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by Irina Kings | Jul 18, 2018

How Camming Changed In Past 10 Years

Camming Is Not Like Any Other Kind of Sex Work Camming is the term used for working as a webcam model. I had a talk…


Camming Is Not Like Any Other Kind of Sex Work

Camming is the term used for working as a webcam model. I had a talk with a friend a couple of days ago about how it changed in the past years. It was interesting to see his point of view. After a while, I asked if he would like to write an article about it and share his thoughts with Webcamnews readers. Read an article written from a personal perspective.  This is based on his personal experiences as both a member and a regular cam broadcaster.

Huge changes…but have they been good?

Until about 10 years ago I had never visited a webcam chat site, although I had heard about them…mainly negative stories in newspapers and in the media about ‘chatrooms’ and how ‘shocking’ they were and some people saying that they should be banned, blah blah

One day I saw an advertisement for one particular chat site (CAM4) and decided to take a risk and clicked the link, without really knowing what I expected to see.

I ‘surfed’ through a number of rooms where girls were on cam and watched while the model chatted with members. Most of them were either fully or partly dressed or wearing a bikini or underwear or sexy outfits. A few were showing their boobs and just wearing panties. A few models were naked.

The thing I noticed most was how relaxed most rooms were….people chatting, sharing jokes or funny stories. It was great ENTERTAINMENT and some were absolutely hilarious…more like watching a great comedy show on tv, where the host was a sexy woman, except this was ‘live’ and not a recording!

I got to know several models quite well.

Many of them had other jobs and going on cam was merely a way that they could earn more money because the salary from their ‘normal’ job simply wasn’t enough. Many of them had ‘good jobs’ and were well educated (most had university degrees). I got to know models who are accountants, school teachers, nurses, etc in ‘real life’ and webcam chat was their “second job”. However, a few simply went on cam for fun because they liked the attention and it made them feel sexy.

I still know many models but these days almost all of them are ‘professional models’ – camming is their only job. For some of them, camming is the only job they have ever had since leaving school, college or university. It’s how they earn the money to pay rent, buy food, clothes, etc. “Part-time” or “second job” cam models seem to have almost disappeared.

One of the very noticeable negative effects of this (from a member’s perspective) is that because webcam chat is now most models’ only job and the only way they earn money relatively safely, models are now under a lot more pressure to earn as many tokens as possible in the shortest possible time. This has ‘changed the atmosphere’ in most chat rooms…it’s now mostly about “Tip me”, “tokens bb” … with little time for just chatting and ‘old fashioned’ (i.e. non-sexual) fun.

This is a very general statement and certainly doesn’t apply to all models. Some models really are excellent entertainers, they develop an excellent rapport with their members and they WANT to have fun and a good laugh, as well as earn tokens. The members adore them for it and are happy to come back regularly for more. These are the rooms that I prefer and I know other members who feel the same.

More tease, less sleaze?

10 years ago, only a few sites allowed nudity in free chat…nudity etc was usually only allowed in private chats. “Live sex” (i.e. couples/groups having real sex on cam) was not allowed in free chat, at least not on the sites that I visited. That was only available in private shows and some sites did not even allow it there.

When I first started visiting the chat sites, most of the free chat was more about TEASE….it gave hints or suggestions of more daring things that could be available in a private chat.

If a member wanted more than just chat and tease, it was considered ‘normal’ to take the model into a Private chat, for which the member paid using ‘tokens’ or ‘credits’.

There wasn’t a ‘toy’ (a dildo or vibrator) anywhere in sight in free chat.

Things like OhmiBod and Lovense hadn’t even been invented then. As I said earlier, there were some broadcasters who were more daring and got naked on cam and some who did shows in free chat. I know because I was one of them!

In most rooms, if members wanted full nudity or a show they took the model into a private chat. It was simple. Most people (at least those with more than 2 brain cells) accepted that was how it was.

If anything, models actually had MORE Private Shows then, because the members were so turned on by the teasing in free chat they were desperate (if you know what I mean) to take the model private! I have 2 close friends – very successful cam models – who have confirmed this was how it was.

There were, even then, of course, the idiots who would shout out “show me your pussy”, “let me see your ass”, “get naked”, etc., even on sites where it wasn’t allowed in free chat. That’s one thing that has never changed, unfortunately.

These days, however, if you go on any of the ‘major’ chat sites (Cam4, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and many more), most of the models are either partly or fully naked in free chat (if the site allows it).

Shows in free chat have become stronger and stronger

Full or partial nudity in free chat (on those sites that allow it) is now what most people (especially members) expect. On some sites, people (male/female; lesbian; gay; groups) are now having full sex on cam in free chat. Those rooms often have thousands of viewers. This does no favors whatsoever for other models who are on the same site. They have to be more and more daring and the whole thing just escalates.

I have known one model for many years who always insisted that she would NEVER use ‘toys’ on cam. Guess what…she recently started using toys (OhmiBod and dildoes) on cam. She did this just so that she is able to compete with other girls who were already using them. From a members point of view this is great news but for her personally, she is now having to do something she really hates doing.

Overall this has had a major negative impact for many models because members (or even unregistered guests) now get to see nudity and sex acts for free. Only a few years ago they would have had to pay (in money or tokens) to watch these things.

I checked the viewing figures on one site while I was writing this article. There were 27,000 members on site watching 1700 rooms. How many of those members were actually tipping today? I would suggest no more than a few hundred if that. The logic (from a members perspective) is simple – why pay for something that you can get for free in another room?

Maybe, for the sites and for models, a return to “More tease, less sleaze” isn’t such a bad idea.

Nowadays there ARE still people who go on cam purely for fun. It has to be said that most of those people are guys… I literally cannot remember the last time I saw or chatted with a female broadcaster who was on cam purely for fun, which is a pity.

The impact of technology

Models used to have to rely on having a decent laptop or pc and worked from a fixed location (home or from a studio). Members needed similar technology to be able to view the sites. Technology advances (tablets, smartphones, “all-in-one” devices) means that is no longer always necessary.

One of the biggest changes CURRENTLY is the move away from relying so much on Windows-based pc and laptops towards tablets and smartphones. Most sites are moving (or have already developed) in that direction.

Broadband, WiFi, 3G, and 4G are now much more widely available in most countries.

All of this means is that, for members, sites are far more accessible now from pretty much anywhere. For models (or people who want to start cam modeling) they can now broadcast from more-or-less anywhere so long as they can get decent WiFi or mobile reception. They no longer have to worry about working from a fixed location, such as a studio or from home.

On most sites, you can now see some broadcasts being done from “outside” – a car, a car park, a garden, a park, a beach, etc. All very naughty and probably illegal but they can be great fun! This would not have been possible until quite recently.

Why are so many models from Eastern Europe on the chat sites?

I have seen many members comment or complain about why are so many models from Europe. Particularly Eastern Europe – and Romania especially, on the chat sites? What most members do not realize is how bad the employment situation is in some countries (e.g. 40% of young people in Greece aged 18 to 24 are officially unemployed and in some other parts of Europe it’s not much better). They also don’t know that in many of these countries, for those who are lucky enough to have a job, their salary is so bad it often doesn’t even pay the rent!

Regarding models from Romania especially, official EU figures for the Average Salary for a ‘normal’ job in Romania is $300 PER MONTH! A good cam model can earn that in one day on cam! It is, as they say, a “no-brainer”. It is estimated that there are now 100,000 women in Romania that are now involved in webcam chat. It’s really not surprising!

A couple of years ago, after the United Kingdom government had increased the tuition fees for university students and slashed other allowances and benefits, there was a report issued on how students were surviving financially. They were shocked to find that 50% of the thousands of students who responded to the survey said they were involved in the adult industry – especially webcam chat sites – just so they could pay their rent and eat! I would say that the real figure is probably considerably more than 50%!

It is now estimated that almost half a million people are now involved in the webcam chat industry worldwide. The industry itself generates between 2Billion – 3Billion US dollars each year. It’s a huge industry and it’s getting bigger. There is no indication of its growth slowing down any time soon.