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Mar 12, 2018

DMM Review

DMM Intro DMM is a large company in Japan that operates many business in the brick-and-mortar world and online. Among the company’s online offerings is, a sort of adult portal that offers a wide variety…


DMM Intro

DMM is a large company in Japan that operates many business in the brick-and-mortar world and online. Among the company’s online offerings is, a sort of adult portal that offers a wide variety of videos, games, stories, and more.

The company’s history stretches back to 1999 when it was founded as a video rental shop in Ishikawa prefecture. The company now produces online games, runs public events, runs pachinko parlors, manufactures solar cells for power generation, and much more. The company runs an adult site called DMM.R18 that is accessible only from Japanese IP addresses. Its international porn site is DMM.

Content Review

DMM doesn’t look anything like a porn video site. The home page is decorated with hentai characters and ads for Japanese adult websites and services. It looks like a general-purpose adult portal with lots and lots of options.

Featured in the first position on DMM’s menu is a Games button. A click on this button takes you to a separate site,, which offers a huge selection of Flash games and downloadable games for mobile devices.

These games are based on hentai – cartoonish characters drawn in the familiar Japanese style with huge breasts and stylized bodies. The games range from simple adventure games to Flash apps that let you undress and have simulated sex with hentai characters. requires free registration separate from DMM. Nutaku is based in Canada and is not part of DMM.

DMM has moved its pay-per-view porn offerings to a sister site, The site offers more than 250,000 videos. None of them are free to watch, however. You must register and pay a price ranging from less than $1 to $95 to watch each video.

DMM’s live chat feature clicks through to a variety of web models performing on cam. In the camgirl rooms, “peeping” is free of charge. You spend points – equivalent to the tokens used at other webcam sites – for group chats, private chats, cam-to-cam, private messaging, and tipping. You purchase points with a credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, Bitcoin, or via a Japanese convenience store or cell-phone provider.

Live chat is conducted in Japanese, with page contents translated roughly and confusingly into English. There is apparently no nudity or sex-play in the free chat rooms – for adult content you must always pay to join a group or establish a private chat.

A link called Hentai Games is separate from the DMM Games menu option. Hentai Games takes you to an online store where you can purchase and download games.
The Monthly Channels feature takes you to, where you can see top-rated videos in particular categories.

You can check out a low-resolution excerpt of each video, accompanied by an offer to purchase a streamable, downloadable version of the full video. The “Doujin” link leads to fan-drawn and –written erotic works in the manga style. These erotic works are offered for sale. Most of the other links lead to online sales pages as well.

Links are also provided to three Japanese dating websites.

Some of the pages at DMM are available in English. The translations are approximate and ambiguous in many cases. Other pages appear in Japanese and you must translate them with your browser to read the content.

Few of DMM’s features are hosted at It appears that the company is consolidating into its main DMM.R18 website, which was previously blocked outside of Japan. Or possibly DMM is getting absorbed into Many of the menu options at link to That’s fine – but it requires a separate log-in and the offerings appear to be still under development.

The best part of DMM is the selection of Flash-based adult games. The menus and captions are in English, though the audio is Japanese. The quality of the games section isn’t really due to DMM’s work, however, as the DMM “games” button links to a Canadian hentai games site.

As it stands, looks like a site in transition, apparently being merged with other sites. English-language support is poor and almost every service requires payment.


There is no paid membership option at DMM. Instead, the site operates much like an online store. You pay to stream or download videos. Many videos have a higher price for HD versions. Cam chat requires payment and so do most of the site’s other features.

In addition, DMM has lots and lots of ads. All in Japanese., which appears to be absorbing DMM, does offer premium membership at about $80 per month. The “all channel pass” promises access to more than 200,000 videos in 17 channels from 200 studios, plus hentai anime, manga, and videos from Japanese amateur girls. That’s nearly $1,000 per year – a major investment, given the widespread availability of free porn sites.


· Big selection of Japanese porn videos
· Convenient portal page for Japanese dating, cam girl, PPV video, and other services
· Link to gives visitors access to a wide selection of adult-oriented flash games


· Support for English is spotty at best
· Viewing videos requires registration and payment
· Links seem to be poorly maintained, and most point to other websites, suggesting that the site is likely to be discontinued or merged with
· Portions of the site are simply impossible to decipher for visitors who don’t understand Japanese


The world needs more porn sites, but it’s hard to recommend DMM. The website is more like an online store whose main business is access to Japanese porn videos for online streaming or downloading. The site’s other functions – games, dating, live webcams, online porn magazines, – tend to be broken, Japanese-only, or hosted on other websites. is newer, but it too is essentially a store, not a free porn website. If you love Japanese content and are willing to pay a premium for loads of HD content, then R18 may be for you. Otherwise,’s bottom line is the same as DMM’s: It charges too much and delivers too little compared to other sites. We don’t recommend it except for the most hardcore fans of Japanese erotica.