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May 3, 2018

Should I change the studio I work at?

Should I change the studio I work at? I’m sure we’ve all been there stuck in a workplace that we started wondering if it’s still worth keeping. You know that weird feeling you get when…


Should I change the studio I work at?

I’m sure we’ve all been there stuck in a workplace that we started wondering if it’s still worth keeping. You know that weird feeling you get when you really wouldn’t want to go to work?  When you wake up but you just keep doing it because you have to earn the money somehow? That applies to video chat just as much as it does in other fields.

For someone that does this from home that isn’t something to consider. We’ll keep the discussion strictly about models that work in studios. So when would it be a good idea to jump ship? Leave the studio that you are working at currently for another? There are a few things that you can look out for generally to help you realize the kind of situation you are in and (if that’s the case of course) if it’s worsening or improving.

Things to pay attention to when working in video chat

First of all the money. This may sound a bit obvious but it really depends on how experienced you are. How well you can judge what you should be making. At least with an approximation. A studio with prepared staff could take an educated guess. Based on a number of factors (looks, know-how, the time you’re willing to invest online, etc.) Will help you estimate something close to the actual truth. If you constantly are falling under what you think you should be making realistically, keyword being realistically since we all would want to get rich by not working at all… To be honest, the time to analyze what the studio is offering you might be at hand.

For you to achieve your true potential dedication and implication is required both on your part and the studios. While the really hard work should be done and put in by you, a good studio will provide some support to help you along. One such example is correct pricing. Models need to have a balanced price for what they offer…too little and she will be earning less than she should with a lot of time invested in her private chats or too high and she will have members avoiding her as too pricey. She’d end up spending most of her time in free chat earning too little again.

Setting appropriate prices generally comes from experience and getting to learn the “feel” of the certain site that’s being worked on. There should always be a channel for discussing this with your studio’s staff to figure it out together and you should be able to tell them if you things aren’t going right.

Another thing to pay attention too is the number of promises you hear.

Any manager worth his salt in this industry will tell you up front that you can make a lot of money but there can be also slower periods, bad days and such. You shouldn’t trust anyone that starts by promising virtually everything from the beginning and just backing it up with vague statements like “No worries, our girls always make a lot of money.” “Don’t even think about it. You’ll win a lot with us”.

That generally tends to come from employers trying to snatch another model fast and just make sure they get their cut from her earnings with minimal investment and stress on their part. An investment that if you actually want to make a name for yourself and succeed is obligatory. From changing up your wardrobe to cosmetics and accessories… These are things that need to be done and ideally done with an experienced trainer or manager. Someone with experience who knows what catches the attention on camera and what members tend to like.

Something to pay attention to towards yourself as well. If you find yourself checking out models that don’t work in your studio a lot. Just all around looking at them how they work. What they’re dressed in. Details of that manner you should take a bit of time for yourself to analyze your situation and see if there isn’t something that you think is missing. If it’s on your part start working to improve yourself. If you somehow think it’s on the studio’s part try and figure out what exactly is it that you think you’re not being offered. Have a discussion about it. Communication is key. Managing staff that looks after their models will never refuse to discuss any of their worries. Will try to work out on whatever it is that is not allowing them to achieve their full potential.

Being motivated to become a better model

One other very important piece of advice is to actually keep an eye out on the possibilities offered by the studio. There are many ways in which your loyalty and dedication can and should be rewarded. For example, a very nice way of doing this is to receive bonuses based on your earnings. Say you make between “x” and “y” amount you get an extra monetary bonus, over “y” the bonus grows. As simple as it is, it’s also very efficient. Not only are you motivated to give your best, the studio wins as well since your earnings grow…and everyone is all around happy and pleased. That is of course if you’re not working for money hungry people that aren’t that interested in improving you as a model.

With the same purpose in mind, there are also quite a bit of other things that give away if the studio is focused on your development or not. The amount of time the training staff invests in your is a good thing to go by. A couple of hours once in a while where they just tell you the same things over and over again and proceed to ignore you is a sign you might want to leave. Well organized training is key to understanding what you have to be doing online to maximize your profits. No one was ever born knowing everything and everyone should have the occasion to properly learn. Their willingness to interact with you is also a good hint. The best way to learn is by asking questions and hearing answers tailored to your curiosities, not generic subjects repeated over and over again.

The last thing I shall be touching is the attitude.

Given that the environment isn’t a generic white collar nine to five job it takes a little more in way of human interaction for people to feel comfortable around each other. If you think you’re being treated unfairly or rudely don’t ever be afraid to stand up for yourself. Try to solve your problems. On the other hand, always remember that you can also be wrong. You should be able to apologize for your own mistakes and grow as a person from it. All in all the gist of it is that working as cam girl doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be treated with respect and offered all the tools and advice needed to grow as a performer.

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