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by Irina Kings | Dec 5, 2017

Tube8 Review

Tube8   Intro is one of the internet’s top 10 porn websites. It features millions of porn videos uploaded by users and by’s content partners in the porn industry. The site offers free access…


Tube8   Intro is one of the internet’s top 10 porn websites. It features millions of porn videos uploaded by users and by’s content partners in the porn industry. The site offers free access to tons of erotic content, much of it in long video clips, and an increasing percentage in high definition. If you’re looking for porn videos, you can’t go wrong at

Beyond that, also hosts a user community complete with profile pages, playlists, and the ability to follow or contact other members.

You can search for content by category, by porn star, by production company…all the ways you need to zero in on the videos you’re looking for.

Best of all, a free account gives you access to all of these features. is definitely a site that’s worth visiting.

Content Review is a web 2.0 website, which means it counts on users to provide much of the content and value. For example, in addition to uploading porn videos, users vote on them, which helps present lists of top-rated videos. Users create public playlists, which helps present lists of similar content without doing the hard work of categorizing the videos themselves. At every turn, users collaborate with the site and with each other to make the website more useful to themselves and to other visitors.

That’s not unique. It’s how YouTube works, for instance.

The brainstorm of bringing web 2.0 principles to porn sites is not unique to It’s the defining principle behind PornHub and all of the “PornHub Network” sites, including The PornHub Network is full of sites that work fundamentally the same. They call count on users to add value and structure to the porn videos they stream.

That’s one way to understand the search and filter functions these websites provide, and to approach the social-network aspects of them. They are there so you can customize and improve the user experience, not just for yourself, but for others.

None of that would matter if failed to provide a good selection of great videos. But delivers in that regard. The site hosts hundreds of thousands of videos in every conceivable category. Increasingly, offers HD videos that look better on screen. You’ll find plenty of hot content at from the industry’s hottest pornstars and best-known websites and porn producers.

Part of that is an in-house deal. The parent company for PornHub,, and similar sites also owns, Brazzers, Digital Playground, Reality Kings, Twistys, Mofos, MyDirtyHobby, Sextube,, and The company also manages the websites of Wicked Pictures and Really Useful Ltd. So when it comes to quality content, can skim the cream from its own in-house partners. And that’s before users have uploaded a single video.

Finding the videos you want is simple at once you figure it out.

Clicking a category – “Asian,” for example – gives you a screen full of still frames from movies featuring Asian girls (or guys, depending on your preferences). You can click “Filter by” and select “blowjob”…but the result will be a screen of all the site’s blowjob videos, not just the Asian ones.

To do multiple-keyword filtering, you have to type a search term into the search bar. For example, “Asian.” You’ll get the first page of videos featuring Asians. A sidebar appears on the left with additional keywords. You can click a bubble next to “blowjob” now and you’ll get page after page of Asian videos featuring blowjob action. You can use this method to narrow your search to two categories, but no more.

Looking for something more specific? You can also specify that you’re looking for videos of different duration (long, medium, or short) and for newer or older videos.

Is possible to add a specific pornstar to the mix, so you can see all the 20-minute-plus Asian blowjob videos from the past month featuring Alina Li. You can also filter out videos that are not HD or specify that you are looking particularly for virtual-reality videos.

In addition, once you have completed a free registration, offers all the familiar social-network functions: a profile page, named playlists, the ability to like or rate videos, and so on. offers links to AdultFriendFinders and, a site that did not work during our testing.

Pricing offers paid membership option for $9.99 per month. That drops to $7.99 per month if you’re willing to pay for a whole year upfront with a single charge.

In return, get no ads and premium content, including access to a premium-only website containing more HD videos and more VR videos. You also get special badges and other status markers in the community. And membership in other sites in the PornHub network.


· Hundreds of thousands of porn videos in every conceivable genre, including lots of HD and HD+ offerings
· Combinable searches and keyword filters make it easy to zero in on exactly the videos you want
· Free membership lets you save playlists and favorites, and it gives you access to the PornHub community
· Lots of extras, including a blog, an online community, and more
· Most features are completely free


· With millions of videos available for free, there seems little incentive to pay for membership
· Other users can see your playlists, follow you, or send friend requests unless you block them

Conclusion is not just another porn site. Yes, it has lots and lots of hot videos, but that’s just the beginning. This site encourages you to come back again and again by supporting flexible, easy-to-use search/filter mechanisms and letting you set up the site you want it via your profile page and social-network features.

Free registration takes only a minute or two and it opens the doors to all these features.

As a member of the PornHub Network, benefits from a large, committed tech team to keep the site up and running, the quick adoption of useful features tested on the other network sites, and a steady stream of new content from the parent company’s porn production companies. isn’t just a good porn site. It’s an essential one.