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by Irina Kings | Dec 6, 2017

RedTube Review

RedTube Intro RedTube video-sharing porn site was launched in 2007. Wired identified it as one of the year’s fastest growing websites, and by 2009 it had earned a place among the top 100 most-visited websites…


RedTube Intro

RedTube video-sharing porn site was launched in 2007. Wired identified it as one of the year’s fastest growing websites, and by 2009 it had earned a place among the top 100 most-visited websites in the world. The site was acquired by MindGeek – the owner of PornHub and YouPorn – in 2013. RedTube is now identified as part of the PornHub Network of porn sites.

But none of that history is the important thing. What really matters is the porn. And when it comes to porn videos, RedTube earns its place as one of the internet’s most visited sites.

Content Review

Like YouTube, PornHub, and xHamster, RedTube is essentially a video sharing site. Users upload original content or clips from porn videos, which everyone else can watch. RedTube hosts more than 1 million porn videos, including HD clips and nearly 1,000 virtual reality clips. Like other sites, RedTube is quickly beefing up its VR offerings.

Finding the content you’re looking for is a simple process, though the site lacks some of the advanced bells and whistles that allow users of other sites to combine keywords to ferret out very specific content. You can find anal videos with a single click and you can find casting couch videos with a single click, but if you want casting couch videos that include anal, you’ve got to type that into the search bar. The search doesn’t understand the AND and OR operators that support advanced search at Google and other sites, so the videos it shows you will include some that are just anal or just casting. If you sort the results by relevance, the first few pages will contain videos that meet more of your search terms.

Convenient video searches are found on a dropdown menu.

A single click will show you page after page of videos that are tending now, a list of “channels” (porn providers like Brazzers and Private Castings and Fake Taxi), porn stars, collections, recommended, top rated, most viewed, most favorite, newest, or longest. You can also conveniently navigated to videos from users, channels, or porn stars you have subscribed to.

“Collections” are a key feature of RedTube’s community support. They are public lists of videos, very much like playlists on YouTube. As a registered user, you can create collections for your own convenience and share them with the community. You can subscribe to other users’ collections and they can subscribe to yours.

RedTube’s Community page is pretty basic. Clicking on Community takes you to a display of the videos most recently uploaded community members. Community videos aren’t commercial porn but self-filmed video features that you share with the community. You can mark the videos you upload as Friends Only, which means they show up in search results but can be viewed only by registered users who have befriended you.

A banner at the top of the RedTube page promises Cam Sex. A click there takes you to RedTubeLive, a cam site with thousands of models. Guest chat is free. You can pay to tip the models or engage in private individual or group chat sessions.

The RedTube menu also features a provocative option titled Fuck Now. Clicking that link takes you away from RedTube – you wind up at the Adult FriendFinder or home page.

Free membership in RedTube lets you set up a profile page. Your profile lets other users find you and send you messages or befriend you. It’s where you find the videos and galleries you have uploaded as well as the collections of videos you have created. You can search for potential friends via your profile page and you have access to both your Stream (a sort of activity log) and your Wall Posts.

Every page on RedTube includes a featured menu option inviting you to upgrade to paid membership, plus a prominent display ad promising premium membership at two days per dollar.

The signup page is just like the one at PornHub, which is no surprise. RedTube is part of the PornHub Network and is owned by the same parent company.


A one-month membership at RedTube goes for $9.99. The site currently offers a free one-week trial, with monthly billing start automatically at the end of seven days.

Premium members are promised their RedTube experience won’t include advertising and that they’ll have access to premium content.

Although the website promotes paid membership with links and tabs. It offers little concrete information about what premium content is available and what benefits accrue to members in addition to the elimination of ads. A thorough search of the site yielded no real explanation of the benefits of premium membership.


· More than 1 million hot porn videos in every conceivable genre, including lots of HD offerings and virtual reality
· Convenient one-click search options, plus the ability to combine search terms by typing them in
· You can set up multiple collections of favorite videos and share them with other users
· Community features that let you connect with other users. Including a search for potential correspondents or partners of online cam sessions or sexplay
· All features are accessible for to free members, including a profile page that serves as a RedTube dashboard


· Cam Sex malfunctioned during testing, failing to open windows for cam chatting
· Search and filter functions for finding videos are limited
· There is no explanation of the benefits of paying for premium membership


If you’re looking for porn videos, RedTube is a solid choice. It’s got more than a million and you are sure to find videos that help you get off.

The site’s community features are basic but they give you just what you want. It’s handy to be able to create multiple playlists – RedTube calls them collections – that you can view upon repeat visits or share with others. The profile page is a convenient dashboard for organizing your RedTube experience.

That said, it is surprising that a site this old has a few bugs. Cam shows didn’t work during our visit and there we were unable to find a page that explained the benefits of paid membership.