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Apr 16, 2018

Being an admin in a video chat studio

videochat studio admin I have been spending the past couple of weeks handing out advice left and right as if it was candy. And as is only fair one of the things that you thought…


videochat studio admin

I have been spending the past couple of weeks handing out advice left and right as if it was candy. And as is only fair one of the things that you thought of is “who the fuck is this guy and what does he know about video chat or the women that spend hours upon hours online to be lovers and therapists for so many people.

So fair is fair. I’m going to speak a little about me so that you don’t think I’m talking out of my ass.

I actually worked as an Admin in a studio. Since usually, I was the only one on hand during weird hours of the night or morning that means that I handled anything from tech issues to the ever so stereotypical “there is a spider on the damn stairs!” Two years I spend doing this working shifts that I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemies…but I wouldn’t change that. It has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about people. About the world cam girls live in and surprisingly, about myself. I’d like to think that I also provided some support and a helping hand in return when it was needed…but that’s not for me to judge.

Getting the job was an interesting experience.

I’ve had quite a bit of experience beforehand working in IT so getting called in for a second interview and being hired happened fairly fast after I decided to take it. It was a bit of a “wtf” moment when the interviewer told me that I shall be working with models and interacting with them on a day to day basis…but whatever adventuring spirit I have (very well hidden deep down, mind you) prompted me to say “you know what? This sounds damn interesting, I want to do it”. And boy, was I right…The first couple of days were a bit of a whirl. Getting to know the software, computers, and whatnot else I needed to know and work with.

That was the easy part, afterward came interacting with the women. At first, I was obviously both an outsider and “fresh meat” as it were. So they kept testing me, to see if crack under pressure, embarrass easy or get angry at small nothings. I am generally a calm person and that helped a lot, it even improved my capacity for patience and all around empathy, to be honest. If there is something you need to work with that many women all together is people skills. And no, I don’t mean that in any detrimental way. It’s just that a collective made up of mostly one sex over the other tends to have a weirder dynamic. Generally, one where things are a lot more tensed, but I digress.

So here, I was…thrown to the sharks as soon as possible due to some scheduling issues my new colleagues had. After the first…hour, I think, I was already sure that half the girls I just helped log in. (adjusting the camera, fixing whatever small issues they had with their sites, things like that) hated me and the other half were just mildly pissed off. Turns out I was pretty wrong, being calm and professional tends to set the mood for most of them and it eases the start of the shift for them and myself. And everybody knows how important it is to not have anyone throw you off when you’re just having your coffee and starting your working day. Especially for people who work with other people, depending on what kind of interactions you have that day by the end of it you can be incredibly drained emotionally.

That being said, that first day was the moment in which I realized that if I want to do this job properly I have to be there for the emotional support part too. Sounding board and sometimes just to be the lightning rod that takes the first impact of lightning. Armed with that knowledge I slowly started getting to know all of the cam girls I was supposed to work with.

Be it a five-minute talk while we were having coffee before the shift, our lunch break or most of the times over the app they used to communicate whatever problems arose to me. As with all jobs, the type of people was mixed and varied extremely from person to person. Each with their own problems, joys, and wishes. Keeping everyone happy at once is nigh impossible. On days/nights that were particularly difficult, I always remembered that old cartoon where a pipe bursts in the wall and the character keeps trying plugging the holes with his fingers and toes only for more to start leaking where he can’t reach.

But in time they learned to trust me and I learned to be what they happened to need. Most of the times it was just a friendly face to talk to about small nothings. When you spend so many hours online… Listening to so many people talk about themselves and what they want to do, you start needing an outlet for your own problems.

As a model sometimes you find members that share that kind of bond with you and you can talk to them freely. Other times you don’t…so when you take a break for a smoke and a bit of fresh air you bend the admin’s ear. Some of my colleagues preferred to keep their distance and avoided this. I chose another, approach…I was there to talk to and offer up advice or maybe joke a little and help them feel at ease. If it felt appropriate. In turn, that brought them closer to me as well and they felt they could share more and more with me.

I’d be lying if I’d say that I could always help and be useful. Sometimes you just have to be a shoulder to cry on. And accept that there is nothing you can do, that’s your role there. That realization gave me perspective about myself if I’m perfectly honest. Instead of always trying to fix things right away… Maybe sometimes you need to take a few steps back and see what needs to be done. Or maybe realize that it’s not up to you to do anything. Anyway, the main point stands. In two years I got to care and even invest myself emotionally in their wellbeing.

Stories and problems which I’m sure I’ll talk about in time. It mostly depends on my inspiration to put things in words. Either way, now you know a little more about me. And maybe the experience behind the stories will count for something. I’ll leave you with these parting words to think about…  Think about the fact that in video chat people generally come to find a place of happiness and refuge from their own problems. Because that’s how one copes with stress and hardship. Don’t you think the women that bring that safe haven need someone to listen to them as well? And who else better to talk about the things they face and need to surmount to have success in this career?

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