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Nov 9, 2017

Chaturbate Review

Chaturbate Review Chaturbate Review – is a webcam site that allows amateurs to broadcast themselves on video while chatting with others. That’s the “chat” part of the site’s name. The “urbate” part is explained in…


Chaturbate Review

Chaturbate Review – is a webcam site that allows amateurs to broadcast themselves on video while chatting with others. That’s the “chat” part of the site’s name. The “urbate” part is explained in the site’s mission statement, which is displayed on the top of every page: “the act of masturbating while chatting online.”

This site is explicitly about sexy chat. It’s all about watching others get naked and perform sexual acts by themselves or with partners. It’s easy to open up a room and broadcast yourself too. And you have text-chat features so you can talk with performers.

If you like your video live and personal, Chaturbate may be for you.

Content Review

Chaturbate ranks among the internet’s top 150 most popular sites, and there’s a good reason for that. Any time of the day or night you’ll find thousands of amateurs there, stripping down and getting dirty on their webcams.

This isn’t a spin-the-wheel-and-take-your-chances site. Chaturbate shows you still images of the webcam sessions in progress right on the home page. You can see who’s online and what they’re doing. A single click takes you to the performer’s page where you can watch, comment, chat, and tip the performer.

The idea is that you click on a performer’s page and enter the public chat. You have an opportunity to tip the performer using tokens you purchase at the site.

Some performers set up menus for tips. They’ll remove their tops for 30 tokens or open a private chat window for 60, stuff like that. Although you can watch the public webcam performance for free, many performers keep the public show very tame and vanilla, not removing clothing or doing anything sexy until they have received sufficient tips. Performers get good at teasing their audiences, tugging a bra strap down suggestively to encourage viewers to tip a bit more.

Many Chaturbate models use sex toys that respond with jolts of vibration in response to tips. You can control the amount of pleasure the model on screen receives with tips of different size.

Other models play a kind of Bingo, in which tips earn random favors from a list of options, or other games.

Most of the performers on Chaturbate are women who masturbate with fingers or toys in public and private shows. Men, couples, and transgender performers are also represented. You can easily click a tab on the front page to narrow the offerings to the kinds of shows that interest you.

Although you have an opportunity to broadcast yourself as well, usually visitors to Chaturbate simply type text comments as they pay for sexy shows. Some performers enjoy watching the cams of partners in one-on-one interactions. There is often a separate charge if you want the performer to watch you.

If you like what you see in the public chat, you can request a private show. Not all Chaturbate models give private shows, but most do. That’s how they make their real money. Performers get to specify how many tokens per minute they charge for a private show, and once you click on the “Private Show” button, the tokens are deducted from your account every minute as long as you are in a one-on-one chat.

Once the private show has ended, a copy of the video is provided to you for downloading. A few Chaturbate performers don’t make those private videos available, but most do.

Chaturbate models have very minimal profile pages where they may list their rates for certain acts in public chat, offer free or paid photo galleries and videos, and tell a bit about themselves.

Visiting Chaturbate is free, and it’s easy to find beautiful, hot models getting down and dirty in public chat rooms for free. Paying delivers additional benefits. It allows you to tip the models, which makes them more receptive to chatting with you and performing favors in the public chat. It also allows you to request a private chat where the model performs according to your desires.

Tokens also let you participate in a “group show,” which is a private chat with two or more viewers. You pay fewer tokens in a group show than a one-on-one private show, but the model still makes a good rate and is available to interact with a small group of two or three people who are paying for the privilege.

You can also “spy” on private shows, paying a low per-minute charge to watch while a model performs for a single visitor. Some models prohibit spying, but most allow it.


Registering for the site is free. It lets you set up a profile page, identify certain models as “followed” so you can see which of your favorites are online at any moment so you can visit them.

There are several ways to spend money.

The first is to purchase tokens. The tokens are used to tip models, pay for private chats, and purchase photo sets and videos from performers’ profile pages.

Tokens are sold in various packs ranging from 100 to 1,000 at a time. Prices start at 11 cents per token and drop to 8 cents if you buy more. Performers earn about 60 percent of that value when you tip them.

You can also choose to become a supporting member. This premium level of membership gives you an ad-free experience, the ability to distinguish your comments in public chat with different fonts, and the ability to message performers privately. Models can easily tell which of the guests in their chat rooms are supporting members because of color coding.

Becoming a supporting member costs $19.95 per month. Upgrading your membership earns you a one-time bonus of 200 tokens as well, which means the first month is essentially free. Membership renews automatically each month via credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, or Bitcoin.


· Thousands of amateurs online performing hot shows
· Membership is free
· Private shows, group shows, and “spying” give options for more explicit performances and intimate discussions
· Amateur models chat with audiences and get to know visitors
· The site lets you keep track of your favorite performers so you can quickly see which of them are online when you visit
· Many models tweet or send email alerts to let you know when they’ll be online


· Model profile pages are very limited
· Public chat rooms can become crowded with trolls or other trouble-making anonymous users
· Video quality varies according to the equipment and internet connection each model has


Chaturbate is a great place to meet sexy models, chat with them, and watch as they tease and perform on cam. Some models have thousands of followers and treat Chaturbate as a business, investing in costumes and sets to deliver a complete professional camming experience. Or if you’d prefer, there are users who simply enable the webcams on their laptops and start chatting with visitors.

No matter what kind of sexy webcam experience you’re looking for, Chaturbate delivers.