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May 8, 2018

Differentiation is the key to success.

  The key to success is to differentiate yourself. The key to being a successful model is to differentiate yourself in a way that matches what the viewers are looking for. More and more models started…



The key to success is to differentiate yourself.

The key to being a successful model is to differentiate yourself in a way that matches what the viewers are looking for. More and more models started to work as camgirls, the average income went down due to increased competition. However, there are models who keep high earnings in this competitive arena. The reason that they can keep earning so well is that they have successfully differentiated themselves from other models. If you want to be a successful model and to survive the competition, it’s time to think about what your strategy should be and what the best opportunity is that you can grab.

It is very difficult these days to get noticed from thousands of models. That is exactly why you have to stand out. You must put yourself on the map and make sure that once you are online you will stand out. It is not an easy task but if you take a moment and think about what your personality is like, who you truly are, I am sure you can find something there that will make a difference.

Each and every one of us is different. Different body shape, different personality, different goals, different boundaries… Take all this into consideration and make the best of it. Create an online persona that is very close to your true self or even easier be yourself.

Two peas in a pod.

If you look around on any cam site you will notice so many models that look alike. Fake breasts, lip injections, hair extensions… Barbie dolls. Now I am not saying that is not a thing member look for, but you don’t need all that in order to be successful. The success of every business depends on how you differentiate your product or brand from others.  the differentiation can be the price you charge, the type of the show you provide, your personality, and your appearance. Read on about some bits of advice on how you can differentiate yourself.

Factors that seem to keep members interested:

Don’t be silent. Members enjoy listening to you speak or sing. A talking model is more interesting than a mute model. If no one is talking back at you, have a conversation with yourself. I’ve done that so many times myself, just laugh and pretend you have a good time. It will make people stay and want to be a part of it. The music you play is also important, loud rock or such is never a great idea. People will try hard to listen what you say. My favorite artist lately is Marian Hill, a lot of great songs. Here is one of them.

Remember that camming is a visual medium. Models that are moving a lot are fun to watch. But even if you’re just down or relaxing, that doesn’t mean you have to be still. When I started as a cam girl, I used to watch a girl online who was always teasing. She was making a lot of money and I have never seen her naked. She had nice music in the background, and always teasing and talking to people.


Differentiating yourself through your appearance can be effective. These attributes can include your hair color, your face, and your body type. How you differentiate your appearance depends on who you are competing against, and who you are appealing to. Try a different makeup every day maybe even crazy ones that you would never dare to wear. The cam site you work on is your stage. Be an artist.

The type of show you do

Instead of limiting yourself to what most cam models do, start and be creative. If you look now on a site you will see a pattern, tips for boobs, tips for squirt and so on. Think of something you like to do. For example, I played video games naked. In the weekend I played a lot of games. (See a list of games here). Also, a lot of times  I was painting… at first dressed ( white, see-through clothes), but I always ended up naked and with a lot of names painted on my body. Is fun, is not common and it can get you a lot of tips.

Instead of just asking tokens to get your clothes off, find more creative days to get your clothes off. You can get a white shirt, draw a square with numbers in them on the shirt and ask for certain amount of tokens to cut a square off. You will end up naked in a different way than just taking off your top.  There are endless ways you can be different, just need to find what you like to do and what fits your personality.