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Brandon Ackerman – The Youngest Porn King Ever

The porn business was a tough business for Brandon Seabrook Ackerman (23) to break into. He had to go through many obstacles and adversity in order to become the successful businessman he is today. His life is a testament to the prosperity one can achieve if they dedicated themselves to attaining what they want out of life. This is his story.

brandon-ackermanFor Brandon Ackerman to succeed in an already established industry, such as the adult entertainment industry, was no easy trick that happened overnight. To break through into that world would take him years of concentrated effort. Such a feat could only be made harder if your starting point happens to be while you are stranded some 6,000 miles away from where you grew up, far from anything that was familiar to you and after the death of a parent. Brandon did face adversity and hardships, however, his will to succeed is what has kept him going and attained him many victories in the game of life.

Brandon Ackerman’s story begins in Richmond Virginia. He was born there in December of 1991, and spent most of his childhood in Richmond. He lived with his father, who was a great wildlife enthusiast. Because of this, he was exposed to various animals from a young age. He had an almost instant connection with them, and this passion would follow him through his entire life. As he was younger, he got into some trouble in his middle school days. He got expelled for marijuana possession and had to do community service. What made things worse for his home life was his father’s increasingly unpredictable nature due to abuse of hard drugs. However, things had to get worse before they got better for Brandon.

After a 10-month stint in a private academy in 2007, he was forced to relocate to the Philippines due to his father’s wishes to move there and marry a female veterinarian, which he did do. No teenager likes moving and leaving their lives behind, but moving across an ocean, where everything is different, from the language to the culture, is an ordeal which would be difficult for anyone to deal with. Still, the chaos introduced into Brandon’s life by his father would come to an abrupt end in 2009. Namely, his father fell ill after a mosquito bite, he had contracted dengue fever and sadly perished from it. Seventeen years old, thousands of miles away from everything he had ever known, and now his father had passed away. It would be an understatement to say this was a low point, but it would prove to be a necessary turning point in Brandon’s journey to becoming one of the most important people in the sweet sin industry.sin-city

The path of a porn king began with one step

As Brandon was in need of cash, he made his first foray in the porn business as a teenager. It was sometime after his father’s funeral that he was talking to one of his best friends, and a future business partner, when the topic of extra cash came up. His friend was as an affiliate in the adult entertainment industry, where his job was essentially a salesman with a cut from every membership he would sell. Brandon’s friend got him started and on his second day he made the first sale, and had made a small step on a long journey he had no way of knowing where it was going to take him. Not only that, but he dedicated himself to the job and eventually even became a top seller in the entire affiliate network business. But, that really wasn’t enough. He was always thinking, it’s how he got ahead. Once he learned the affiliate business and became a top seller, he also figured out how to make more cash for himself and not just for the webmasters that he was working for.

What followed in Brandon’s life is proof positive that success follows dedication. As he acquired more knowledge, he expanded his business. From a salesman, Brandon had moved on to become an owner of multiple call centers. He used them to market his own adult products. This was a very successful endeavor as he created his own affiliate network. The success earned Brandon his first million which was, of course, cause for celebration.

“I remember it like it was yesterday. We had a party that filled up two of the best hotels in the Philippines (Manila Pen and Shangri-la).”

The bill for the celebration with all of the drinks, rooms, etc came up to around $300,000 and this is something he will remember for a long time. But, success had presented him with new problems. Greedy business partners, false friends, multiple robberies where just to name a few things that were disrupting his life at that time. It had caused him to take pause and reevaluate things. Brandon decided to take a break, he had closed his affiliate network and took a step away from the porn business for a couple of years.

The way back home is long and hard, but it’s profitable

Time had passed and he was still in contact with people in the porn biz. One day he had met a highly skilled webmaster that showed him the other side of the rabbit hole in the adult entertainment world. While being married to a pornstar himself, Brandon’s new friend was connected to the porn making part of the industry. This webmaster got him interested in getting back into porn as he saw more potential for success. Brandon made his way back to the USA after spending years in the Philippines. He worked even closer with the webmaster once he had come back to the US in what he saw as his future. Movie production and licensing. It was the next logical step. With this, he would place himself as a necessary part in a much bigger machine that is the world of porn.

But, there were setbacks. He was about 21 years old when he was trying to break through into this part of the industry. To get into the game, you would need to do business with the porn veterans. As he was young, the veterans weren’t too keen on letting the new kid on the block into their lucrative business. There was simply no trust and many just didn’t want to take a risk on Brandon. However, thanks to his experience in sales and some advice from his friends, he had learned some valuable lessons which did lead him to success.

“I’ve learned that I need to just be myself. Be cautious when meeting new powerful businessmen. And always leave an impression that they will think and talk about all day long.”

This proved to be sound advice as Brandon Ackerman did make it into the licensing business and it did bring him huge brandon ackerman geeksuccess. At one point, he even had 15 million in the bank. But, as the saying goes, two things are certain in life, and one of them is taxes. As a young and successful businessman, he lacked some experience with making the money work for you part. Some tax issues had come up with and he was made to pay some heavy fines, also he made some bad investments. One such investment was made bad by Mother Nature herself. He had invested in one of the largest zoos in the Philippine islands that got hit by typhoon Ondoy, which wiped out all of the animals in it. Thankfully, those were just bumps in the road that Brandon had to hit along the way.

The perks and responsibilities at the top of the porn world

An undeniable law of success is that it always comes with a price. The difference between people who are successful and unsuccessful lies in the willingness to pay that price. Brandon had to pay tolls time and time again. And not just the tireless hours of learning new things and acquiring businesses, or the tax hits he took. Spending the years he did in front of computer screens, sometimes for 18 hours straight, has just about made him legally blind. This is why heusually sets up multiple large screens as part of his office, like the one in his US office. By doing this, he can do his video editing, server management, programming and monitor most of his business deals from one workstation at the same time. Also with the wealth and success you gain, you also earn enemies, haters, and so on. People wanting to just bring you down because you’ve become more successful than they are… Not all of the perks of being good at what you do are welcomed perks.

But it’s not all bad. Since Brandon Ackerman is a busy businessman who has to go to meetings and regulate his empire, he gets driven to meetings or to the airport in a limo or his favorite Cadillac. Through many years of hard work, he has become the largest content provider and porn producer in The United States.brandon on the phone

“I have built an empire acquiring certain content rights from DVD companies, studios and producers to make deals with the biggest businessmen in the entire industry.”

As the middleman, people who run pay sites or streaming sites have to buy or license content from Brandon’s company in order to keep their porn business going. While he used to be more involved into directing and content making, he is now more into meetings, closing deals and maintaining the other aspects of his business. One such aspect is making sure that people honor the copyright laws and don’t use his content for free. It’s a daily battle with no end in sight, given that the internet is such a huge place and the real world has a lot of greedy people.

“When fighting against these thieving companies it could be a very ugly process which requires lawyers, collection agencies, various DMCAs and take down notices being sent daily.”

As he was the head content guy for, he has a good reputation with many top pornstars. Some he even has monthly dinners with, others he only meets when they need to do business with them. As his current empire Content Licensing LLC is made up of several companies, covering everything from production to distribution, Brandon’s work now supports not only him and his family but also over 500 other people. These would include web designers, programmers, pornstars, sales and support agents, producers and many others. If it wasn’t for his company thousands of websites and other content providers would simply go under. There’s no telling how many lives it could affect if that happened. The company works with pretty much all the important players in the porn business, Playboy, Insane Media, Pornhub, Youporn, Mr Skin, are just a few of their clients.

Brandon Limo

Given his current workload, Brandon’s wife is now in charge of producing the movies, and they make a great team. He is happily married since the age of 21, and family is an important part of his life. If he is not working on his empire, he spends time working on his other passion which is exotic animals. He likes to breed them and sell them to wildlife parks, zoos and such. Brandon likes to take his family along to these meetings as he wants to spend as much time with his wife and 2-year-old son as possible. A fun fact is that he especially loves exotic birds, and at one point he even spent $50,000 on a pair of exotic birds.

What does the future hold for a porn king?

brandon ackerman businessmanThrough his time in the porn world, Ackerman has seen and experienced many things. The bad side of people, their avarice, their unwillingness to do honest business and trust one another… However, it has also shown him the opposite in the form of his friends and close business partners. The people that stuck with him throughout the years. Though he has his porn empire, and wildlife breeding business and even a tattoo studio, he sees himself as being devoted to his family and animals. While his porn business is allowing him to have all these other businesses on the side, he would like to eventually retire to his wildlife business. Then he would focus on breeding the extremely endangered animals and doing everything in his power to preserve as many of them as possible.

“I don’t want to imagine what the Earth is going to be like 40 years from now. But I can assure you that I think a lot of animals are going to go extinct in the wild and what species do exist will be the ones in captivity.”

On his long journey to becoming the success he now is, Brandon Ackerman was never in it just for the money. It was the reason he got into it, but for him personally it was putting all of his will into succeeding in every endeavor he had started. In his work, he learned to give 110% to everything and anything no matter how big or small it is. And that iron will is what would eventually bring him to material and personal success. Brandon Ackerman has overcome much and accomplished even more, one can only imagine what he will accomplish in the future.

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Wednesday, 10/07/2015 | 07:31:41 UTC at 07:31:41 Reply

OMG this has to be the funnest shit I have ever read, Don’t you guys do a fact check? Go to and look this rip off artist up

Sunday, 10/11/2015 | 01:33:13 UTC at 01:33:13

Hey I have been following your drama with him for quite some time ong gfy. You are a bad person afterhoursstudios

Wednesday, 05/17/2017 | 12:40:37 UTC at 12:40:37

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Alfonzo Baskinovichkinovshy
Wednesday, 10/07/2015 | 07:49:50 UTC at 07:49:50 Reply

THIS is THE funniest thing I have ever read.

Wednesday, 10/07/2015 | 17:11:11 UTC at 17:11:11 Reply

Porn King???? Wow!!!

I’m guessing Brandon owns this site in some way…

Uri Crews
Wednesday, 03/23/2016 | 14:41:45 UTC at 14:41:45

Brandon is one of the coolest people anyone of you would want to meet. Actually bumped into the Porn King and I never wouldve known he’s who he is in the industry. Very positive down to earth dude. He did tell me to tell the haters on here to suck his balls…….LMAO

Eric Green
Wednesday, 10/07/2015 | 20:08:19 UTC at 20:08:19 Reply

Brandon Ackerman is a big time crook/thief. Stay away from him at all costs. Whoever wrote this article is completely lost and has no clue.

Johnny Love
Wednesday, 10/07/2015 | 22:16:15 UTC at 22:16:15 Reply

Hilarious, time wasting entertainment.

Eric Green
Wednesday, 10/07/2015 | 23:07:28 UTC at 23:07:28 Reply

That’s what I thought. What a joke.

Alexis Truman
Thursday, 10/08/2015 | 20:06:23 UTC at 20:06:23 Reply

he makes me want to work hard now!!!!

Friday, 10/09/2015 | 17:22:59 UTC at 17:22:59 Reply

When I read this, I envision the horrible Dirk Diggler documentary that’s part of the movie Boogie Nights. But with this douchebags face instead.

Sunday, 10/11/2015 | 01:37:34 UTC at 01:37:34 Reply

My experience working with Brandens company went smooth. He helped me make some site designs and i bought content and even set me up with a paxum account so I could pay affiliates in other countries

Wednesday, 05/17/2017 | 12:35:05 UTC at 12:35:05

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Sunday, 10/11/2015 | 13:30:38 UTC at 13:30:38 Reply

Perfect for the Onion or the malcontents at gfy

Relli Bett
Tuesday, 10/13/2015 | 00:59:03 UTC at 00:59:03 Reply

I remember this guy from our islands with his dad in traffic business he buy us pizza and drink lots of cobra energy drink ahahaha fun times

Tuesday, 10/13/2015 | 17:25:53 UTC at 17:25:53 Reply

This is fucking ridiculous, which one of his 3rd world goons wrote this shit and who did he point to this page to try to scam this time?..

@Relli Bett: That was stolen pizza and drinks, fun times..

Brett Link
Sunday, 10/25/2015 | 00:46:42 UTC at 00:46:42 Reply

I had no idea that Brandon was also in the adult industry. I did a search on Bing and got this article while trying to find his contact information again. A few years ago he sold me an online casino and everything went great. Made a ton of money and even resold it for more than what I paid for it. I also have done my research on GFY and he seems like a legit business man since there isn’t anyone who can post the proof.

Wednesday, 05/17/2017 | 12:20:31 UTC at 12:20:31

What a cool amaneicb. Very unique design and idea! I’m sure this is a big hit to teens and adults. :) I would love to try it out someday. I wish they have a branch over here in italy. I would defo hang out there often. :)

David Moor
Sunday, 10/25/2015 | 00:53:44 UTC at 00:53:44 Reply

Hi, i know Brandon for a while now, he’s a good guy not a bad guy, did business with him, and will continue to do so, you people are haters, because you don’t have his success, he’s also doing everything legally, isn’t that enough for you guys?


Tuesday, 10/27/2015 | 03:38:59 UTC at 03:38:59 Reply

His favorite Caddy? You mean the busted up one that can’t get down the street? If he’s such a porn king then why is he living in Richmond still with no furniture and no a/c? This article is a joke.

Wednesday, 05/17/2017 | 12:16:11 UTC at 12:16:11

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Tuesday, 10/27/2015 | 04:27:40 UTC at 04:27:40 Reply

So because Brandon followed his dreams and made all these choices to take care of his self and his family its fake? Do any if you people know him? Take it from someone who has known his since middle school he’s an amazing person that would give you the shirt of his back and his last dollar. He loves his family more then anything and does whatever to take care of them. It makes me sick to see so many people bashing over someone’s having an amazing life for themselves an NO HE DIDN’T PAY ME TO SAY THIS!!!!! Keep it up Brandon you have true friends here for you always :)

kae konflict
Sunday, 11/22/2015 | 04:24:46 UTC at 04:24:46 Reply

I remember when Brandon used to do live shows with howard stern on ebaumsworld chat!!! This guy only has lucky.. but he is a cool guy not going to lie. I do some work with him from time to time. Does anyone have his new Skype?

Brandon Ackerman
Thursday, 12/17/2015 | 23:03:04 UTC at 23:03:04

contact information:

Skype- Pingpole
ICQ- 645244357
Phone- 8049722431
E-mail: [email protected]

deez nuts
Friday, 01/08/2016 | 09:55:56 UTC at 09:55:56 Reply

What a wacko. Nice read tho

Pussy eater
Tuesday, 01/26/2016 | 13:40:19 UTC at 13:40:19 Reply

He has hot models available for exclusive stuff.

Samie wrong
Tuesday, 01/26/2016 | 14:37:09 UTC at 14:37:09 Reply

So this guy might have my porn

Wednesday, 02/03/2016 | 18:57:23 UTC at 18:57:23 Reply

I can see him having a movie in the future

Smart Serinity
Thursday, 02/25/2016 | 20:19:14 UTC at 20:19:14 Reply

I want this guy to do dirty things to me

Monday, 03/07/2016 | 23:55:32 UTC at 23:55:32 Reply

Wow this is funny. At one point he had $15,000,000 in the bank? I would seriously be surprised if he had $150.

Saturday, 03/26/2016 | 12:12:26 UTC at 12:12:26 Reply

i use to see this guy on ebaumsworld everyday lol

Wednesday, 05/17/2017 | 12:27:11 UTC at 12:27:11 Reply

for the link.The mainstream media in Israel only delivers news about how much we are hated in Denmark, or videos of pro-Arab demonstrations (they always fail to mention if the protesters are ArTrt/aubks/esc. themselves), so every bit of information helps.

Wednesday, 08/23/2017 | 21:12:23 UTC at 21:12:23 Reply

Built to last ’till years roll back
Our couch perched in the sky
Show me something different,
Or something built to try

Ali C
Tuesday, 09/05/2017 | 08:03:50 UTC at 08:03:50 Reply

I follow him on Instagram. Cool lifestyle. Always like positive people

Super P Productions
Friday, 11/17/2017 | 03:45:12 UTC at 03:45:12 Reply

Brandon Ackerman just married the PORNSTAR ARIES ACKERMAN :) Good for him!!!!

Saturday, 12/02/2017 | 02:00:34 UTC at 02:00:34 Reply

This guy preys on porn noobs

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