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May 9, 2018 How to Guide How to Guide When you have TXTSend running in the background on your phone you’ll appear online on our network and you have the ability to receive messages. At the moment when you receive…

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When you have TXTSend running in the background on your phone you’ll appear online on our network and you have the ability to receive messages. At the moment when you receive a message, you will receive a compensation in Tokens. When you reply to the message and hit send, the person will receive your reply. He does not have to pay for the messages he receives from you. He will only pay for the messages that he sends you.

Engagement is the key. Entice the person to keep on messaging you.

Example 01:

Model: I have sent you a picture, did you like it, would you like to see more?
Client: Yes, I received the picture, thank you!
Model: I can make a live clip for you when you want to
Client: That sounds awesome! I would like that
Model: Describe me what you want to see….

A conversation that builds up slowly the tension is a conversation that you can keep going. Start with the small things, find out in the meantime some important things, like kicks and fetishes, maybe he has an interesting job? The idea is to get to know your client and to engage with him in conversation you both control through your mobile phone.

Besides the Texting element, we also offer Audio and Video Exchange, this can brighten up the experience for both parties and bring a new dimension to the whole my girlfriend experience. Every form of communication available, and you can give each of them a dedicated price. If you want the client to connect with you we advise you to raise the price step by step.  From texting to Video calling, when the price difference is too high, the client might remain with texting and not engage to a higher level of this online relationship, eventually, he might stop.

Directing Content Together.

If your clients are big fans of yours, then it might be a sexy and profitable thing to give them more control. You can entice them with questions and situations and take them down on a trip to memory lane. From buying new lingerie in the H&M store to shopping for diamonds in Amsterdam, as long you have internet and a mobile phone you are good to go, the freedom is there to be exploited. Directing content together is a great way to come close to your clients and to exchange emotions and feelings. You can close the APP any time of the time if you need a break, but you can also decide to let it open and respond a little later to the message. In the end, the engagement from him to you will be more regular and normal.

Dating and Meeting.

For the Dating and Escort Industry, this APP is offering all the forms of communication to verify the person you will meet. And the best part is, the client will pay for it himself, in this way when the meeting will not happen the model has at least her time compensated. Dating online is very in at this moment, people are lonely and want to see other people. TXTSend is a safe APP and works with a P2P connection, this means that your info is completely private. Until the client and model meet the APP will be there to keep them connected online. In your TXTSend profile, you can clearly state the kind of dating you are into. If you do not wish to see people in real life then you can just deactivate the Dating Availability.

Phone Sex.

In the early 90’s, phone sex was a real product. Thousands of ads in papers every day again with a short intro of 8-15 words and that was all there was to invite someone to call that number. Despite it was a simple concept, it generated millions of Euros in matters of days, in a staggering continuation. Phone sex is based on voice, and people will feel emotions when they are talking in voice.

There is a variation of conversation styles possible over the phone, from soft whispering too loud shouting, whatever drives your client on the voice you can serve him much of his needs. The prices of phone sex were based on Pay Per Minute, and ones the connection was closed the call ended. There was no possibility of charging back the amount because the payment was done through your phone company, we call this today: Direct Carrier Billing.

Picture and Video Exchange

TXTSend has an option to record videos and pictures and send them to your client. In some cases, the model can entice the client to send messages to direct the movie clip or pictures. If the model has created a somewhat successful conversation with the content she made then she has the option to offer this content for sale by using and get paid instantly when other people buy the package. Clips4U uses the same Token Eco System, this means that you will have all your income in one account, paid 2 times a month.

A Simple Concept

TXTSend is a simple concept, very sophisticated and well scripted, it still keeps it simple. Our members will understand our system as it is based on the user experience of many top models and studios. TXTSend is acting on demand and requests from her users and will be updated from time to time with new functions and the improvements where needed.  TXTSend works with your mobile phone but you can also access it through your browser and answer/communicate from of your desktop with your members. Throughout the first 3 months of TXTSend being active, we also added studio functionality to the panels, we received much feedback from heavy users and have listened to their needs.

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