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Alessiass from Livejasmin

WebCam News: What’s your model name? How would you describe yourself?

  • Hi there…I’m AlessiaSs and i am an really sweet, funny and full o life girl.I love to laugh all the time.

WebCam News: What made you start working as a cam girl and when did that happen?

  • At first i was really curios to see if all that i have heard is real.I have never thought that you can make money on this job.I started about 6 months ago.alessiass

WebCam News: How did it feel when you did your first ever live cam show?

  • I am not a very shy girl. For me it was not very frightening, i was just very curios to see how it is. It was really great for my fist day online.

WebCam News: Tell us about the things that you like the most about webcam modeling…

  • I really like that i am in the center of attention and a lot of guys compliments me and that makes me feel really good and more confident in me.Seems like i am very special.

WebCam News:  What do you think is your specialty?

  • I can make my members really laugh. I make them feel really special. I compliment them and i am really careful with them. I love to know that they are feeling great with me.

         Do you use any sex toys? If yes, which one and why?

  • No i don’t use toys. I don’t like them and i don’t use.alessiass

WebCam News: What makes you different?

  • I am different because i have patience with my members. Even if they make me mad, i smile. I don’t get upset that easy.

WebCam News: Is it possible to make a living out of chatting and stripping?

  • Really until i work in this area i thought that the sums that i heard from other girl are just in their heads but when i started working i said that girls wore right about all that means this job.

WebCam News: How would you describe your fans, what is it that they want to see?

  • I have fans that all they want is to talk about them and their life and other fans what show. They like me to give them the maximum pleasure.

WebCam News: What turns you on and what makes you just want to turn the camera off?

  • I like intelligent, funny and romantic men.I like that kind of men because i really can know them better before i start the show. The talk really help me to know them and what they what to see in my private show.IMG_6062

WebCam News: Share with us the most interesting moment that you can remember as a model?

  • The most interesting moment was when i had in my room a girl. At first i was really scared because i was not used to talk with girls. But after a few minutes i really wish she stay much longer.I felt like she really need a friend and even at this time we talk really often.

WebCam News: Do you have some plans when it comes to making your shows more innovative?

  • I keep in mind that my members want to see in my private shows and i try to make them happy.If they are happy i am happy to.

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