QuizzStar .com Review

QuizzStar  Intro

Did you ever take one of those quizzes on Facebook? The ones that tell you who your soulmate is from the movies, or which period of history you would be most at home in?

If so, then you have probably visited QuizzStar. This site hosts hundreds of quizzes and fun personality-analysis tools for Facebook users.

Usually you run into these quizzes when your Facebook contacts post results of a quiz or profile analysis. But you can also go directly to the website, explore the variety of quizzes available online, and take as many of them as you like.

Content Review

A disclaimer at the bottom of every page on the QuizzStar website says, “All content is provided for entertainment purposes only!” That an important fact to keep in mind.

QuizzStar quizzes and analysis apps work by logging in to your Facebook account; you give each app permission before its analysis begins. The app performs simple, quick analysis of your profile, your recent messages, your friends list, and other details, then delivers a verdict: the top five reasons to marry you, or which 10 words define you in 2017, or how much ransom four people from your Facebook Friends list would be willing to pay if you were kidnapped.

Obviously, a quick analysis of your public Facebook information isn’t sufficient for a real analysis. These apps aren’t there to reveal things about you to yourself or others. They’re just there to stock your ego a bit and put a smile on your face.

QuizzStar tests come in five categories: Fortune, Personality, Life & Friends, Love, Funny, and Face it! Each category lists hundreds of quizzes. In addition to “What will happen to you this weekend?” and “Three things waiting for you in the second half of the year,” the category includes “Which legend from history were you in a past life?” and “What is the hidden meaning of your name?”

The Fortune category doesn’t isn’t devoted to wealth, but to predictions – fortune-telling. But it’s kind of a grab-bag category. You’ll find quizzes like these:

What is the origin of your last name?
Can we guess your future based on your photo?
This is your death certificate – click to see it now!
Where will you live in 10 years, according to your Facebook profile?

Personality quizzes are supposed to reveal deep truths about your life and preferences. Unlike the quizzes at some other websites, you don’t actually answer any questions. The results are generated by the apps after gaining access to your Facebook account and scanning your data. Apps include:

How do you make people feel?
How mean are you?
Which quote sums up your attitude toward life?
Which animal slumbers inside you from a past life?

Next comes the Life & Friends category. These apps sometimes draw information from your Facebook friends list.

Who are your bold, brave, and beloved friends?
Which friends are always on your team?
These beautiful pictures are your most beautiful memories – click to see!
Your Story: How have your friends changed you?

The Love category is probably the most popular. Apps in this category sniff through your Facebook profile and friends list, trying to identify and disclose signs of potential love relationships.

Whose initials are written on your heart?
Click to see your future child with this friend.
Which animal do you turn into when you are in love?
Who is your backup plan if you are still single at 40?

The Funny apps aren’t funny, mostly. This category just holds apps and quizzes that don’t seem to fit anywhere else:

What is the biggest asset people envy you for?
What does your festival line-up look like?
What do you smell like?
What does your warning label say?

Finally, the Face it! category is based on your profile photo and images you have uploaded to your timeline. The category includes apps like these:

Which facial expression is your trademark?
Which nationality does your face resemble most?
Which job should you have, based on your facial features?
What do your eyes say about you?

As you can see, these apps are intended for fun. There’s no way your Facebook profile could provide enough information to answer these questions for real. Even if it did, parsing and analyzing the information would require more computer power than these simple apps. These are games, intended to bring a smile to you and your Facebook friends, nothing more.


There is no charge for these quizzes, just as there is no charge for Facebook. However, you do need to offer access to your Facebook account.

The information you provide the apps is potentially sensitive data that is generally restricted only to yourself or yourself and your friends. The QuizzStar privacy policy page says that in general, private data is not stored, but that information about your computer, the time you accessed the app, and stuff like that can be stored.

Your use of the app is also disclosed to Facebook.

The site reserves the right to use information it gathers during use of the apps to display targeted advertising and for other purposes.

Although you are not charged money to use the apps, you do trade a bit of personal information, just as you do with free websites like Facebook.


Hundreds of free apps that can entertain you and your online friends
Smooth, seamless interface with Facebook
Good graphics
Clear, comprehensive privacy policy


Results are not in-depth or even necessarily correct
Information about your use of the app.  And information about your Facebook account, are shared and potentially more vulnerable to detection by malicious third parties


QuizzStar doesn’t provide a lot of value. The danger of data disclosure is small but real. All in all, we rate these games as harmless, free entertainment. Go ahead and take some of the quizzes. Use the results to get closer to your friends. The world needs more closeness.