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May 7, 2018

How to… a small guide to kindness

What cam sites members should do. All the time I hear cam models complain about how bad most of their members are treating them. Many people think that if they signed up on a cam…


What cam sites members should do.

All the time I hear cam models complain about how bad most of their members are treating them. Many people think that if they signed up on a cam site, just because is adult industry they can insult the girl and be disrespectful. Others are just like that by their nature. Nothing to do about them. So today I am thinking to spread some positivity around and give you guys some ideas about what should you as a cam site member do. Some good things that will not go unnoticed.

It is psychological proved that people who appreciate do more. If you treat someone with kindness that is what you will get in return. If you are honest and respectful, well that what you will attract. Of course, there are always exceptions but let’s focus on positive things now.

 Tip and doesn’t ask for anything in return:

This is something that all cam girls dream of. I don’t say to just throw away all your $ for nothing… but once in a while would be very nice of you to just send a tip for no reason. Just for a smile, just because you want to make her day better. Trust me, you will get something in return, she will remember you for your nice deed.  And maybe there will be a day when you will have no money but will still get something from your girl, a nice sexy picture for example. So, keep in mind… From time to time, just tip for no reason. Be kind.

Offline tips:

Well, how would you feel to wake up one day, go out to get your newspaper and find $10 on your porch? Would be awesome right? You will start your day in a positive way. Why don’t you do that for your favorite cam girl? I always felt special when I saw that I have offline tips. It shows that a certain person thought of you while you were not a cam. It shows that they want you to have a great start to your day. Offline tips are the best way to show that you truly care and you know what… even if you do not care still be kind it did not kill anyone.

Vacation time:

To be a cam model it can become overwhelming at times. Are some many things that can and will drag your spirit down and sometimes you just need some time away from all. The thing is not all cam girls can afford to take a week off just like that. So here is a super nice thing member or why not just one member can do. Either talk to her other fans and put together a plan and do a massive group tip for her to take some time off, or just do it yourself if you can. To get a tip that big that you can get offline for a week is truly something very very special.

Or maybe, if a week vacation is a bit much, just tip enough for a night off. Will be very appreciated and never forgotten.

Tips during private shows.

While this may sound weird… it is not. We like to feel appreciated and even tho it is a paid private session, a tip from time to tip makes us even happier.  Maybe you have a special request that the model is willing to do for you, send her a little something… Show her that she is appreciated. That extra spoonful of generosity will make any cam girl happy.

 Last but not least:

Always tip if you have a request, nobody likes to hear people beg. And to keep saying show this … show that it gets very tiring and energy draining. If you can not afford to tip the model then just be polite and take whatever you get for free. If you keep insisting to see her naked that is exactly what she won’t do or you might get yourself kicked out of the room.

Never try to pressure a cam model into doing something she doesn’t want to do. if she says ‘no’ then respect her wishes. We all have our boundaries and there is something we definitely won’t do no matter what. Is same as a cam model. Respect her and understand that she has limits just like you.