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by Irina Kings | Nov 10, 2017 Review – Dating site Review Review  – Dating sites are as old as the internet. Older, actually – some of the first social networking sites on dial-up bulletin-board systems were dedicated to matchmaking. is a large,…

Websites Review Review  – Dating sites are as old as the internet. Older, actually – some of the first social networking sites on dial-up bulletin-board systems were dedicated to matchmaking. is a large, well-known dating website for PCs and mobile devices. Like other dating sites, it allows you to establish a profile that introduces you, shows your pictures, and explains what and who you are looking for. You can browse other users’ profiles and see if they are a match. If they are, you can continue to communicate online or arrange a face-to-face meeting.

Dating sites differentiate themselves from each other with more bells and whistles, but basically that’s in a nutshell.

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You can’t access without registering. A simple free registration requires you to provide a user name, your email address, your Zip code, and a password.

If you live outside the United States and don’t have a Zip code, you’ll have to make one up. And you won’t find any partners near you. doesn’t say so on the home page or elsewhere, but as a practical matter it is useful only within the United States.

Once you’ve signed up as a free member, you will immediately start feeling pressure to upgrade. definitely wants you to open your wallet and purchase a paid membership. That’s obvious from the first minute or two on the site.

Your free account allows you to upload a profile picture, to fill out your profile, and to add some more pictures. You can also browse the database of users to see if you’re interested in getting to know someone.

If you do find someone whose picture and profile seem interesting, you might want to send a message. If the member is online, you might want to start a live text chat.

And you will immediately discover a major limitation of the site. You can’t contact other members in any way without a paid membership. You can browse the database of member profiles, but you can’t chat or send a message. If you want to use the site at all, you must pay.

Once you’ve paid – the site has a $1 one-day trial if you want to check it out – you can search member profiles to find someone you might like to get to know.

Note that the home page presents profile pictures of “hotties near you” and members who are online now. Those pictures will be members of the opposite sex even if you indicate you are a woman seeking women or a man seeking men. If you are gay or bisexual, then you’ll have to conduct a search to find possible contacts, because collects information about your sexual preference and then ignores it on the home screen.

The home screen also displays thumbnail images for XXX videos and member videos. You can’t view any of those without a paid membership.

Once you pay for membership, you may be pleasantly surprised at how often you are contacted by good-looking potential dates. That brings us to another unpleasant truth about The site’s owner, Smoochy Brands, creates fake profiles and use employees and chatbots to chat with members, pretending to be real users. The employees and chatbots invariably try to get you to spend more money at the site. And of course you will never have a real date with any of them, as they are not real users. The hot woman you are chatting with could well be a bored 40-year-old man at world headquarters.’s use of fake accounts – “love hostesses” – is spelled out on the site’s “terms and conditions” page:

“Smoochy Brands creates and maintains some of the profiles on the site, and that some ‘members’ of the site are actually fictitious persons created by employees or agents of Smoochy Brands, who we refer to as ‘love hostesses.’ You further acknowledge and agree that Smoochy Brands may respond to your communications to love hostesses through employees, agents or chat bots that impersonate the fictitious persons portrayed in such ‘love hostess’ profiles. You specifically authorize Smoochy Brands to utilize such love hostesses and fictitious profiles in order to enhance your experience on the site, collect data regarding user preferences and experience, and evaluate user compliance with our terms and conditions.”

Although “love hostess” accounts are identifiable by a small heart that appears near their photos on their profile pages, this misleading practice has left with a bad reputation in the online dating community.

Pricing offers free registration, but as a practical matter, you can’t use the site without paying.

The site offers three payment options. Each allows more access to site features.

A 24-hour trial membership is available for $1. It lets you view profiles, message members, and view member photos.

A monthly membership sells for $29.95. It lets you view profiles, message members, send unlimited “flirts,” view member photos (including 18+ photos), and view member videos.

An annual membership sells for $120, payable in advance. It lets you view profiles, message members, send unlimited “flirts,” view member photos (including 18+ photos), view member videos, see who has visited your profile page, and participate in free video chatting.  Annual membership also gives you the “100% Hookup Guarantee. ” If you have complied with site rules, completed a profile with at least one photo, and logged in once every seven days for a year, you can contact customer support for a free, one-time renewal of your membership for three months.


· Lots of interesting-looking people for any Zip code
· Site features include messaging, “flirts,” member videos, and more
· The $1 option lets you check out the site’s features without making a big commitment


· The site’s most desirable features are inaccessible to everyone except members who pay for annual membership
· Membership is limited to the United States as a practical matter
· The site ignores sexual preferences in display thumbnail photos of potential partners
· The site’s “love hostesses” feature means many of the most interesting profiles. And the ones most likely to contact you – are fake
· The site aggressively tries to get you to pay for membership or upgrade your membership


Although has some nice features, its main function seems to be separating users from their cash. There are plenty of other dating sites that don’t resort to the relentless hard-sell strategy employed at Worst of all,’s admitted use of fake profiles (which we confirmed as we researched this review) shakes confidence in the site’s honesty.