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“Glitter Bomb” your vagina?

Would u “Glitter Bomb” your vagina?

Glitter bomb for your vagina…??    Glitter lovers have taken their LOVE to a whole new level .From sparkling clothes,glitter bomb hair,makeup, etc.  Now its got to the point where u can glitter bomb …. your vagina.
Yes you heard right, glitter your vagina. :)

The magical pill is called Passion Dust. And it works by dissolving after being inserted into the vagina, and releases the glittery content that makes vaginal natural fluids sparkle and have a light candy taste.

According the the product’s website, the pills should be inserted into the vagina at least
one hour before having sexual contact. There,they dissolve releasing “sparkling candy flavored passion dust” that will make sex ” magically delicious”.
There are a lot of sparkling controversy.  but Von-Kerius ( creator of the Passion Dust) claims that non of her clients have ever reported a bad experience with Passion Dust .To her critics, Von-Kerius says ” Doctors say ideally nothing would be inserted into the vagina,ever.But we still use condoms,sex toys and lots of crazy flavors and colors of lubricants.This is no different than that.glitter bomb

“The Glitter bomb got pretty popular among glitter lovers,as the website says they’ve sold out.

glitter bomb


I guess soon we’ll all have glittering naughty parts once this becomes the norm. Till then you’ll have to find a unicorn for your candy flavor’d fantasies.


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