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by Irina Kings | May 14, 2018

Why Cam Models Quit Camming After A Certain Time

Cam Models Quit Camming… Why? Cam Models Quit Camming for various reasons. But why do so when at the end of the month the money…


Cam Models Quit Camming… Why?

Cam Models Quit Camming for various reasons. But why do so when at the end of the month the money you make is way better than what you would get from a regular job. You don’t have to be one of those top models to make some decent money from camming and we all know that. Even when I had what I would call a bad month was still a lot better than what I would get from a normal job and yet… I’ve quit cam after 9 years.

Because many people ask me why I’ve quit camming… I decided to write an article about it. In this article, I want to talk about why I made that decision and what came after it. A lot of Cam Models that I talk to complain about how bad is for them lately on sites and they think about it… is time to quit and move on? I have learned over the years that sharing my experience but not giving a direct advice to people is best. If I give a direct advice and things go wrong I am to blame and that is something I don’t want.

I will share my experience with you all but I can not say when is time to quit camming or if you should do so just because of a rough couple of months.

I’ve quit cam because…

I retired after 9 years because it got harder and harder for me to deal with all that means to be a cam model. Is not easy to spend at least 10 hours a day online. Is not the thing that you are in front of a computer for so long but what you do in those 10 + hours online. I am also a med student (my last year) and that was really tough for me. If you truly want to make money as a cam girl, 4 hours of work a day is not enough. You have to invest a lot of time into it.

In the beginning, everything was all rainbows and butterflies. I really enjoyed to get so much attention from men, to be told how sexy and beautiful I am. But day after day you hear the same story over and over again and is not so great anymore. At some point when someone said to me “you are so beautiful” I was like “yeah…  I have mirrors you know”.

I  got fed up with all the crap that I was seeing and hearing. Demands after demands, rude people everywhere. Even the good ones… are good ones because of the interest they have. There is no kindness. You see maybe all that huge tips that some models get… do you really think those are made out of pure kindness? I doubt is… there is always a catch… always expecting something in return. Is just the way it goes. Is all business after all.

Ok, ok… not to be a hypocrite I must say some of the people I meet in all these years have helped me. When I was part of a certain contest I would get sleeping privates. You know who you are… Night of privates where I would just chat some then sleep. Just so I can keep my time online. That was an act of kindness. Or there was a certain person who many times would come and tip enough so I close the site and take the night off.  So yeah there may be some people like that but not many.

You realize people are not how you thought they were.

I was a joyful person, loving people, always see the good in them. Optimistic and just full of life. Camming changed that for me. Now I am an introvert human being. I find real life interaction with people to be difficult. My trust issues are… well let’s just say… cam ruined that trust in people for me.

One time I meet this wonderful person… well so I thought. At the beginning was all so great. He said that he does not want any shows, he just tips me because he likes me. Did not ask for anything. Of course, if there was a show that I was doing for tips he would not leave the room but he never made any direct demands. In time things changed. Started to ask small things at first. Saying things like “you just do privates lately… what about a strip show for tips”… and things build up from there. Privates and requests that got more and more bizarre.

You meet all sort of people who at first seem so nice and then when you hear their fantasies makes you think “I hope I never see him in real”. I do understand the psychology of each individual and most would never act on the fantasies they have but still… Cam made me realize the world I live in. Made me realize how truly sick a mind can be.

Mental burnout

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.  There are many things you can do to prevent that but it still gets you after so many years of camming.  You have your own shit to deal with, your whole real life out of cam that is not always easy… Adding to that the problems of so many other people are exhausting.

As you know not all members are on sites for sex, some just look for someone to talk to. And that is great at first. When  I had my first long private like that… wow… just wow. I thought I just found a gold mine. Easy money… just talk. But his problems became deeper. The trust grew more and more and he would share the most personal things that bothered him. After few months of privates that became something to avoid for me. When I saw his name in chat all I wanted to do was close the site and mind my own business. Not proud to admit but I actually did so few times and next day just say that my internet was down… Again not proud. But I could just not deal with it anymore.

In the end, I did do the right thing. I was honest with him and I said that his problems are overwhelming for me. As expected the privates became less and less until he found another model to trust and share his life with.

What comes after camming…

So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservation, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind. It just appears to be that way. I have more peace now that I ever had in my last few years of camming. Insecurity and not knowing what is next can be scary but change does not have to be a bad thing.

To quit camming is a tough decision. Even when I had bad months, I would still do ok moneywise comparing to a normal job. Many girls find jobs as trainers in a studio, or model managers or some find totally unrelated jobs after camming. Each model who quits has her own personal reasons I just talked about mine.

When I finally said this is it… this is the end I had no idea what  I was gonna do next. I was so lost. I still had one year of school left, and a 9 to 5 job would not have been an option for me both because of money and schedule. And yet I had the strong feeling that for me was enough. I am thankful because one of my friends got me this job. To be editor and manager of WebCamnews. In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing. But I started to learn about this side of the business and here I am one year later doing a better job then when  I started.

Change is not easy, but once you feel that you no longer wanna be a Cam Model then you should embrace it. Of course is way better to have a plan and not do as I did. Just go with it without knowing what’s next. I must say I had great luck.

Camming can become like a box. You get trapped in the same routine night after night. Doll yourself up and go online to please people… You may have days when you don’t feel good but can’t take the time off so you just suck it up and go online anyway. Even so, people tend to like routine and it can be very difficult. Imagine how life will be outside that box. There are many options you could consider. What you need to find is what is right for you that will take the lid off your box. “Think outside the box!”