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by Webcam News | Jul 3, 2018

The LittleRedBunny That Keeps Going And Going And…

The Energizer Bunny With Her Own Academy LittleRedBunny is a foxy redhead and you can see her live on Jasmin.  Her chat room it’s like an…

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The Energizer Bunny With Her Own Academy

LittleRedBunny is a foxy redhead and you can see her live on Jasmin.  Her chat room it’s like an online speakeasy where people hang out in order to have a good time, relax and socialize not only with her but with other guests as well. Having a background in ballet and yoga is reflected in her free chat, mixing the art of teasing and eroticism in a classy way while entertaining her visitors with her witty humor. Her adventure in the adult industry started in 2009. Read more about her and find out what is she up to.

WCN: You are so successful now and not only as a cam model but you also have LittleRedBunnyAcademy going on and so many other projects. How did it all start?

LRB: After five years of hiding in my little Bunny Hole online, I eventually got nominated for best camgirl at the inaugural Sex Awards, then at the AVN Award’s first year having the Favorite Camgirl category as well (which I won both). Being nominated is what triggered me to get out, be present at events and have my first experience with the media.

From the wins came a need to create and invest in having a website and logo and so on. Afterwards, I was very active at doing interviews and articles with both adult and mainstream media. I always reflected a lot about the industry and what I do, but I then had an opportunity to put the ideas in my head into words and share it with others. My mission was not to promote myself but use my new position and platform to bring our industry into a brighter light and demystify what it’s about and how it differs from the porn industry.

Then it went on with other award shows and summits in Europe, like the AW Summit’s Awards, the Live Cam Awards, The European Summit, YNOT Awards, the Bucharest Summit Awards, LalEXPO, and others.

I wanted to expand my abilities by participating on panels, sharing knowledge with others and being able to meet more people in the industry and learn from them as well. At all these events I created good friendships and being able to share ideas and experiences with so many other people from many different facets of the industry is, for me, very stimulating. I am a very creative person and am always interested in taking part in new projects or create new ones (I seem to never be able to just settle down, to be honest). In the last few years, I wanted to be more involved in the industry and add my own unique touch, since I felt I had the opportunity due to the reputation and respect I’ve gained over the years.

The idea of my LittleRedBunnyAcademy been a work in progress for few years and got officially launch in 2017 in Colombia at LaLexpo. It came from a need I saw in the industry.  A lot of models and studios were asking me advice and sharing issues they have and I realized if it could be beneficial for me to share my knowledge and experience with others in the industry to make their jobs easier and potentially more profitable, I would be more than happy to do so. I wish to help people enjoy even more the job they are doing, while also making their life easier and more successful at what they do.

I find it gratifying to have a part in the growth of the industry as well as the bonding of the community and increasing the quality of life of performers and the ones who manage models as well.

WCN: What is the best aspect of this business?

LRB: One of the most gratifying things is to regularly hear I make people feel better. And no it’s not just in a sexual way! Sometimes people are having a rough day or a hard time in their life and for them to tell me that even just seeing me online, smile, being my cheerful self or having a conversation with me helps them through these tough times is one of the best things I could hear. It feels really good to know you can contribute to one’s well-being in any way, and as online performers, we have this ability and I try to use it as much as I can.

I also find it very stimulating having interactions with people all around the world. Meeting all kinds of people from diverse cultures and on so many levels allowed me to grow as a person and I feel very privileged to have this opportunity.

Then I would say independence is a great aspect, and if you manage to do well, you can earn quite well. To be honest, though, it is proportional to the number of hours AND quality of work you put in.


WCN: What is your view on the cam industry in general?

LRB: I believe the industry is still quite young and fresh, and it bloomed very fast and keeps doing so. It is filled with very smart and thriving professionals, eager to make it grow and reach the full potential the industry has to offer. The community is somehow still not as big as you would expect but it still has quite a tight togetherness which I like a lot. The competition has increased, which is great as it makes the people and the companies refine themselves while stimulating creativity and increases the level of professionalism in general, I believe. Competition is good when it’s used in a constructive way to better ourselves.

WCN: What are the biggest challenges you are facing in your job?

LRB: Well, it depends if you mean as a cam model or me growing beyond being on cam as a business person in the industry. The challenges are quite different.

As a camgirl, I would say I am truly personally connected with my visitors. Many became close friends and while it comes with a lot of good things, there are also some harder times to deal with. When something negative happens to one of them, it can affect me personally on an emotional level.

Also, we all can have hard days or long bad stretches, and like most, I can often question myself (which is not bad and can be needed and constructive) yet sometimes you take things as personal failures when it is, in fact, something you have no control over. It’s often hard to distinguish and you have to fight this dark cloud hanging over your head and just keep focusing at doing the best you can with what you can control.

As a businesswoman, while still being a full-time camgirl is another challenge. I am still working daily 10-12 hours and I find it quite hard managing my time between online and offline business. Not just my schedule, but also my mindset. I go from the mood of performing to getting things done here and there, having the meetings I need to have, lots of “to do” lists to make sure I don’t forget anything and trying to get everything done on time between me and my business partner. There is a little bit of juggling going on there in my brain and with my time, in addition of having to deal with all the different time zones, other people I work with are in.

On a totally different note, I don’t want to generalize because there are many that respect me a lot for everything I have done and continue to do, but there are times that being recognized as a businesswoman and for our potential and abilities can be challenging (and maybe sometimes harder in this industry) and even more so when you have been “just” a camgirl, and even worse if you still actively are one.

Yet I do my things because I feel like I have to do them and that is what matters.  I also have a strong circle of friends and professionals surrounding me that know all I have accomplished on my own for years and how it grew to the point to now work with my partner the last few years. They understand and support me in all I do. I am also optimistic that it will only change for the better. There are gradually more women doing business in the industry and as we have most likely now passed the first generation of camgirls, I see that a few (former) camgirls are orienting themselves in being involved into the business level of the industry instead of departing it into a different field of work.

WCN: Do you set yourself minimum earnings for the day/night before signing off?

LRB: No, and in fact, I barely ever look how my night is going financially. It is mostly how fast the time is going by depending of the amount of fun I have, the people visiting me and the level of energy I have throughout the night which varies with the balance of free chat versus private chat and the length and what type these private chats are.

WCN: How did you manage in all these years to keep your clients and also make new ones?

LRB: I think I started by being genuine and keeping my integrity. This leads to people who would truly appreciate me, and this naturally kept them close to me as I’m also very personal with all my visitors. To be honest, at first, I was being insulted constantly by studios and models visiting my room and saying how much I would fail from all the esthetic aspects of my room; my style, lighting, music, my look, my figure and so on. But I just kept true to myself and never tried to go on with the tricks and trends that was working for others or on other cam sites. I guess it worked out for me.

WCN: What advice would you give to models who after few bad days online want to quit?

LRB: Well to be honest, contrary to what many thinks, it is NOT for everybody. This job requires certain skills, to be quite open-minded and comfortable with yourself and your sexuality. It’s still possible to eventually do well even if you are not fully this way yet if you are interested to learn to go in this direction.

To me, you only know it’s truly not a place for you once you are willing to give it a fair try. So, it does require patience and you have to give yourself a chance to learn and get comfortable with the medium and dynamics that are going on. If it’s not for you, I think we all have natural instincts which will tell if it’s not working out and we should look for something else.

So it’s a combination of not letting go easily, be willing to take a challenge and be open to new opportunities while at the same time having self-respect. It’s hard to explain it generally as I think the reasons for some who wish to quit quickly vary from one person to another and those specifics could fully change my answer.

WCN: How important is social media for cam models?

LRB: I do believe for most models, especially if they are already familiar and comfortable with social media should do the most they can. Even more so if they are not working online too much, it can only help because it brings you more visibility, can potentially attract visitors to your chatroom and it also allows you to build a stronger connection with your existing members. To be honest, I did not have any social media for my first five years as a cam model, but times change and having a presence there became almost mandatory. Using social media also allows you to promote if you have offline content that you can monetize.

Now there is also a way with some social media to monetize by simply sending text, pictures, and photos so models would get to make money while not broadcasting. If they post a lot and are good at it and grow a decent fan base, it can turn into a considerable income.

WCN: What Social Media platform do you mainly use?

LRB: There are so many now and it takes quite some time to be present on all. I focus on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I did try Snapchat a little and did not get the hang of it to be honest. Lol. I do already regularly spend a lot of hours online and also working on my projects, so I had to decide where to focus and optimize my time with my personal priorities.

WCN: What are your future plans and do you consider to quit being a cam girl?

LRB: I rarely have long-term plans. Usually, I just thrive on the moment while keeping my eyes and mind open when I see opportunities presenting themselves to me. I follow my instincts and inspiration to keep it stimulating while growing myself as a person and as part of the industry.

Also, I think that I have much more to offer than what I’ve been known for and been doing so far. I do wish my new projects will keep going and some to maybe expand. (Like my LittleRedBunny Academy, LittleRedBunny Cocktail Hours at summits, Spotlight Awards, Studio Tours and Finger the Winner Game during some awards).

My main focus is still performing live, without an idea as when I will quit or do it less, while continuing to grow my LittleRedBunny Academy which offers consulting for models, studios, trainers and platforms. I would wish to keep representing the industry in the media as much as I’ve been doing the past few years or even more so. The rest is unknown, yet there are always tons of ideas in my head. But I surely wish it will only go in the best direction possible as I keep doing the most I can. I wish I could find a way to discover how to get more hours in the day to do all I wish to do! I often get way too ambitious!

You can find me on social media here:

For more information about my LittleRedBunny Academy and how to contact me if interested:

And I have my 2 websites. has many posts, videos, pictures, articles and links to all the things I’ve done and places I am going or am at. is my second website has many posts in the blog too, for food and drink recipes, and also naughty videos and pictures people can buy a monthly membership to view all the content or purchase one set of pictures or video individually as they wish 🙂