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Apr 10, 2018

Fun games for camgirls part 1

games for camgirls Lately, I’ve been thinking about all the ways I was making money as a camgirl. So I came up with this article about games for camgirls.  There are of course many ways to make…


games for camgirls

Lately, I’ve been thinking about all the ways I was making money as a camgirl. So I came up with this article about games for camgirls.  There are of course many ways to make money as a camgirl. Some prefer privates while others prefer to bond with their members in free chat and just take it from there. Some days you may not feel like putting up shows for tips and this is where my idea of playing games can help.

Playing all sorts of games with your fans can be a fun way to make money. Time passes faster when you have fun. Also can get new users interested. Guests and basic members who usually just hang around in your room might feel the need to be a part of your game and will purchase some tokens.

Read on to find out about few games that I used to play with my fans.  For me, this was a weekend thing. So they all knew that when the weekend starts, also a lot of fun begins with it.

Top or bottom.

For this game, you will need a deck of poker cards. First of all, pick few cards that you want to have prizes written on them. For example, 1 out of  3 cards should offer some sort of prize ( striptease, kiss, eat a banana, etc ). Also, at times I would just ask my fans what prizes they want and prepare a list a day before the game night.In this game, the joker should be something more special like a 15 min skype show.. or whatever you consider to be special for your fans… So, you have the prizes write down on your cards and you are ready to go.

How to play:

For a certain amount of tokens (25, 50, 69 ) as you consider, the member will get to chose from your deck of cards top or bottom. You turn over the card he chose and.. if he has luck, will find one of the cards with prizes on.  After that, you mix the cards and another can pick.  Have fun playing top or bottom.

A shot or what..?

For this game, you will need this roulette. You can find it online and is not very expensive. Get a drink of your choice.. or you can also play without any drinks but to be honest with some vodka is more fun. Fill up half of the glasses with vodka, or a drink of your choice. The other half will contain pieces of paper with prizes on them. For this game to be easy to play, tell members to chose just between black, red and green. As green is just one, it must bring with it some special prize.

When you spin the roulette, and the member won.. you can ask him to chose between a shot or the prize. Usual I was asking for 69 tokens for a spin. But that is up to you how much you want to ask.


For this game, you don’t need to invest a lot of money. Just get a couple of dices, or even just one. Ask your fans for a certain amount of tokens for a roll and decide in advance which numbers what prizes they hold. For example, a 6 can be “striptease” 4 could be “show breasts” and so on. Not all numbers should hold prizes tho. So make it like 6,4,2 and 1 to be winners. This is very easy game to play and is also fun.

Post-it Note.

This game requires some time to prepare and a lot of post-its. Well depends on how long you wanna play for.  But let’s start with the beginning. On each piece of post-it write a number. That number will be the number of tokens to tip to turn around that particular post-it. I always started at 25. Usual I did from 25 till 100. Other times would do 25,30,35 till 100. You can also start higher and just do 50,60,70 etc.  It is really up to you.

One out of 3 or 4 post-its will have a prize written down on the back. So on one side, you have the number and the prize or nothing on the other side. Use your imagination and add all the things you feel like doing that night.

If you have any questions, or why not… other games ideas, feel free to comment below or add me on Facebook and let’s chat.