Apr 17, 2018

EnjoyableEmma – Classic meets Passion

EnjoyableEmma My name is Emma and sitting here at home thinking about what to write about myself. As you may have found out, I am a Live Cam Model and working every day online to…



My name is Emma and sitting here at home thinking about what to write about myself. As you may have found out, I am a Live Cam Model and working every day online to entertain my visitors with my presence. Blessed with my blond golden hair looks I light up every room I step into.

A little about myself.

I am born and raised in the cold and windy area of Romania in the countryside. The first years of my memory were mostly about me playing in the forests and working in the gardens of my parents and grandparents. The summers were long and warm and the winters cold and freezing. During my first year school years, I learned more about life and started to understand that outside our village there was life and opportunity, with my friends I often fantasized about the future, playful we arranged each other’s life ’s and not realizing that growing up was the last thing we actually wanted to do. I loved my life when I was young, and I am looking back at moments that will always remain with me. My first love, my first kiss, my first night with a boy.

My School Period.

Going to school and interacting with my friends all day long, I have been tempted to do things that would make my day more exciting. But I have remained always the shy girl who was just happy enough to spend after-school time with my girlfriends, smoking a cigarette and drinking soda and juices. Eating ice cream and talking about makeup. When I was almost 18, my friends told me I was very beautiful from time to time, I started to see and notice how people were checking me out at a distance. My long legs and blond hair have always brought the guys to the yard, but I was not interested in any of them.

My 1st University Years.

As soon I was accepted for the university, I moved to the city. It was not easy to find something nice to live. I ended up in a 1 room apartment and despite the small space, I did manage to live there and keep it tidy and clean. At the nights I could hear my neighbors have sex, and in my case I had them left and right, and up and down. There was always sound around me, and I never felt completely safe, especially when people fight and the screaming does not stop. My escape was school and I did most of my homework in the university library.

First Personal Computer

My family surprised me with my first computer. We did not have much money and we do not have much wealth to pass around, but they bought me a Personal Computer to help me with my school. It was my first experience with modern technology. 1 Year after my first introduction to the Internet I was browsing with my eyes closed, had my own favorite websites and tons of contacts to speak with on Yahoo. The Yahoo Messenger. The chatting experience started to grow on me, my typing speed increased.

Why not use my cam?

To keep in contact with my family and to make sure they would not worry too much… I decided to buy a webcam from the tip money I made while serving tables on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. It was a job I needed to pay for my food. I made maybe a $150 a month with this, and it was very hard work. But it brought me some confidence in myself, especially when I hooked up my webcam and suddenly watched my own big face on the monitor with my eyes rolling around the screen.

From off that moment, things started to speed up. My first virtual sex chat with my friend online and weeks later I caught myself stripping on cam and made my friend cum on the keyboard. Months later I was browsing a website where they asked for Cam Hostesses. And while reading it I decided it was a big no, I am not one of those girls who get naked on cam and shows her private parts, I do know I am beautiful but I was not willing to share it with the rest of the world.

My first Debt

Of course, I was not the smartest girl from time to time, I loaned money to my friends, but they never gave it back. I had to pay for medication for a family member, and before I knew it the month was halfway and I was already out of money. The stress that came with that was not easy to deal with. I was feeling stupid and sad.

Had to beg my friend for money, and he was almost out of it too, yet he shared with me what he had. I survived it that month, but for a next month, I was broke. My school costs were not small and I had to pay for books that I obviously needed. I was hitting rock-bottom. I went to a pawn shop and brought my silver necklace with me. A miserable $20.00 in hands, this was it for the rest of the month. My mood was dark, my energy was drained and I had no hope to get out of the hole I was digging for myself.

Suddenly I found myself browsing for live cam work

Then suddenly I woke up in the middle of the night, asking myself if I would be able to show myself naked on cam. And that same day I was asking myself if I would have sex for money? Would I be able to sell myself out so easy and cheap and not knowing what will happen?

The idea to accept money for sexual pleasures did intrigue me but it kept me thinking that I was a bad girl. And this took me months to deal with that thought, but the seed was planted and it grew. I knew I would end up taking the risk. It was just a matter of days that I found myself browsing for webcam studios to find a job as a cam girl. No chance in hell that I would be able to start this all myself.  With the various offers, it was time to put the plus and minuses on paper and pick a studio.

Searching for a studio

I took the phone, called a few studios… And they all invited me for an interview and pick the one closest to the metro. I ended up sitting on the other side of a table with 2 people on the other side, asking me many questions that made me more insecure then I was before I stepped. After a week I gave up. I was not ready to become a sex doll online performing all sorts of hardcore acts.

I am NOT that type of girl. And then my eye noted an advertisement that said: “Glamourize Chat Models Needed”. And after one phone call and a few critical questions, I was thinking this might be it. A simple interview with the model manager, Maria Necula. She made me feel comfortable and explained that in her studio the girls were more important than the clients, and this made me feel in control. I was explained how a 1st day would look like and I was invited to see the whole building.

Many rooms, girls jumping up and down the stairs. A comfortable kitchen where all the girls were smoking and having a coffee break. Everything was clean and new. The rooms were impressing me, it looked so much better than my own apartment.  I was even asked to pick my favorite room. That same day my account was created on Livejasmin.

First Show – Way to go

After 3 days, Maria called me, my account was approved and I was ready to make money.  The world started spinning a little bit, I started stuttering a little and panicked. I asked if she was sure. She paid attention and knew I was a little nervous about this all. She said “You are going to change your life now” and I told her I would be on my way and soon I was there, with sweating palms and my heartbeat was accelerating.

My room was warm and comfortable, my trainer gave me a speed course how to work on the computer. Everything went so fast, a slight panic, but Maria was again at my side, sitting next to me on the bed and explaining what would happen. Her voice and instructions were calming me, she knew how it was, she was a model once.

When she left the room she turned around one more time and said: “We are here for you when you need us”. And 20 minutes later I was talking to people online. Chatting with them, and suddenly the room turned into a private room. One of the members had no patience and took me private. We spoke for 2 hours, that evening many other people took me private. Some for 10 minutes, some for 30 minutes.

It was an incredible experience.

I received so many compliments and nice people that night. My opinion was hard but it softened up instantly after 1 night. I succeeded to complete the night, and night became weeks and weeks became months. And we are now 4 years from the start of this journey. In the years that passed, I learned how to make my goals and how to obtain them. I bought my own apartment and drive a car that I paid for myself.

My relational status changed to single. And I became more aware of my life and the choices I have made to get to this point. I am thankful for BestStudios, they have done their best and kept their agreements all the time. I feel that I was lucky but also smart for picking the best studio in Bucharest.

Final word

I hope I gave you a little bit of insight into my life. And how I came to this work and why I love it so much. And maybe this can be a reason for you to visit me and to speak to me. It would be nice if you tell me in my chat room you found me through my article. For sure I will consider that as a compliment. Hugs and Kisses.


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