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May 1, 2018

Independent Cam Models Versus Studio Models

Why should you be a Studio Model instead of independent Cam Model? If you’re looking at becoming a camming model, there are two different routes you can take; you can either become an independent model…


Why should you be a Studio Model instead of independent Cam Model?

If you’re looking at becoming a camming model, there are two different routes you can take; you can either become an independent model and partner directly with the camming site or register with a studio. Even if you are already an independent Cam Model but you have some struggles and you consider working with a studio this article might help you decide.

I was a Cam Model for many years, I lost track, to be honest, but are at least 7 years. I’ve quit camming in 2017 and I started to write for WebCamnews. From my experience, I have learned that both paths can be great it all depends on what goals you have and what do you want to achieve.

As many other Cam Models, I was struggling with privacy concerns, I never told my family what I do and only very few friends knew. So my goal was never to become a model who gathers awards after awards at the big industry events. Don’t get me wrong… I was very competitive and  I did win many of the contests that were held on the cam sites I worked with. Had a couple of interviews but that was about it for me. I did not want to have a big social media appearance with thousands of followers so for me working as an independent Cam Model was ok… until it wasn’t. Read on to see why.

Content Protection:

I had a lot of trouble with tracking down and get all my content removed from different websites. Pictures recorded private or free sessions, you name it… I had it all over the internet. It is a pain in the ass to get a DMCA takedown complain and websites to actually act upon it. I managed somehow but just because in my case I always worked just one site at a time. When things started to go bad I would just move to another site.

But if you work multiple sites then you sure have a lot of content out there. This is a first reason why a  being a Studio Model is better. You get all the support from the studio and you never even have to deal with this issue because they do it for you. And trust me they will take care of it. No studio wants their models to have free content all over the internet and even worse content they did not even approve to be public in the first place like a recorded private session for example.

Professional photo shoots and videos:

As a Cam Model, you always need fresh pictures, short videos etc… for your fans. You always want your profile to look great and that is how it should be. That is what attracts clients. When I had my very first professional photo shoot I was amazed by the costs. The photographers, the location, makeup, hair and so on. Well as a Studio Model you don’t have this worry at all. You get all dolled up for free and get amazing photo shoots on a regular basis so you can always have fresh content on your profile.

Payment method and taxes:

As everyone knows  FirstChoice payment method is no longer available and that affected all independent Cam Models who used that as a payment method on cam sites. Now everyone is looking for alternatives and some don’t even have one. This is another reason why working in a studio is a great choice. You do not have this kind of worries. Yes, the studio does take a certain % of your earnings but considering all the benefits you get out of it, I think is a small price to pay.

It does not matter what payment method became unavailable, does not matter what changes were made regarding payment a studio will always have your back. In the end is their interest to make more money as possible and to get paid. So the model is very important to be well cared for. The more money you make, the more prosper the business will be.

Another aspect that should not be neglected is TAXES, a lot of independent Cam Models have no way to pay taxes, there is no law for it yet(in Romania). Working as a Studio Model you will have all the benefits of an employee. Healthcare, pension and so on.  I don’t want to get now in an endless debate on how studios pay taxes and what is the exact procedure my point is that if you work for 5 years as a studio Cam Model, that 5 years you have every single benefit you would have working any other job. While if you work 5 years as independent Cam Model, yeah you might have some money in your pocket(a thing that is not sure) but each time you get sick… you need to pay… no working years added to your pension and so on.

Technical part:

As an independent Cam Model, you will need a room just for work, great computer, cam, lights and everything else that is required for the job. Sure you can not use all the best there is but that will reflect on a poor quality image therefor low income. Working as a studio Cam Model non of the above will be your worry. You will have a very well put together working room. From decoration to light. All you need to have a good quality stream the studio provides for you.

Training and emotional support.

Being an independent Cam Model means you will have to figure it all out by yourself and that is tough. You can read endless blogs and opinions and it will still be very difficult to overcome different problems. How do you approach paying members, how you deal with guests and basics? This is something that a trainer will teach you if you chose to work for a studio. The training program from a studio will provide you all information you need… From how to sit on cam to how to talk and interact with the users.

If you have a bad day on cam you may not always have a person to vent to. That can be a big impact on your state of mind. Working in a studio, having coffee breaks, lunch etc and interacting with other models, studio management and trainers will give you a great team for your emotional support. Can vent to each other about members or about how bad of a day you had on cam and so on.

Another thing when you work as an independent Cam Model is the way you plan your work shifts. Being home can always have a big impact on that. Friends come by for a visit, you don’t go on cam. Or maybe today is sunny and you rather go for a walk. Cleaning, cooking and any other house chores may take you longer than you expected and in the end, you don’t feel like going online anymore. You had a previous bad night and that had an impact on you so you think few days off might help.

Working in a studio takes away all that. You plan your schedule and you must stick to it as you would go to any other workplace. While you are there you won’t have any distractions and you can actually focus on work.

Promoting yourself:

Maybe you don’t keep your job a secret and you want to make the best of it. You want to become one of the top models from the industry.You start opening different social media accounts, you start reading and be active on a blog… All that is time consuming and why not have a team who take care of that for you while you can enjoy a walk in a park.

A studio has the same interest as you. To be the best. And a studio can’t be the best if their models are not the best. So you will have all the help in the world to get there.

In the end, if I would consider starting camming again, I can say that without any further thoughts I would choose a studio. I would not worry about what my family and friends might think and I would focus on my goals and the things I want to achieve.