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by Irina Kings | Mar 15, 2018

Pornhub launches sex education service

Pornhub Wants to Teach You About Sex. Pornhub has launched an education service offering advice on how to enjoy a healthy and happy sex life. The “Pornhub Sexual…

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Pornhub Wants to Teach You About Sex.

Pornhub has launched an education service offering advice on how to enjoy a healthy and happy sex life. The “Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center”  covers topics ranging from basic anatomy, sexually transmitted diseases as well as basic reproductive health. The site is divided into a few different categories.

The section titled “Get Healthy.”

In this section  are three main topics that contain useful information such as reproductive health, STDs, and “Your Body.” Each of these topics contain different articles to help educate you on how your body can be healthy. In the section specifically for STDs, you can find articles about Genital Warts, Yeast Infections, HPV, etc. Not only do these articles list how you can check your body to see if you have one these infections.  But, they also list ways to prevent you from getting them and what to do if you are infected. Another great informational section is titled “Your Body” and has articles about the female and male reproduction anatomy and also an entire section about being transgender.

The section titled “Sexuality” features a Sex Q&A by Dr. Laurie and other sections about sex in general.

While this is just a small list of articles about Sexual Education, the site is currently growing and most importantly…IT’S FREE. Another great feature the website offers is that a person can send in a question to Dr. Laurie and all they would need is an e-mail. You can also enter your email to subscribe and always get updates when new articles have been added to the Sexual Wellness Center.

The most important thing a person can do if they want to become sexually active or already are sexually active is to be educated about their body and sex. That is why this website is so important. While teenagers might not be getting the proper education they need about sex in school or at home, they can turn to this website and educate themselves. The best part is that they can do it in the comfort of their own home and get completely accurate information from a professional.

Global Audience.

Pornhub claims a number of doctors, therapists and other experts will be on hand to offer advice and answer questions. Sex therapist and radio host and director of the sex education website, Dr. Laurie Betito, described the potential to connect with Pornhub’s estimated 70 million daily visitors as a “dream”.

“Heading the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center is an opportunity to reach a global audience and provide a source for healthy sexual education and dialogue. I’m very excited for the amazing work I have partnered to accomplish,” she said.

Porn is many people’s first exposure to real sex. And while it can teach you how to put a penis into a vagina….  It can’t teach you about things like practicing safe sex and how to talk to your partner about sex and consent. The center won’t just focus on beginners, though. All the information will appeal to anyone looking for credible expert-backed sex tips and health information. Pornhub’s database will build up to include various topics over time.  So if you find your way to the site, drop Dr. Laurie that awkward question you never had the guts to ask your dad.