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Apr 23, 2018

From Cam Model to Studio Owner

From Cam Model to Studio Owner – The Story of Daniel Constantinescu aka Eldiablo The journey from a male Cam Model to Studio Owner was not easy or without bumps in the road. But, he…


From Cam Model to Studio Owner – The Story of Daniel Constantinescu aka Eldiablo

The journey from a male Cam Model to Studio Owner was not easy or without bumps in the road. But, he made it. And he is working in the adult industry for 18 years now.  We are proud to present you an interview with this amazing man Daniel Constantinescu.

1: Please tell us who you are and what you do in this industry

Hello, I’m Daniel Constantinescu  (I prefer it simple Dani and a lot of people know me by the nickname Eldiablo). A 37 years young man who earns his money in this industry for already 18 years. In 1999 I started as a model on Ifriends in the gay category and after I got some experience in 2003-2004 I opened my first gigantic (around 12m2) studio with 2 models.  I was also living there with my girlfriend – in 2005 I started to work at a higher level and after a cousin of mine invest 1000-1500$ in few webcams and put me at disposal an open space (around 80m2 ) and few pc’ s I manage to start a 6 rooms studio with 8-12 models …

During those years I was meeting online a Dutch webmaster from Tjeezers and we start a friendship which is still active ( the friendship we start after I was calling him at 2 in the night let him know I arrive with hitch-hiking in his country but I got in the wrong part of the Netherland somewhere at 200-250km distance from his house ) and he learn me my first steps as webmaster also.

I was never a good webmaster but still …in 2006 I got a 5k$ prize at the first and last event organize by Jasmin in Budapest – Hungary.In 2012 when my son was born I decide to gout from the industry and to offer my 100% time and energy to family so I let my cousin with 3 studios and around 35 active models (probably I was let him with 36 models but one of them become my wife so I keep it just for myself). After 1-2 years of a break when the money started to disappear and I noticed I m not so successful in other areas of business, I decide to come back at adult webcams as an advisor (even now 75% of my time goes to my son) for some independent models and small studios.

Last year (2017 ) my wife decide to open a studio and I help her step by step to grow and run a project but we are still at the beginning

2: Please tell us how the industry developed for you in the last 10 years

FAST , starting with the quality of the live feed – continuing with the apparition of free sites (MyFreeCams,Chaturbate,Bongacams,Camplace) and the decision to work 90% with premium sites and finishing with the participation at different summits where you can speak face to face and shake hands with peoples from the sites I work with ….for me …the difference from 10 years ago its a huge one

3: Explain how it is to work with so many women and still be a family man.

It’s GREAT … I was always addicted to feminine beauty so working with women give me a bonus of energy who help me. My wife is a model also so she understands and sees me every day. I m 100% capable to interact with the models in a professional way (because I have a big experience as a model I must admit from time to time I even show them how to tease, to move). And I can do this because I know their needs and I m a good listener

4: How do you see the industry developed in the next 10 years

Hard to tell …probably the next major change will be the VR implementation so the technology will be once again changed from scratch

5: Are you having a funny story with our readers to share?

I am a lucky guy and I have a lot of fun in my life …it s hard to choose one but I keep remember one …in 2008 I was already a webmaster of Jasmin for some time so I decide to visit their offices to have a personal talk with them about how I can increase my sales…exactly on my birthday. I was in front of their offices in Budapest and I was calling the manager: Hello, I m eldiablo and I m downstairs of your office when I enter its possible to provide me a big knife? And he was something like: a knife ???? for what ?? – I answer him: My sales are going down …I believe you “shave” my traffic !!!… Really now …it s my birthday – I have a birthday cake – plates – little spoons ….but I don t have a knife.

6: Give us your best Sites, and tell us why girls should work there?

Don t take them in a specific order : Jasmin, Imlive, Streamate, Cams, Xlove, Ifriends, Adultwork, Flirt4free as premium sites all of them have traffic, members database, on time payments systems so a model can make a good income working with any of them + we have the freemium sites: MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, Bongacams, cam4 witch are very good to make money with. And again they have traffic, members database, on time payments systems ….

7: How many Cam Girls did you dated????

I m a gentleman …I dated with a lot of beautiful women till 2011 when I dated with the most beautiful cam girl in the world.  And I made her my wife

8: Can any guy just be a studio manager? Yes, why, and no, Why not?

In theory, yes but in practice, it’s a very complicated position. And it’s very hard to become a medium to good studio manager.

9: if you can have a sit down with any site owner, who would you pick?

At this moment the owner of Imlive because from there are coming 60-65% of my incomes

10: What is your idea about Free Chat

For me the free chat was and it will be like an arena of seduction … If a model can seduce a member in free chat she will not have any problem to make him addicted to private chat

11: What do you love to do in your free time

Watch my son growing, watching beauty walking ( women ) and drink some shots with friends.

12: Do you have any advice for the models who are still not sure if this is the job for them?

Before and after they stay online ask themselves 2 simple questions:

1.i did today something I didn’t t liked?

2.i m satisfied with how much I earn as a cam girl?

If they answer with no at first one and with yes but I wish more at the second one…  THIS JOB IS FOR THEM

Daniel’s studio is in the finals at AW Award 2018  at the EMERGING LIVE-CAM STUDIO category. Cast your vote for Funtasy Models here.