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by Irina Kings | Mar 8, 2018

Swallow or not to swallow ?

Swallow or not to swallow …. Swallow or not to swallow  is a question that many asked.. In this article i want to talk about…

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Swallow or not to swallow ….

Swallow or not to swallow  is a question that many asked.. In this article i want to talk about the benefits of semen.  And why you should swallow instead of spit.

When a woman goes down on a guy, she’s pretty much got two options. She can spit or she can swallow. Neither option is particularly “classy,” but we do the best with what we have. The thing is, though, we all know that men would prefer it if you swallowed. That’s what gets them going. We accept this fact, but why men want that? This article is not just about why men prefer you to swallow but also about the benefits of doing so.

It all comes down to intimacy when a woman swallows a guy’s semen. She’s elevating the sexual experience. Even when she’s only doing it to make him happy, she’s showing that she wants to expand this sexual encounter. She’s making it matter. Of course, men naturally respond to that positively, so the idea of her taking a part of him into her can be be an incredibly intimate experience.

When you swallow a guy’s ejaculate, you really couldn’t be any more intimate — at least not from a guy’s perspective. He’s well aware that his semen definitely has a specific smell and taste and texture, and the fact that you’re not only willing to drink it, but eager to drink it, triggers a connection between the two of you that couldn’t have been triggered under any other circumstances.

When giving a blowjob, is it better to spit or swallow? Why are you even asking that question? Of course it’s better to swallow! Swallowing always wins, hands down. Here are 5 reasons why ..

It’s nutritious:

Feeling like you want to stay in bed all day? Your energy levels are pretty messed up, then, so better increase them, agreed? You don’t need shots, coffee or something else. Just tell your man to get his penis out and let you suck on it till his juices trickle down your throat. Semen is full of protein, minerals and calcium, some fructose sugars and other nutrients. Healthy semen from a disease-free male is not only safe to eat, but is actually good for you.

Helps Depression:

New research in the scientific community has determined that consuming sperm can combat depression, due to hormones present in seminal fluids. Semen has cortisol and spermatozoa; together, they fight those dark feelings you may have from time to time (or every day). Bio-psychologist Gordon G. Gallup Jr., believes semen functions to improve a woman’s mood.

Good for Skin:

Wrinkles are a woman’s worst enemy. That being said, better cut back on your anti-aging products  and ingest some semen instead. Many spas and salons across the world have integrated semen into their treatments on the basis that it will lead to healthier hair and more youthful skin. These treatments however, are pricey; Hari’s salon in England charges £55 for a 45 minute hair conditioning treatment with bull sperm. However, your man’s semen is free  and you won’t have bad side effects . The  sperm  contains  zinc and spermidine.  They serve vital roles in cell survival and, are two very efficient partners in making you age more slowly.

Natural painkiller:

The tyrosine (plus Dopamine and beta-endorphins) found in semen has another awesome advantage.  It works as a natural painkiller. Pain will be chased away after you get some of that sweet cum in your system, thanks to the three chemicals which produce adrenaline.

 Prevent preeclampsia:

Semen  is proven to  prevent preeclampsia, which is a condition during pregnancy wherein your blood pressure gets really high. A study found that swallowing semen is correlated to a lower risk of preeclampsia. Basically, when you have a bun in the oven, your body decides to tolerate a foreign thing inside you so your immune system won’t attack your growing baby. In people who develop preeclampsia, some researchers posit that this tolerance has failed and your immune system is attacking your fetus. Based on this hypothesis, it’s not just any semen you should be swallowing, but the semen of the person who co-made your baby.