The Latin American Summit

The Latin American Summit

Ready to have fun while developing and expending your online adult business? Well, you should really check out The Latin American Summit. The Latin American Summit, or shortly TLAS, is the perfect event where you can meet with other peers of your niche, but also the top flight live adult entertainment investors and industry leaders. The Latin American Summit is sponsored by some of the biggest live cam companies, who are also sending their representatives to give speeches and put people up to date with the latest changes of this adult niche. If you want to play in the big league, this is where you learn how. Check out the rest of this article to find out more about The Latin American Summit.

When and Where?

Before we dive into what The Latin American Summit can offer, let’s see when and where all fun takes place. Because the Live Adult Industry is a quite exotic one, what other location for such a convention could the organizers chose other than Cancun, Mexico. The congress will take place at the Me Hotel, an excellent location at the extremity of the Yucatan peninsula, with a beach gazing over the Caribbean Sea. This venue comes with all-inclusive accommodation for a very fair price. If you want to hit two birds with one stone and have an exotic vacation while working on your online business, this is surely an event worth attending. The Latin American Summit will be held between 14th and 17th June. Make sure the dates are free in your calendar and book your place right now.


There are 4 days of fun and learning at The Latin American Summit. The first and the last days come with a chill program. There’s a welcome party and a farewell brunch, offered by the sponsors of the event. However, the second and third day of TLAS are filled with activities, talks, seminars and workshops for all branches of the online adult business. The majority of the information can be applied in the general market, but some of the knowledge is focused on the Latin American sector. Besides technical knowledge that can be very useful for a web developer, the summit also offers info regarding the trends of the adult content. You can learn about all aspects of the online adult business, from script setups and site SEO to mobile apps, affiliation programs, payment methods and traffic exchange. If you want to really get in the adult game, this is the ground zero of the Latin America playfield. You will leave with the know-how needed to make it this year. But the schedule and the talks are not the only things that matter in this summit. What’s just as important is the opportunity of forming connections and partnerships with professionals just like you. You can collaborate with individuals who understand your business, so that you could say goodbye to partners from hell. Amongst the attendees of The Latin American Summit you can find partners in all the aspects of the adult business and solutions from the front to the back end of your site or app.


Although representatives from many sites and companies will be there to offer workshops and talks on trends and solutions in today’s adult business, there will be 12 main speakers at this edition of The Latin American Summit. I am not going to list you their names and the companies their reprezent here, because all this info can be found on the event’s official website. However, I can tell you what domains of activity in the adult niche they represent. You will learn more about the following aspects of the online adult business: content, models, hosting, traffic brooking, affiliate programs, payment processing, digital marketing and mobile technologies. These are also the main aspects of the adult online business. Any webmaster or entrepreneur who wants to make some sweet porn money online really needs all the info available at this summit.


Multiple companies are sponsoring this event. The main sponsor of The Latin American Summit is ImLive. They are the market leaders in that part of the world, and it’s in their best interest to help the Latin America adult affiliates grow and prosper. But besides the fact that the event was made possible by the big companies, the little guys can also become sponsors of this event. Of course, with any sponsorship you can use the event to advertise your company and services.

The Latin American Summit sells advertisement space all over the venue. Sponsorship packages start from $900 and can go up to $7.000. Depending on your budget, you can put your logo and message anywhere from wristbands and registration desk to big banners at the main parties where everyone will attend. The Latin American Summit was made possible with the help of the industry leaders, while also involving the little guys.

Is it for you?

No matter if your targeted audience is in Latin America or not, you can surely learn a thing or two about the adult industry from this summit, especially if you activate into the Cam Chat Business. Another strong reason for which you should book a ticket for The Latin American Summit is the chance to have some fun in Cancun with fellow webmasters and other professionals who activate in the same domain as you do. Most of the businesses are involving online partners and colleagues, so there are not so many chances of meeting people with a similar job. It’s time to mix business with pleasure and travel to Cancun and attend The Latin American Summit. You and your business will surely gain something from this experience.

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