Feb 21, 2018

Success means determination. The story of SereneSophie

SereneSophie success determination and a lot of motivation. Hello dear readers My Name is Sophie, and I am a cam girl working from my own home. I am 20 years young and I discovered a…

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SereneSophie success determination and a lot of motivation.

Hello dear readers

My Name is Sophie, and I am a cam girl working from my own home. I am 20 years young and I discovered a few years ago through overhearing a conversation about the phenomenon of being a live cam model. As soon as I heard them talking about this my ears were focused. It would have been handy if they threw some domain names in the air, but I was clueless about the whole subject on itself. It was time to investigate, and find out online what being a cam model is all about.

After a few evenings browsing I was loaded with a bunch of URL’s from studios and websites. All  promising me huge amounts of money. The feeling they gave me was funny.  In a way I felt that I was able to make my own luck and maybe it was true.  I might have been happy also with half of their promises.

My first adventure was in a studio that is very known and big.

They really told me I was not perfect looking for my age.  They noted my belly and told me that I might want to lose a few kilos before applying again. I went home with a very bad feeling. It is not that I think I am the most beautiful girl in the world, I know my place, but I did not like to feel judged on how I look. Suddenly I stopped thinking about modeling and took a break from the dreams that filled me with joy for only a few days.

Only a few weeks later I decided to hang out with my girls and go party in a nightclub. 4 of my besties joined me and we remained in one of the most expensive clubs and I see a beautiful woman chatting up girls and showing them a table, and I thought she was working for the club and asked her if she could fix us tables. She asked me who I was and why I asked her? After a few embarrassing lines I found out she was the manager of a Live Cam Studio and she was hanging out with all the models of this studio.  I raised my eyes, and noted more than 30 girls in glamorously clothes and drinking and dancing and having fun.

After a few moments of observation, I decided to talk to this woman and get more information about her studio. It took only a few moments and she took me privately in a corner and spoke and explained she was from BestStudios and are working online for Livejasmin, now that is the only name I have memorized since my search began and I knew that this lady would be able to help me.

Fast forward to a week later.

I was invited for an interview with Maria  Necula, the women whom I spoke to in the club surprised me. She has her own office and it was all so luxurious, she spoke to me and showed me around in the studio. I was stunned to see so much glamour and so much luxury in one building. A few days later I was prepping for my first show online. I was nervous but I wanted to try, I had created expectations and was not in the mood for another disappointment, so I went for it.

My first hour I was in the room, watching the room, taking each detail in my mind, and it was actually to compare with a luxury hotel room, all I wanted was there. I started to feel comfortable and Maria was helping me in the first days, she guided me, trained me in welcoming people, in finding out what they want to see and to learn how to give a perfect show in private.

To be honest, I am not a girl that likes to disappoint people, I am very brave and always try to give my best. My 5th day my room was filled with people, way too much. They all started to talk, fighting for attention. One person was shouted to by another man, and it gave me a panic feeling, I started to cry and we decided to give it a break for that night.

The following weeks after that I received the best guidance from Maria Necula, she has done all her best to make me feel good about myself and the work.

My first paycheck was a sensational feeling, I had money in my hands, and it was 5 times more then I am used to spending it in 1 month! I found my goal, more money, more sex, more passion, I felt like the ice broke away from my body. My soul started to open and I wanted to feel and discover that part of my life I never had time, SEX!

Months passed and I started to feel more and more confident. Maria and I agreed on the day of our start that I would be who I wanted to be, and not force anything. I am myself in the room since then. If I feel bad or have a little weak moment then you will be able to see it. I can not fake anything and I will never force it.

When I am logging out of my room I go straight to the Gym.  I go into sleep so good without unwinding myself, and can I say that I rediscovered masturbation as well?  Thanks to being a cam girl I am able to play with sex instead of feeling shame about this.  Knowing I come from a religious background, no one would respect or understand what I am doing.  I can not say it worries me, I am able to pay for my own house and bills. Last year I took a long holiday and all by my own.

We are now 2 years later.

I am almost 21, and I accomplished a lot. I still work with Maria.  She is one of the best managers I have had the pleasure to meet, and till the day of today, we are besties.  If I was not so brutal that night in the club to chat up with her I would never be here to tell you a little about myself.

What can You expect in my room? From 9 in the evenings till 6 in the mornings I am online. And it can be possible that I am in private, do not worry, go to my blog https://serenesophie.blogspot.com and browse my pictures. A few more things that I want to say.  If you are a guy who is browsing the rooms to chat, remember this…  We girls  are soft and gentle and we are also easy to disturb.  It would be nice if you are acting like gentlemen like we expect you to be. When you come in and shout commands in my room then you can understand I do not take you seriously and never will. You have one chance to make a good impression, use it in a good way.

Hoping to see you one day in my room talking with me.  I need your compliments and your gentle guidance to bring me to an orgasm. And  I will do the same for you. Lets do Cam 2 Cam!