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by Irina Kings | Aug 6, 2018

Jairin is offering you a night to remember.

Have you ever wondered what a camgirl, phonesex, virtual relationships, Skype Sex, WhatsApp Sex, virtual affair, virtual one-night-stand, sugar girl or online dating is about?…


Have you ever wondered what a camgirl, phonesex, virtual relationships, Skype Sex, WhatsApp Sex, virtual affair, virtual one-night-stand, sugar girl or online dating is about?

Welcome to my world! Those are so many services to offer, so I am here to explain them all to you.  I understand your deepest desires and needs. Your wife can’t reach my level. I’m a Princess in every way. I’m Jairin, 26 years young. I’m a blonde goddess with natural boobs 75D and petite body size of only 1.50 centimeters which include many sexy curves.

I speak English and German, and I’m a very educated and intelligent young female. I’m a real person and a virtual girlfriend for different sort of things, depending on your into.


Did you also question that one: “Why modern women are not any longer natural?”

Reason: “In past ages, women were at home and got everything provided by the man.” Therefore the man got all he wanted. Back then he was completely fulfilled. A man back then was more happy, too, right? Now the relationships changed, and happiness is a rare good between man and woman nowadays. Are you looking for an escape from this sad situation? Or are you looking for a fun and an uncomplicated affair? A secret virtual girlfriend could be the answer to all of your needs – Whatever they might be.

What a coincidence that this describes me perfectly. Would you like a real woman instead of the regular one who just pretends to be that by trying to behave like a diva? Even if you’re in a relationship or married, your girlfriend or wife never will know about it.

If you’re single, that is fine, too. You longing will tell us both to have an all-virtual relationship, affair or one night stand with each other. It depends on you what you’d be looking for. It is not betrayal at all. And it is no lie but reality, and it will be in real time.

Most asked question: how can it be that I would not betray my partner?

With me, you can experience this through the cam, phone or Whats App. With the comfort of your home. We can do it when your partner is not at home or anytime you’d like. I will give you what you need whenever you need me to. I’m the girlfriend with devil horns, I can give you heaven, and I can give you hell.

I make addicted, and I’m addicted to affection. You can’t live without appreciation and money. And I’ll be honest with you. Always. I can’t live without the both said things above, too. And the best, sorry, I forgot that one. Whatever you like I do like it, too! I will never complain, unlike your girlfriend or wife would.

I’m a switcher. I can be vanilla, and I can be kinky, bizarre or very dominant.

Provide for me with some pocket money. I will give you the pleasure and happiness you crave after! From sexual to nonsexual. It is indeed all up to you. Let me take care of or punish you. Your wish – my satisfaction! You can expect everything that is real and hot. Why should you not hesitate to contact me?

Nowadays silicone is everywhere… And that tons of makeup… But I’m all- natural and still very pretty. I have a real body. No plastic. The modern woman is mostly fake but I’m not! I got a real laugh and moan. I’m the young pleasure with refreshing character, humor, and charisma you’re looking for. I’m gorgeous, sweet, smart and sexy. Real is also, that it makes me excited if you appreciate paying for my time. I love receiving money presents and Amazon gift vouchers for my sexy lingerie and other things, which would make you very happy.

Do you have fetishes that no one satisfies you? No one cares about them?

I do care! Kinky and fetish stuff is one of the most significant topics for me. I love to become a naughty girl from time to time. Are you looking for a girl who can accept your needs like Feet, Nylon, Heels, BDSM, Bizarre, Kinky, Slavery, Financial ruining or blackmailing, complete financial control, being my pay pig or slave?

I can train you to be my true sissy! I do feminization, diaper fetish, cock caging, lust control, cuckold and many more. Ask me if not listed! Are you looking for a real girlfriend experience in the vanilla world? I’m a perfect gentlewoman. I’m playful and creative. I’ll be there for you at all times. I won’t let you down ever.

We can have a good talk, erotic moments, vanilla sex, masturbation or you could listen to my erotic stories and my fantasies or tell me yours. I also love role plays like School Girl or Secretary.

Camgirl, phone-sex, Skype Sex, Whats-app Sex, find out how you can have all that bellow.

4 Ways to your happiness -4 ways to meet me

1. Whats-app talk and sex private – send the email with your number to [email protected] or follow group link

2. Skype talk and sex private – send an email with your Skype ID to [email protected]

3. Private Phone talk and sex private – send an email with your number to [email protected]

4. Visit me at my Cam Playground. I’m a loved Camgirl.

How does the Payment work for Whats-app, Skype and Phone Sex?

Payment after access and connection with me over Whats-app, Skype or Phone joy must be made instant with PayPal through or send it to [email protected]

Need more than the standard times? Want to have a great time for value and spend more time with me without breaking the bank? I’ll give you 400 minutes of my lifetime, splittable into as many sessions as you’d like within 31 days!

You pay 300 Euro or USD 350. For long-term relationships or more minutes, etc. ask me directly. I will make my time fitting to your needs as long as you are worthy and kind in financial and non-financial ways. I deserve it ALL, your worship, your loyalty, your financial support and your care. You deserve it ALL, but furthermost to be happy. And I will give you that. With me, it will always be a win-win situation.

camgirl, phone-sex, virtual relationships, Skype Sex, Whats-app Sex, virtual affair, virtual one-night-stand, sugar girl online dating. All that you can find by contacting me.

Let’s do it, baby! Many Kisses, Jairin Livley aka Jairin-Loveholic