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Apr 27, 2018

You Wanna Be A Cam Girl? – Things You Need To Know

Cam Girl – Small Guide Cam Girl is a girl who performs live interactive shows via a webcam for viewers from around the world usually on a pay-per-minute basis via different sites.  This would be…


Cam Girl – Small Guide

Cam Girl is a girl who performs live interactive shows via a webcam for viewers from around the world usually on a pay-per-minute basis via different sites.  This would be a short definition of a Cam Girl. It is a lot more to add to it tho. As a Cam Girl, you are also gonna be a therapist. you will be a lover, a best friend and so on. You will be so many things, not just a girl who does a show.

But how exactly do you become a cam girl with fans all over the world?

Being a cam girl may seem like something you have to be extremely lucky to do.Especially when you see all that top models looking flawless and earning thousands of $ in a shift.  But this job isn’t reserved only for the elite. You don’t have to look like a Barbie doll in order to be a successful Cam Girl.

First, you really need to be sure you’re willing to spend many hours of your time chatting with complete strangers online and catering to their every need. Well, not really every need… you do have a choice of what to do and actually to have boundaries is a good and healthy thing. Learning to say no is really important as the $ will be always tempting you to say yes to whatever request you get.

What I can say from my experience is that how you let people treat you from the very beginning is how all will treat you. I do know that money is what drives most girls to this type of job, but trust me… if it costs you your peace…. it is too expensive. Meaning that you should always choose peace of mind over $. And in time the right people, with the right attitude will come to you.

Tips for room and other stuff

Probably you are also interested in the more technical part of this industry and this is why you are reading this, consider this my way of thanking you for doing so. Today I am going to keep it simple and short but the effects of my advice will be long-term and can add a significant additional revenue to your already existing webcam stream. Or if you are not already a cam girl, will give you an idea about the things you need. So, read on as I will share with you some simple tips:


The worse kind of lightning you can have is overhead lightning, it makes your eyes look bad and the shadow will give a false perspective. The best lights you can use are Natural lights, or better known as Soft Light sources. The best setup is 3 lights: 2 behind your webcam one on its left and one on its right and one right behind you.


Are you using a webcam clipped on top of your monitor? Chances are that it is not capturing you from the perfect perspective. If the angle is down too much you will give your visitors the impression that they are over you. The best situation is to have the lens right at eye level. Tripods can help you with this.


Even if only your face and shoulders are in the frame, you’ll never know when someone will make you stand up for any reason. So look decent from head to toe. Put some flattering, solid colors near your face, just like television news anchors do. Check your smile in front of the lens, and have the room maintain a perfect temperature which will significantly improve the comfort of your show for yourself.


The people you are talking and chatting with will be seeing the background of your room. There are a few things that make people’s skin crawl, like dirty laundry on the bed! Junk and clutter are already bad enough but be more critical of your background. If you really want to do this perfectly, try seamless paper, it gives you a smooth clean background!


We do not expect you to put a sign on your door that says “On Air ” but when you are working from home the sounds will distract the visitors. If you have kids, you need to hire a babysitter, and if you have animals then make sure the dog is not barking and the cat will not walk on your keyboard.


Whether video calling/webcam chatting, both have one thing in common: the person you interact with is watching you without interruptions. Make sure you know what faces you make when people say certain things. A facial expression can be misunderstood and this demands a little more self-control on your side. Know your body language and act on this. Your face is the tone that makes the music in the live cam industry.

The road to success as a camgirl is long, hard and slow.

Success in the camming industry takes a shit ton of determination and patience. This is not a quick fix to your financial woes. Don’t forget that you’re running a business. And like any other business, this will take time. You need to start by building a fan base,  members who come to see you on a daily basis.

There are few things that as a beginner cam girl you will do. I remember my first day online. Each time I heard the private chat sound I was like .. bam naked in 5 seconds. That is a no-no.

When a client takes you to private chat, welcome your client with your best smile. Don’t rush yourself, and don’t rush him. The golden line is: “Do you have any special ideas or requests for our session today?” If he doesn’t, he’ll normally let you know. If he doesn’t communicate within, say, 30 seconds or so – Then you can feel free to start teasing a bit and go about a sort of “default” show unless he tells you otherwise.

Also is very important to stick to a certain schedule, so your fans can always know when to find you online. If you give it time and have the patience you will see that in time your fan base will increase and you will make more and more money. You must be patient, you must overcome all frustrations. If you have a day with let’s say already 4 hours online and no tips… DO NOT get desperate, don’t lower your prices. Stay positive, keep smiling and remember… it only takes one person to make your day great.

Social media is also a big factor that will have an influence on your earnings.

The more you promote yourself, the higher chances of never get bored in a shift will be. A Twitter account is a great way to keep your fans engaged even when you are not broadcasting. They do like to know what you do when you are not on cam. So short tweets about random things you do and some pictures will keep them hooked.

In 2018 the Mobile Video Chat Applications have started to gain space. Models have more need to work not just behind the desk but also enjoy their mobile freedom while their clients are on her phone. This brings a huge new variable to the market, and the live cam sessions become more intimate and realistic.

On this moment is the only mobile APP that works for Standalone models and Studio owners. Now top models with a high social media exposure are able to convert social traffic 24.7. Instead of talking to your clients on your social media sites to make them ready to go to the cam site you can now also talk to them for money and not focus on getting a client in private. For the creative cam model an excellent chance to increase her income drastically without spending more time in the studio or behind a desktop.

Whether you’re a brand new camgirl or just looking for a refresher, we hope you find what you’re looking for here. If you need advice on a subject that we haven’t written about, just ask. We love to hear from you! Use any comment box or Facebook and I will make sure to respond as quickly as I can.