Amateur lesbians? Anal? Fisting? Spanking? Blowjobs? Bondage? You will find what you are looking for at DrTuber.

Launched in 2009, DrTuber is ranked by as one of the top 700 websites on the internet.

Content Review

As a web 2.0 site, DrTuber counts on users to provide much of the content and value. Users upload videos, for instance. But that’s just the start.

That’s the mechanics. The content? Hundreds of thousands of hot videos featuring sexy porn stars and horny amateurs. Plenty of heart-pumping thrusting sucking slippery wet action to get you off time and again.

The real test of a tube site is how much work it takes to find the kind of porn you’re looking for. Every site lets you click or type a keyword to yield up page after page of matching videos. If you’re interested in redheads, just click or type and you’ll get plenty of them.

But what if you’re interested in redheads who are milfs? And you’re particularly looking for redhead milfs performing blowjobs? Some sites let you perform such queries with ease. At others, there’s simply no way.

DrTuber has a unique approach to multiple-keyword searching.

The first step is to pick one of the keywords and type it into the search bar: “redhead,” for example. That brings up a screen of all kinds of videos featuring readheads: straight, lesbian, oral, anal, solo, fisting, teens, milfs, amateurs…everything.

On the left side of the screen is an Advanced Search tool. It’s divided into sections: Straight, Gays, Transsexual, Rating, Duration, Added.

Our Redhead Milf Blowjob query is straight, so we should uncheck Gays and Transsexuals. Next, we click on Straight. A drop-down listing reveals a long list of keywords in alphabetical order: from “3D, amateur, angel” to “vintage, voyeur, webcam.”

By default, all of those keywords are checked. To narrow the search, it’s necessary to clear the checks by unchecking Straight at the top of the listing. Then we can scroll through the listing and click the checkbox next to “milf” and “blowjob.” (We could add “granny” and “mature” too, but you get the idea.)

This isn’t the most straightforward way of performing a multiple-keyword search, but it’s effective. It filters the search results so you see just the videos that meet all three criteria.

Curiously, typing “redhead milf blowjob” into the search bar doesn’t result in the same set of videos. The advanced search tool seems to deliver more relevant results in our search.

Once you’ve zeroed in on the content you want, you can refine your search further. The Rating dropdown lets you filter by approval rating, eliminating all the videos that score less than 95, 80, or 60 percent.

The Duration dropdown lets you see videos of any length or select those that are zero to 10 minutes, 10 to 40 minutes, or longer than 40 minutes.

The Added dropdown lets you confine your search to videos uploaded during the past day, week, month, or year.

The top menu bar lets you search the database by keyword or by pornstar – but not by channel, publisher, or website. That’s okay. If you want to see all Brazzers or Nubile Films content, just type it into the search bar – it works just fine.

All told, the advanced search options represent a powerful way of plumbing DrTuber’s video database. It takes some practice, but once you’ve mastered them you’ll be able to find the videos you want with ease.

DrTuber earns high porn-site marks for its videos, but that’s just the beginning. The site also offers thousands and thousands of photo galleries. Many are amateur photos uploaded by site users, which others are commercial galleries.

There’s a community site embedded in DrTuber, but it’s not the usual. The communities at most porn websites are profile pages with various ways to mark videos or searches or playlists or other members so you can explore content. DrTuber does all that. But its community features are more like Tinder than Facebook. The site makes it easy to find and locate eligible singles who live near you or are interested in long-distance play online. You can visit their profiles, send them messages…it’s a whole dating app integrated into the site.

DrTuber also operates a camgirls site. Click on Live Sex on the menu bar and you’ll find yourself at, a sort of Chaturbate clone where you can chat with models for free or purchase tokens to request sexy private interaction.


All of the features described above come with free membership. You get hundreds of thousands of videos with state-of-the-art advanced search, plus photo galleries, the dating/community site, and access to

DrTuber also offers Premium membership. The benefits are spelled out only vaguely.

The fine print says that Premium membership at DrTuber is free. However, when you sign up for it you also sign up for other services.

Free lifetime access to DrTuber includes a $1.24 trial membership at MyPornLocker. If you cancel the MyPornLocker membership before the trial period ends, the $1.24 is all you pay. Otherwise you are signed up for renewing membership at a monthly rate of $38.76. There is no indication anywhere on the DrTuber site of how long the MyPornLocker trial period is. A day? A week? A month? There’s no way of knowing.

Unless you clear a tiny checkbox, your free premium membership at DrTuber could entail additional charges.

You will find that you are signed up for a 10-day trial membership at After the trial period, you’ll be renewed at $49.81 every 30 days.

You’ll also be signed up for a seven-day trial membership to That one will cost you $28.73 per month.

DrTuber provides almost no information about the benefits of premium membership, nor membership at MyPornLocker, MyPornDownloads, and MegaPornCollection.

All told, signing up for premium membership at DrTuber could cost you $117.30 per month. That’s a pretty high charge for what the site calls “Free Lifetime Membership.”


· Excellent, large collection of porn videos in every conceivable genre, including plenty of HD offerings
· Combinable searches and keyword filters help you find the videos you want
· Free membership gives you access to the DrTuber community dating site


· Search functions are unnecessarily complicated
· Premium membership offers no clear benefit and could wind up being costly


The designers behind DrTuber faced the same challenges tackled by the developers of other porn tube sites, but they attacked them in different ways. Some of their decisions are clear wins, and all of them work well. The site’s a little quirky but it delivers on its promises. It’s a terrific porn tube site with lots of added features.

We don’t recommend Premium membership. Honestly, there’s no reason for it. The free features at DrTuber are more than enough to satisfy your itch for a great porn site.