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Apr 25, 2018

We asked few cam sites members…

Cam Sites Members Cam sites members are people who joined as a member of various adult cam sites ( in our case). I was curious about the reason why they joined, how much time they…


Cam Sites Members

Cam sites members are people who joined as a member of various adult cam sites ( in our case). I was curious about the reason why they joined, how much time they spend online and few others things. As a model, I had at times the curiosity about what made a particular member join the site. So now I’ve put together five questions and asked around on different cam sites for answers. Here is what I got.

Q 1. How did you find out about cam sites?

MB: I found about cam sites from my current girlfriend, she had dabbled a bit on them before we met and during the early years of our relationship, she then stopped and approx two years ago we had chatted about them and she said I should try it. For a while, we were both camming at the same time (but not together!). We both kept our cam ID’s, site’s we use etc private and don’t tend to discuss it too much. It kind of serves as our own little guilty pleasure I suppose.

LM: By chance. Was surfing online when I stumble across an ad for it.

CM: It was entirely by accident. I saw a link to cam4 from an ‘adult site’ and I thought it looked interesting. Up to that point I had never seen a chat site. So, I took a risk and clicked the link and I was amazed. I looked in a few rooms and it was great seeing the interaction and banter between the models and the members. Some of it was extremely funny and entertaining.
So I started visiting there regularly. Back then there was very little complete nudity in free…most models used to only do that in private shows, not in free. Also back then (2010) the whole thing about ‘tokens’ hadn’t really taken off ….if you wanted nudity and masturbation you took the model into private. A lot of broadcasters were there simply because they enjoyed it. In many ways, it was much better then than it is now. Interestingly I very rarely visit porn sites these days LOL

Crazz: I just was surfing and I got some pop-ups. So I went on doing what I do then decide to try it so I came on to Bongacams. I set up an account and started going in rooms. I had a good time, so I stayed

LW: Saw an advert on a site and tried it out.

Q 2.Why did you become a member of cam sites?

MB: I became a member of a cam site mostly because my girlfriend said it was good fun and you could, can and do meet some nice like-minded people – all of which are true. Have had some very interesting, fun and horny conversations with other site users and of course some of the conversations have had a carry over into my personal sex life.

LM: I think it was a few months after I clicked the ad. I had been talking with a few of the girl you included as a guest and I fund it fun and relaxing.

CM: Having visited cam4 (and some others too) as a ‘guest’ to begin with, I decided that I would like to take part in some of the chats, instead of simply watching. I was a little nervous about having to give any personal details so I set up a different email address that I could use to register on the chat sites. I started taking part in the chat and banter in some of the rooms that I liked the most and I loved it! It was a few weeks later that I took a model into private for the first time….an extremely beautiful Italian girl….OMG, what a mind-blowing experience…she was wonderful! I was well and truly hooked!

Crazz: I became a member of other sites because I was looking for different people from around the world. I thought it was a good way to meet people and it was. You can talk to most of them if you’re nice

LW: To get better access and be treated better by models as a proper member not a freeloader.

Q 3.How much time u spend online (on cam sites) on a daily basis?

MB: The amount of time I spend on cam sites can vary a lot. Sometimes it is less than 30 mins a day (just to check if I have been messaged by any of my friends) up to a couple of hours. A lot can also depend on who else is online, have found myself having some very long discussions with other users and about a great different number of subjects.

LM: Lately not so much. Maybe one hour…

CM: It depends. Usually at least 1 hour/day, sometimes 4-5 hours if I am alone and not doing “real world stuff”, especially on weekends. Much more when I am acting as a Mod too as the one main model who I Mod for only works during the night, my time.

Crazz: I spend 6 to 7 hours on the sites with someone every day – 4 days per week because I need to make up for the time difference. If she is busy I will go and see if someone I like is on and say “hi, hru” and talk, but if it’s too busy I will go offline.

LW: 🙂 Far too much .. a few or more hours each night.

Q 4.Which is your favorite cam site?

MB: Favorite cam sites – Cam4 and Chaturbate.

LM: At the moment MyFreeCams. Because a lot of the people I talk with are there. But back in the day, it was Bongacams. Since it was the first one I joined.

CM: There are now so many chat sites! I guess I am like a lot of members and tend to keep to just a few. I am currently a member of around 8 or 9 sites, but I’m only really regularly “active” on 4 or 5 of them. Of those, I prefer Cam4 and Chaturbate compared to the others. I would have to say that, out of those sites that I am familiar with, my overall favorite is definitely cam4.

Crazz: I like MyFreeCams.

LW: I use MFC the most cos I am used to it.

Q 5.What do you like in particular about your favorite cam site?

MB: I like cam4 because there are a large number of people who use it and have made a good number of very good friends on there. In addition, the actual site is quite easy to use for non-technical minded people like me.

LM: I will choose MyFreeCams here. It would have to be that I can customize my interface the way I want to. Have private message open in a new window. Deciding on a personal level who can and cannot see my cam if it Is open.

CM: I think cam4 have the best user interface and facilities, for example, 2 methods of sending pm’s(private message) – both to models and to other members – including 1 when the other person is offline.  Their UK support guy is also very good and I have interchanged messages with him several times.  I also think the training sessions cam4 offers are excellent! They also pay a lot more to models ($10 per 100 tokens instead of typically $3 – $5 per 100 tokens on other sites) so, as a member, I don’t feel like I or the model are being ripped off.

Crazz: I like that my cam works easy there(on MyFreeCams). But I prefer Chaturbate, it is the best but there are Glamor and Jasmin that are also very good.  Well there is only one thing and that is the models and the way the site takes care of you while you’re on it

LW: I am used to the system and also it seems to have more features.

All members who accepted to be part of this interview wish to remain anonymous. We will respect their privacy, therefore, we only used the first two initials of their names.