Slow days for CamGirls

How do CamGirls deal with slow days?

CamGirls don’t have it easy as many of you may think. Besides that fact that they deal with a lot of people on a daily basis… They also deal with their issues, insecurities, fantasies, fetishes… And trust me .. some are weird AF

I was talking with a friend today about this topic. He is a member on several cam sites and a lot of models seems to have this issue lately. Slow days.  Is not just that members come in and they don’t pay… the issue is that they have barely any traffic.

A big issue having a slow day is that your ego is blown. You start to think if there is something wrong with you… Get all these scenarios going on in your head. “Why don’t they like me anymore”. “Did I gain weight” and so on. Also, you start to worry about things like ‘what if I cant pay my bills or, maybe this is it for me, no more good days”. etc.

So I started to do some digging on the issue, ask around some models and here it is what they say about how  CamGirls deal with slow days.

Slow days…

So I asked what CamGirls do when they face a slow day. Pretty much all gave the same response.. Take the day off. But some did give some advice and more elaborate answers.  First of all, don’t lower your standards.  If you do so, then all the time you will be asked to lower prices for shows and in the long run that is not good for you. Don’t beg your room for tips or start complaining about how bad your day is. No one goes on cam sites to hear a girl complain about her day.  Even tho a lot say they care… trust me… no one gives a s**t about your bad day or they would do something about it. Shower you with tips or, take you in a very long private. Anyway…

Other girls were like… just turn on some music, have a glass of wine… and start dancing. Look happy, joyful.. so anyone who does enter your room won’t see that bored to death girl.  Just have fun and enjoy the music.

Another girl said that no matter how slow a day is being,  stick to your schedule… You may either get one good customer who makes it up or all or real slow day with just a few dollars earned.  One good paying member is enough to lighten up your whole day.


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