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As you know already, most of the porn on the internet is free, and it’s free because of the help of the affiliates. Affiliates like you and many other, who are launching platforms upon platforms where users enjoy and share content day in and day out. That’s a lot of work, but in the same time, it’s a lot of money. Your work and the work of many others just like you is respected. Especially by the big companies with whom all affiliates are making business. All these companies are constantly organizing big events to both thank to all big affiliates, but also to use it as events during which they can spread new information and know-how about the adult industry of today.

One of those events is Affiliate World Asia, which will take place in 5-6 December in the beautiful and vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. This event is perfect for all the players in the adult affiliate game. Both affiliates and advertisers are invited to join a weekend of fun and learning in an exotic land. You still haven’t decided what you’ll do this winter? Forget about the gloomy European weather or the American craze of holyday shopping and book a plane ticket for Bangkok. This is a break from your day to day office life, but also an occasion to cease opportunities and create new business connection. The event offers opportunities for both affiliates and marketers. You can choose to join the fun as a ticket holder, or you can take things to a whole new level and become a sponsor. More than that, you can advertise your services and brands at the event’s market meeting, where you can buy one of the booths available for sale. AWA is one of the most promising events of the industry, especially since it’s held in Asia, a place that’s been booming in the last years. This is the perfect time to make money out of the Asian adult scene, so start learning more about it from Affiliate World Asia. Let’s take a look at the main features of Affiliate World Asia 2016 edition.


The core of the event are the invited speakers, who will give you some of the latest insights of the industry. The main two speakers this year are Christian Rudder and Alexander Willemsen. Christian is the founder and president of OkCupid, a company he sold for $50 back in 2011. He will come to talk about the truth behind sex and dating. He will also teach you how to use these truths in your marketing campaign, appealing to the human behind the computer and treating your audience as people, not simple numbers. On the other hand, Alexander Willemsen is an affiliate expert. He owns one of the biggest international affiliate company, which extends in seven countries. He will teach you how to apply data analysis into converting large audiences and generating a huge profit. Besides these two, Matthew Woodward will also be present at the event, and he will reveal the content blueprint he used to generate about half a million dollars in affiliate commissions. About 25 other professionals of the industry, from both the affiliate side and the advertising side of the game will be giving talks. You’ll meet there big players such as Alex Tsatkin, Daniel Gorin and Daniel Javor.

A couple of workshops are also scheduled. There will be a panel discussion planned, which mission is to reveal the mechanism behind the $50k/day affiliate money making machine. The topics this conference is trying to reach are quite interesting, and I know many of you can apply all this inside information in your business. Besides the learning experience, the organizers of the event have also planned parties and many fun activities meant to help the attendees mingle and get the things moving for new collaborations. All these talks and workshops will help you learn new things about the adult world, to pinpoint changes as they happen and predict the direction in which the industry is heading.


But the Affiliate World Asia is not an event that can only benefit affiliates. The event can also be a gold mine for the advertisers, and even for the companies that can offer services to all the affiliates that will attend the event. Becoming a sponsor of Affiliate World Asia is not expensive and it will bring you lots of benefits. Besides the on spot advertising, your company will become an official sponsor of this event’s brand, and be associated with it all over the internet. Three Diamond Patrnerships were put out for sale, and at the moment of writing this review of Affiliate World Asia two of them were sold. The Diamond Partnerships are sold for $85,000 a piece, and it buys you an official AWA sponsor, a speech on a main stage, exclusive event partnership and largest convention booth, and 10 company passes. There are two Network Drink Sponsorship Packages for $40,000 and four Additional Sponsorship that gives you flexibility to contribute with sums between $10,000 and $25,000.

If you don’t have the resources to advertise your company through the main features of the event, you can buy one of the booths sold for the market-type meeting of the event. Two types of boots are available, the Premium one, that comes for $14,000 and the Classic one for $6,999.

Get Your Affiliate World Asia Tickets Now

The tickets for AWA 2016 edition are still in Early Bird sale and they are way cheaper than they will be around November, when most of the attendees will choose to buy their tickets. If you like to plan your things way before they happen and you also want to save a bit of money on the AWA tickets, you should buy them now. Go on and book the tickets you need, reserve one of the booths or even become an official sponsor of the event.


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