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by Irina Kings | Jan 16, 2018

PerfectGirls .net Review

PerfectGirls Intro At first glance, seems like just another tube site. There’s a main screen with still frames from a couple hundred videos. The…


PerfectGirls Intro

At first glance, seems like just another tube site. There’s a main screen with still frames from a couple hundred videos. The name of the site is at the top, and the menu bar reflects familiar options: Videos, Categories, Favorites, Meet & Fuck, Live Sex, Porn Games. It looks like any other porn site.

In a way, is indeed like other porn sites. Tens of thousands of porn videos, all available for your viewing pleasure, including a great many HD videos. But there is one essential difference, an organizing principle that governs the way the site presents content. It makes unique among tube sites.

Content Review

The home page doesn’t display the top-rated videos or the most watched ones or the ones that come from featured content partners. The home page displays today’s videos. The ones that were added to the site in the past 24 hours.

At the top of the page is today’s date and the number of videos. On a recent day we visited, the number was 207. And sure enough, there were 207 video images on the screen.

At the bottom of the display of thumbnail images is a widget that lets you select the next page, or the next…all the way back more than 2,000 pages.

Clicking “next” will get you the 198 videos added yesterday. Click again and you get the 197 videos that were added the day before that.

The navigation bar is like a time machine. It will take you all the way back to August 19, 2010, the day the site opened – and the nine videos that were uploaded that day. A year later they were averaging more than a dozen per day. Now they add about 200 videos per day, with a rising percentage of HD clips.

Below the day’s videos, on every page, you get a list of categories.

This isn’t the list of user-generated keywords you find at most sites. For example, you don’t find separate listings for Mature, Milf, Granny, Grannie, and all the misspelled variants. The 92,261 videos featuring young-looking girls are all in one category: “Teens, Young, Petite.” There are 2,527 in the “Fat, Chubby, BBW” category.

These omnibus categories indicate that’s staff is involved in assigning keywords and keeping the list of search terms manageable. Instead of just using whatever the uploading user happens to type, the staff is reviewing and categorizing the videos.

The staff’s professional touch is evident in video titles, too.

At most porn sites, video titles can be short, ambiguous, or misleading. “Blonde Babe Cums.” What the heck is that? At, every video has a descriptive title:

· Blonde teen is sucking dick in the back of a car while her friend is watching her
· Naughty blonde woman always gets what she wants – especially when it comes to steamy fucking
· Chubby red haired babe with tattoos is always in the mood to play with her pussy
· Hot brunette Mila likes to do some outrageous things in public places during a nice day
· Mature British woman with red hair is toying her pussy while wearing black fishnet stocking. These titles will never be mistaken for poetry, but they do give an excellent indication of what you’ll see when you watch the video.

There is no obvious way to sign up for membership at, but each video indicates who the uploader was.

If you scroll to the fine print at the bottom of each page you’ll find a link that says “Upload videos.” When you click there you are given an opportunity to log in or to sign up for a free account.

You don’t get to upload videos immediately after creating an account. The reviews every account application manually before approving membership.

All of these signs – the daily quota of 200 videos, the carefully organized keyword list, the descriptive titles, and the manual approval of membership requests – reveal the website’s active participation in ensuring quality and managing the site. The staff is far more involved in managing the site, its members, and its content than at most porn tube sites. That’s clear from the way the site works and from the quality of the videos. Everything at is a step or two above the ordinary.


Using is absolutely free. You can view all the videos you want without paying a dime or even creating a free account.

If you do want to create an account, you might have a hard time finding out how to do it. The account-registration screen is hidden. The only way to stumble across it is to find the well-hidden fine print that invites you to upload videos.

Uploading videos seems to be the only benefit of membership. And membership is completely free.

We expected our tests would reveal that site registration is necessary to populate the page of “favorites” accessible from the home page. But uses cookies to keep track of which videos you like. It will show you your favorites even if you haven’t created an account.

The Meet & Fuck menu option is a link to the WellHello dating pay-site. Live Sex leads to the same generic webcam site that many sites link to, with the PerfectCamGirls logo slapped on the top of the page. Porn Games links to a pay-site for adult games. None of these options add any value to

You’ll also find links to several dozen porn sites at the bottom of the page. These sites all cooperate in sending users to each other in an effort to raise funds by building traffic. You’ll find a lot of fun little sites that you’ve never heard of on that list. It’s fun to explore.


· Tons of hot porn videos online for free
· Videos are professionally curated with staff members ensuring they are indexed well for retrieval
· Titles are long and descriptive so you know won’t be disappointed in what you get when selecting a video
· All these features are absolutely free


· The site links to dubious dating, webcam, and game partners that add little or no value
· It’s hard to find the registration page, and there is no description of what benefits, beyond permission to upload videos, come along with membership


Tube sites are a dime a dozen on the Internet. There are hundreds of them, maybe thousands, and they all seem to operate the same way. According to the Web 2.0 model, users upload content for the benefit of other users. Site management launches the software and sits back to collect ad revenue. takes a slightly different approach. At every stage in the process, the site’s operators have found a way to add value. They screen the videos and they assign meaningful keywords. And ..They ensure titles are long and descriptive and, they even hide the sign-up screen so they aren’t overwhelmed with a lot of poor-quality uploads.

They care about quality at, and it shows. This site is recommended.