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Apr 18, 2018

Moderators Aka Room Helpers – To Have One Or Not?

Moderators Aka Room Helpers How many of you have seen the cartoon video “A Day In The Life Of A Cam Girl”? It’s on YouTube and there is also a copy of it here on…


Moderators Aka Room Helpers

How many of you have seen the cartoon video “A Day In The Life Of A Cam Girl”? It’s on YouTube and there is also a copy of it here on WebCamNews in Irina King’s article under the link “A Great First Impression!” which, by the way, should be essential reading for all members!

You can see almost identical conversations happening on every webcam site, many thousands of times, every day. Whether you are a member or a model, it’s enough to drive you crazy! For members it’s annoying to see someone spamming, making demands without tipping (usually with no intention of tipping!), sometimes being rude or offensive, disrupting the room and often taking up too much of the models time. For the model, it’s a waste of her (or his) time when they could be concentrating on genuine tippers and on giving a great show. To say that it’s annoying is an understatement!

I used to broadcast every day for 3 years and I certainly experienced it every single day! I often wished I had someone in my room who could take care of the spammers and timewasters so I could concentrate on what I was trying to do. My usual response to spammers was “which part of the word NO do you not understand?” and then I banned them! Unfortunately, I worked on a site which didn’t have Moderators and I only found out about them when I moved to another site which did have them.

What is a Mod?

Many members – and I was surprised to find that many broadcasters – still don’t understand what a Moderator is or what a Moderator can do. Some webcam sites allow a broadcaster to have a Room Moderator (often known as a ‘Mod’). On MyFreeCams they are known as a Room Helper, but it’s essentially the same thing. A Mod is a premium user who is chosen by the broadcaster to help to control their room. The broadcaster can have more than one Mod if they want to, particularly when it’s busy.

A Mod has facilities that other users don’t have. As a minimum, a Mod can usually Silence, Kick or Ban spammers or users who break the rules of the room or who are being rude or offensive. The broadcaster can decide exactly which facilities they allow their Mods to have. For example, some models don’t like their Mod to Ban users because it can affect their cam score.

Chaturbate gives a good definition of what a Mod is:
“A moderator is a [Chaturbate] user who works alongside the broadcaster to ensure a quality broadcast for the broadcaster and viewers alike.”

Whether they have a Mod or not, the broadcaster is always in charge!


Good communication between the broadcaster and their Mod is essential. It is extremely important that the Mod understands what sort of language, requests, or behavior are offensive to the broadcaster. Whenever I am asked to Mod for a broadcaster – which happens a lot – the first questions I ask are “What are your rules?” and “What user behaviors are acceptable and what are not?”

How can I tell if there is a Mod in the room?

On some sites, it is obvious to everyone in a room that there is Mod there. They might have some kind of symbol (such as a police badge) next to their name; The Mods name might appear in a colour which is reserved exclusively for Mods (on Chaturbate, for example, the name of the Mod is always shown RED); on Cam4 the words “Room Moderator” appear next to the Mods name. On MyFreeCams there is nothing to indicate that a user is the broadcasters Room Helper – I feel that’s a bad thing.

What models say about Mods

I used to visit one particular site to see a friend who was a model there. That site didn’t allow Mods. The models all suffered badly from spammers and users being offensive. One day I asked 20 of the models whether they would prefer it if the site allowed Mods. 18 said “yes”; 1 said “no”; 1 said, “I’m not sure”. I spoke with the Site Admins who said they would seriously consider it but unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet.

Broadcasters have Mods for many different reasons. For example:

The Prize: “Tip me 1000 tokens to be my Mod for a month” or maybe “Be my King Tipper of today and be my Mod for a week”, etc
The Reward: Sometimes a broadcaster will give Mod privileges to a member who is consistently their best tipper
The Friend: A broadcaster might give Mod privileges to a member who they particularly like. Sometimes it can even be the models’ real-life partner, girlfriend or boyfriend.

One model who I know well put it more simply: “It’s good to know that I have someone who I can trust in my room, who I can talk to and who will help me and support me”. The most important words in this are TRUST and SUPPORT.

All of these are good genuine reasons.

Unfortunately, I have also known models who have made someone their Mod “because he asked me”. This is probably the worst possible reason, especially if the model doesn’t know the member well.

Other broadcasters have said to me “I don’t like to have a Mod because I prefer to stay in control”.

What members say about Mods

I have talked to members for their opinions about Mods. One particular member, who is also a regular broadcaster, said: “A mod should be there to help keep order, to guide new users if they don’t quite know what is acceptable and to help make the room an enjoyable place to visit.” In my opinion that is a great description.

Good Mods and bad Mods

Like everything else, there are good Mods and bad Mods.
A good Mod should never ‘dominate’ a room. I have seen, occasionally, a Mod dominating and controlling a room so much that users can sometimes start to wonder whether the room belongs to the model or the Mod! All this does is piss everyone off – the members (some of whom might be regulars) might leave the room and won’t visit again so long as that particular Mod is there. I have done so myself and I know other members who have done the same.

Also, a Mod should NEVER try to control the model! The model needs to make sure their Mod understands what the model expects from them – what is acceptable Mod behavior and what isn’t. A Mod is there to support the model in whatever the model decides to do (whether the Mod is happy about it or not). Even the Mod needs to remember The Broadcaster Is Always In Charge!

The responsibilities of a Mod are quite simple:

-Help and support the broadcaster so they can concentrate on their show
– Sometimes a broadcaster might want their Mod to advise them on ideas to improve their room and get more traffic. For example, helping them set up and run games and competitions
– Control spammers (and, if necessary, Silence, Kick or Ban them)
– To stop rude or offensive language or behavior
– Help and advise members (particularly if the member is new and is unfamiliar with the rules, what is acceptable and what isn’t, etc)
– Encourage users to tip.

Most of us, whether as members or broadcasters, have seen members come into a room and claim “Make me your Moderator and I will earn you $5000 a week”. Bullshit! My advice to all broadcasters who get someone like that in their room is quite simple – ban them!

What’s your opinion of Mods?

So, whether you are a broadcaster or a member, what is your opinion of Mods? Should all sites have them? If you are a broadcaster and don’t currently have a Mod would you like one and, if yes, who would you choose to be your Mod and why? If you are a broadcaster and already have a Mod do you wish you hadn’t had one? (that last question was not a joke)
Don’t ask me for my opinion. I’m biased. I am a Mod!

The author acts as a Moderator and Room Helper on Cam4, Chaturbate, and MyFreeCams.