by Irina Kings | Apr 24, 2018

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Desired Mia – The Beginnings Hello readers, I am Mia. And I was asked to tell something about my day.  I don’t think there is…


Desired Mia – The Beginnings

Hello readers, I am Mia. And I was asked to tell something about my day.  I don’t think there is something interesting about it…Anyway, I will, however, take this time, making a cup of tea and relaxing a little bit and sharing my thoughts with you.

I started 3 years ago, one of my friends was working in a studio and I did borrow so much money from her that she almost kicked my ass. And said I really have to take this matter into my own hands and start making some cash. To not lose her friendship…  I was thinking I should do it at least for a week and then stop and tell her I did at least try. I am not that fond of work and I am certainly not going to show my naked sexy body for people on the interwebs.

So, when Lexy called me to say that she had me booked for an interview I was everything BUT happy.

I had no money enough for a cab and was about to shout to her that I don’t have money for a cab so fuck it. 20 minutes later she picked me up with the car, and while we had a little bitch fight on our way to my meeting, she did manage to make me smile.

She said “Just try it for a week” exactly what I was planning to do so! Once at the interview, things went a little different as I expected. It was an open conversation and I felt very okay. I might have told them also that I am looking forward to trying. Something was seriously weird, I got enthusiastic. I felt a little wave of energy, a new sensation of taking life in own hands, and somehow the details that I was informed about made me think I would be able to pay my debts and personal loans back in a matter of weeks. This sounded too easy to be true, especially when you are like me, a Law Of Murphy fanatic.

2 Weeks and $300 more loan money and I were motivated to handle my life and face the challenge that I created for myself, I mean, loaning more money from Lexy was easy cause I told her I would go do the job. A job I was still so insecure about. So many things can go wrong, so many things were about to collapse, I was in a serious situation and the only way I could deal with this was to do what my big mouth told me I would do. Work my pretty little ass off.

3 years ago, I started on a Monday Evening my 1st shift.

Looking back now I still have no idea how fast it went. I had my first private session with Andre, a guy from The Netherlands, and before I knew it, 10 hours have passed and my meter was close to $700 on the 1st night. I was out of words, I was having no breath, I was seriously jumping like a little girl in my room, I had money!! My Own Money!!!!

My 1st month was a dazzling experience.

If you have ever done something new like jumping from a plane or skiing from the highest mountains then you probably know how I feel and how thrilling I was feeling inside. Like a winner, no one could take my victory away.  My first good deed was to pay back my friends. Personal loans are dangerous, my friends maybe hatted me for helping me, I needed to make up for all that I took advantage of. I gave back the money and a little more!

During the years my members have always enjoyed all of my sexual attention.

Not sharing with them made me feel guilty. I went online when I wanted to masturbate.  Just to make sure everyone would have the chance to enjoy what I was about to enjoy. My sexual emotions and desires grew day after day after day. While my members feed me with tokens, I was making them a witness of my personal growth inside of myself. I have shared moments with them which are priceless. I never placed a number on my body and I never will. Members do this for me, and I value not what they give me, I value how they give it to me.

I have been in fights online where guys battle for my time.

At times I’ve screamed for attention. When all my members were chatting with each other and overlooked me. I have been through traumatic events with 2 of my members, death, and illness, dark and light fantasies, emotions and frustrations, I have been through them, with them, helping them, being on their side.

I even decided to have my own TXTSend account and offer 24/7 mobile availability. This I do cause my members are part of my life now. They have helped me in hard times and I am doing the same back for them. Sometimes Lexy and I share experiences about this work. We have many laughs and good times together. She helped me become a live video chat model, she helped me with everything that I needed help with. And the best thing she gave me was my self-respect. I am an independent woman now. With my own house, car, and I pay my bills nice on time. I feel on top of the world, without any problems or remorse.

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