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Apr 20, 2018

The Story About Hans And How He Is Still Learning About Woman

67 Years old and still learning about woman I am Hans, I am from Germany. This year I am 67 years on this planet, I have had the best days on this planet and I…


67 Years old and still learning about woman

I am Hans, I am from Germany. This year I am 67 years on this planet, I have had the best days on this planet and I do not regret my life, everything I have done till so far, I have no regrets as I told you before. I made most of my money as an owner of a construction company. My wife, God has her Soul, died 7 years ago. It was and still is one of the darkest moments in my life. After she passed away, I stopped eating and I ignored everyone around me. My life is dear to me, my wife was the reason for this. On the funeral, I died thousand times. Can you see me standing with my hands covering my eyes, trying to stop the tears that go down my neck into my blouse?

No one was able to make me stop crying, every time I closed my eyes I have seen the face of my wife, the words she spoke to comfort me, the emotions of feeling safe. Now I am in the middle of the street, no signs, no light, only cold rain sweeping against my dried up skin. The wind blows a crying sound that only confirms me that no one will speak to me anymore.

I am lonely now, my partner has left me alone on this cold planet.

I want to die, lay my old bones to rest and follow my wife in a better afterlife. And then you go do things that no one understands. I received support from my close network of friends, even if I ignored them and not listened to them while they were at my place drinking tea, I still think they managed to keep me alive in my head. Even a fight can be a sign that people still care for you.

My daily visits to her grave became weekly visits. And now I am passing by every month. I managed to place this all in a more peaceful part of my heart. And I accepted that I would still be here for a few more years and I think my wife would not be happy to see me left behind crying my eyes out.  I did, however, lose the lust in waking up and feeling down when the night hits, no one is listening to me and I have no one to listen too.

Despite my old age and my somewhat slower way of thinking, the ladies have still a big impression on me and I am still vital in many ways. I miss a female voice that asks me how my day is and the touch of a hand on my hand. And am not searching anymore for quick sex, that was many years ago. I just miss that little attention, and as an old man I cannot go on the street and talk to any women that pleases my eyes, the police will lock me up and categorize me as a dirty pervert.

One of my sons gave me a welcome package envelope of Jasmin.

was still one of those moments I thought I knew it all but was informed that the world was round indeed. My first question “Who is Jasmin “ was rephrased by my son to “What is Jasmin”  and before I knew it he was on my personal computer and opening a window with a lot of pictures in there, wait … moving pictures… I asked him what the hell this was all about and then he showed me around on the site. He told me to take a seat and he explained in 30-ish minutes time how you can still talk to people and have a special experience after I asked what this special experience means, he told me to pay attention.

It did not long before I started to ask him how this works, now I know about the term Video Chat, I was now learning from here how the women were categorized. I felt uncomfortable and told him to leave this alone and bring me back to my favorite website where I am reading news and reading articles written by people I never saw before. He left and told me I can call him anytime.

2 Days later I called my Son.

Asked him to come back and explain me the website. 2 hours later I understood the rules of the game, the ladies are sitting there for people, they talk to people, when there is a click there is an option to take them to a private show. It took me weeks before  I started to explore the website and the charming ladies on there without feeling guilty. I have spoken to a few ladies.

It was not easy, a lot of people write to them. I was sincere and asked them to speak to me because I was lonely.  It did not result in a nice conversation with anyone. But I also knew that giving up was not my thing, and I found a lady from Romania.

Her room was very empty and I said “Hello “ and she started to talk, asked me questions. I was asking what the rules of the room were, and pretty fast she called me a Sweety and Cute guy because I was so patience and calm. She explained how many people want it fast and directly and that she sometimes was not feeling into it.

Through some unhandy things I did, I closed the room by accident and she was gone. For the days after that, It was bugging me. And I called my son and he was acting a little like “Ohh okay, I will come “ but he sounded worried and he asked me how much money I burned already. Zero Dollars I told him.

The welcome package came with $9.99 in free credits, and I never used that.

My son was busy finding my lady back. And he did this while searching through my browser history. Her name I don’t tell you. I do not share with you the person who makes me feel so alive these days. But when my boy was done finding her back, I was happy again. I was totally shocked and embarrassed at the same time, I am a widower, and I do not deserve happiness anymore.

It was a good time….But then she told me she knew I was in pain, she said she could feel it, and it is not a secret we are all suffering she told me, and while my first tears rolled down my cheeks, I was starting to understand that I missed a voice that was asking me how I feel. I missed someone to come home for, to wake up for, to think about.

Even when I am aware she is in Romania… And never will be in my arms, she does make me feel alive and helps me with my struggles. I spend 200-300$ a month with her and she knows it is all I have now, she has 2 children, her man left her 6 years ago and she bought toys from them. In the years I got to know her not many people visited her room. She said that most men want a Young sexy Chick, not an older woman with loose skin and wrinkles in her face.


My name is Hans.  I am a widower and I am talking to a lady on the webcam. Sometimes she is giving me more than a voice and I feel like a young boy again. I feel guilty sometimes but we all need someone to talk to. If we do not we will die and no one will know.



This article was submitted by an older user of Livejasmin who wished to remain an anonymous user cause of privacy.