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by Webcam News | May 16, 2018

Basic Cam Model Attitude

Basic Cam Model Attitude That Will Help You Improve When you follow your own word, each and every day will be a bliss to work…


Basic Cam Model Attitude That Will Help You Improve

When you follow your own word, each and every day will be a bliss to work where you generate your desired amount of money and grow exponentially; professionally, but so much more important … personally!

The behavior listed It Is Not the easy golden solution you’ve been waiting for. It is rather a strict behavior that once adopted in your online world will allow you to continue growing on a daily basis without having to put up with other’s problems, depressions, bad moods or any other negative aspect that might affect your well being.

Once the Basic Model Attitude (BMA) is set on your online personality, virtual beggars, aggressors, will be out of your room in a natural way by finding there is no space for them to manifest and get the result they search for.

It’s crucial here that you first have a sit-down with yourself. See exactly which are your pros and cons in order to be able to know exactly what is to be removed from your behavior (if bad) and what to improve. Know that this process will take effect periodically once your crowd (regular clients) will get to know you.

Do not change your attitude even for one hour once you’ve started working on improving it. That will be a major set back if you’ve adopted a formal/cute behavior only to act like a child in one instance that you do not agree with. Even the most loyal client could see that slight outburst as a defective aspect of who you really are and stop visiting you with the same interest of being your friend first and a member second. And yeah, you want everyone to be your friend first.

Doesn’t matter if you’re an independent model or working in a studio. For so many girls ‘n’ boys, reading these words might as well be the key secret to success.

From day one, most models start on the wrong path because they need money ASAP. They start working with that hunger for cash which will be clearly visible on the dull behavior they copied from whoever recommended the branch and drive the customers out of the chat room.

After spending 2-3 working periods(4-6 weeks) online in the wrong manner it’s absolutely normal to be drained of energy which has you act like a spoiled brat or worse .. wishing to quit. Well, I hope this text finds you just there. Totally drained of that energy because you’re about to find out you have new and improved energy in you in order to work other 2-3 periods online in the right manner and also succeed.

Which is the right manner? – you ask?

It’s the manner where you have so much fun you should forget you gotta make money and the happy lifestyle you’ll create for yourself it’ll be so natural that you feel blessed while the clients will make sure to let you know of their return with every interaction.
The key is to switch your intention. Right now your intention is focused on how to get $$$ to pay the bills and feed the cat that you’ve adopted when leaving home thinking you know what to do lol.

That need…hunger, no matter how small, no matter big, it will be present in each and every sentence you send out in your chat room or messages that you send to each and every client. Subconsciously, even a guest (non-paying member) can feel a tad bothered by that and might leave sooner than you think. Probably right now, this doesn’t make much sense but hear this out:
• Imagine an 8 hr day online, 7 hrs are spent in free chat where your sole purpose is to generate cash.
• Now imagine another 8 hr day online, 7 hrs spent in free chat where your sole purpose is to entertain your soul while generating cash.

Set and own your persona. Read, listen and observe. Invest time in yourself.

Your online personality is a complex language in which you must be the teacher and student that knows the importance of each and every word and action. By controlling who you are there should be no scenarios that would deviate you from your professional goal nor affect you personally.

Pay close attention to your behavior and remember (write down if need be) when you feel you’re losing your temper or you want to end the day. Only when you recognize your weaknesses, you will be able to live/work above them, allowing you to stay in the present moment where is that Still Point you want to be constantly.

Set and present your limits to the clients with every chance you get in order to be well known and also respected. The still point is about your emotions being in your total control. If a dull day happens to present itself then know that time is invested in your account, in you. The time you will invest in your account will eventually be one of the main pillars that supports it.

Your Basic Model Attitude  Should Stand For These Qualities :

♥ ” Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to maintain a Good Attitude while waiting. ” ♥

Very Important: Patience. The social world you will find online will challenge your patience as you will feel you can not put up with them any longer or worse. By adopting and improving your BMA will save you tons of frustrations and anger that you’d normally pile up, allowing you to evolve so much faster.

♥ ” A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body. ” ♥

• Very Important: The Smile. It will be the First aspect a romantic will look for. The smile is literally the gate to whom you really are and they know it. Exercise very often on how to maintain the smile on your face. Befriend with the idea that you must smile on a constant basis. You will learn the great importance of your smile in due time. Work on expressing a very natural smile. You can do so by joking with your clients. Boosting up your mood by maybe watch a funny clip or think of the good times in your life, “puppies n kittens” or anything that gets you going the right way for you but with that positive outcome ( the smile ).

♥ “Don’t be a woman that needs a man ….. be the Woman a Man Needs. ” ♥

• A sensitive romanticism that begs for a gentleman to be near you, to protect and care for you. Posing with an innocent expression on your body language will lure the hero into “saving” you.

• An attitude that does not defend itself through physical violence, verbal violence or gesturing like a teenager on the webcam when one asks you to get naked. No, at that moment you maintain a “poker-face”. Which is a straight face even though something happened that Should surprise you. This will show the aggressor that you do not put up with it but you will also not try to educate him on how to be polite. His aggressive behavior will eventually fade. He’ll start feeling guilt or remorse for behaving in such a way with such a sensible girl. Which is a more natural/efficient way to educate someone. Rather than using mixed words trying to force the change in his behavior.

• The physical aspect is very important If your appearance will be maintained with a healthy, beautiful, natural look/pose/expression/skin tone; The man will appreciate your struggle. He will show his gratitude by “falling in love” or just come and chat a bit about your looks. Invest in your appearance at all times by purchasing different accessories and garments, even visit a dermatologist if need be. At all times Mind the Details on your body; They matter! By going to the gym even twice a week will help you form your body with an athletic look. It will help it go through the physical challenges you will find online.

♥ Be Yourself! Everyone else is taken ♥