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by Webcam News | Jul 16, 2018

The Rise of Cam Girls

The Rise of Cam Girls – Making Extraordinary Money   Cam girls remove their bikini tops and make erotic gestures. They make BIG money from…


The Rise of Cam Girls – Making Extraordinary Money


Cam girls remove their bikini tops and make erotic gestures. They make BIG money from the privacy of their bedroom.

In this 21st century, people are too busy to spend quality time with friends and family members. They spend a lot of time with electronic gadgets such as smartphones and computers. Popular webcam sites can be accessed on multiple devices and people flock to such sites to distance themselves from everyday despondency and solitude.   And yes, people flock to popular webcam sites to see curvy figures, tan limbs, and experience companionship.

But astonishingly, many webcam girls leave the industry within their first 5 months. And yes, many webcam models who do not quit within their first 5 months, quit after 3 years. But there are many webcam models who have been making BIG money for the past 10 years or so consistently.  

Curious to know how the models have been making BIG money consistently for a decade or two?  Curious to learn how to make money as a cam girl? Read on.

Work for the best cam sites

It’s important to work for the best cam sites. More often than not, the best cam sites offer higher commission than not-so-popular ones. They offer better pay than the industry rate. There are quite a few private cam sites that provide training and excellent working ambiance. It’s important to be associated with 2 top notch cam sites to enhance your monetization prospects


Your personality should be great. You should be an outgoing optimist who loves being joyous, relaxed and friendly. You should be open-minded. Smile a lot. Just use your wit. Make your clients feel comfortable. They will definitely come back to you

Physical Appearance

Maintain your physique. Men love to talk to curvy and attractive models. Exercise every day. Work on your fitness.  It’s important to understand that different audiences have a different mindset.

For instance, a few men may have had bad relationships and bad breakups. A few men may be online porn addicts. A few men may be looking for companionship and smooth-talk. It’s important to not ignore/neglect your manicure, make-up, and coif. Wear sexy outfits

In essence, men love to spend loads of time with fun, beautiful and attractive women.   

Make Notes

Address your prospect by his nickname. During your course of conversation with him, mention his name every now and then. After the private session, take a book, make a note of important points such as his preferences, key points of discussion, etc.

The next time he comes online, mention all the key details. He will be impressed that you pay attention to certain details. This is an effective technique in acquiring loyal and high – paying members.  

Respect your Age

We are humans. We are blessed with great resources. But we all have our own limitations. We cannot control quite a few things.

We are destined to age beautifully.

Respect your age. Wrinkles may appear and skin may lose its sheen. It’s important to move on. Cosmetic surgeries aren’t good for health.

Money earning potential for teens and young webcam girls is huge. But webcam models fail to realize that there’s a huge market for 40+ years old cam girls as well.

You shouldn’t cheat your audiences by donning the mantle of a teen when it’s evident that you are 35+ years old. Audiences are smart than you think.

Think long-term

No doubt, it’s important to work with the best cam sites. But are you thinking long-term? Creating a webcam business empire is easier said than done.

Start your own webcam site. There are many popular turnkey software. Choose the one with features such as built-in payment gateways, themed templates, responsive design, scalable architecture, multiple monetization channels, adult SEO, geo-blocking provisions, etc.

Supplement your existing source of income

Your primary source of income is the money you earn from Skype and webcam shows. It’s important to supplement your existing source of income.

There’s no ceiling in terms of bringing home the bacon.

Here are a few other ways of making BIG money:

  • Cam girl affiliate marketing
  • Wishlist and gift cards
  • Adult consulting
  • Selling other services such as used panties, lingerie, and sex toys
  • Merchandising
  • Influencer income
  • Sexting

Now that you are well acquainted with sufficient information on how to make money as a cam girl, let’s look at the other aspect – how much money do cam girls make?
Many businessmen want to know ‘how to recruit webcam modelsto start their own webcam business. Before hiring a webcam model, they should know about cam girls’ income in the industry.

There are no definite answers. Earning potential depends on factors such as age, personality, experience, competition, etc. Cam girls with 3 ~5 years of experience make an estimated $5000 per week. In other words, they make around $20000 per month. So annually, they make $250,000 USD. That’s a huge amount.

On an average, a cam girl can make anywhere between $200 to $1000 USD. Of course, it requires great stubbornness, anywhere between 5 and 7 hours of dedication, and perfect planning to consistently earn $1000 USD a day.

It’s important to embrace the fact that there are bad days, very bad days, good days and extra-ordinarily great days. On a very bad day, you may not make more than $100 USD. On an extraordinary day, you may earn $10 USD per minute. There are unseen and unprecedented fluctuations.

The best cam girls with great fan following and industry experience earn more than $50000 USD per month. And camming is one of the few industries that are heavily dominated by women.
In crude words, pussies earn more than cocks! Gay camming is still in its infancy. The size of the straight male audience is huge. The pay difference is remarkably significant.


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