What is videochat?

What is videochat?

The choice between meeting society’s challenges and finding a life partner is a conflict that some lucky people may not need to ever consider. To our videochat members, this is often a driving force. But what is videochat? Some would argue that it is an environment where women undress and men invest sums of money for a service they could get for free on the internet. Others can say that for these amounts of money members could opt for the physical touch of a real, non-virtual person.

Our perspective is different. We built it by analyzing tens of thousands of connections between webcam models and members. We discovered that most of our members are competent, career-driven middle-aged men. They are perfectly capable of sustaining complex human relationships and a healthy lifestyle. They may have families or may be divorced. Sexually, they are turned on by practices considered normal by the Western society at large. So, what do they receive from videochat?

1: A beautiful narrative:

While life runs chaotically… This simulated environment allows members and models to create love stories that fit a basic scheme: The member offers the model tokens, the model opens to the member. They share life stories, learn each other`s intimate desires, tell each other how their days went. They chat, undress, have some fun and then continue chatting for hours at an end. The member projects all his deep emotions onto the model. Love, frustration, joy, anxiety, sadness, jealousy, fear, hope – everything he cumulated in his past and could not unload onto a real person, for fear of abandonment.

The model genuinely receives them and offers a gentle touch to the member`s broken heart. Like in any relationship, they may have fights, reconnect and so on. It`s the ultimate girlfriend experience. With an eject button that never needs to be used. It`s a therapeutic narrative. Where that inner voice of the member – subconsciously telling him that he does not deserve to be accepted by others – gets silenced by the mere framing of this interaction. Having this convention set up between them allows for a stronger flow of real emotions, leading to a healing process for the member. Free porn is a solitary experience. While paying girls for sex would never lead to this complex exchange of human emotions and catharsis.

2: The savior complex:

Most members have a clear understanding of the model`s aim of earning money and connecting with multiple paying members. This member sees himself as special because of this and finds a girl he could also perceive as special. They establish this convention that, even though the model needs to perform on a webcam, they have a strong and intimate connection, that others could not get. He would do everything in his power to support the model, usually because, somewhere in his life, he failed somebody who depended on him.

3: Sexual inadequacies:

Some members do have special fetishes or needs that they feel ashamed to express in their real life. Having them brought to life in this safe virtual space allows them to balance out their lives and better function in society.

4: Control:

Some members feel an expressed need to control the model, while not engaging themselves too profoundly. Applying this in real life would often bee a too powerful experience for them. So they would rather do it through a webcam

In conclusion: To understand the success of videochat, we must understand our audience. At first, you may be tempted to see them as a select few fetishists. Who are too scared to fulfill their fantasies in real life. And are somehow oblivious to free internet porn. In reality, videochat is thriving because it panders to a blanket of members vaster than you could imagine: the everyday man, living a balanced life, with a somewhat broken heart, who needs to share his deepest mostly positive emotions in a way that could heal him, without complicating his private life or making him feel guilty, so that he could heal himself and help somebody make a living.

The videochat member is less like the trenchcoated pervert in a back alley. And more like the nice guy leaving the cute waitress a generous tip.

This article is written by Tjeezers, one of the top affiliates for Livejasmin since 2007


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