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by Irina Kings | Jan 23, 2018

LiveJasmin Review

LiveJasmin Intro LiveJasmin is one of the largest and most heavily promoted webcam sites on the internet, LiveJasmin was launched in 2001 was an online…


LiveJasmin Intro

LiveJasmin is one of the largest and most heavily promoted webcam sites on the internet, LiveJasmin was launched in 2001 was an online adult reality show. The site changed evolved and changed a few times before becoming a streaming site where webcam models interact with visitors.

LiveJasmin grew rapidly, becoming one of the internet’s largest and most frequently visited websites. It currently boasts hundreds of thousands of registered webcam models and you are sure to find hundreds online any time you log in. You can chat with the models, tip them, and interact with them in private video chat rooms – for a price.

Content Review

LiveJasmin has won awards from Adult Video News, XBiz, and other judging bodies, and it’s no wonder. This cam site set the standard for sexy webcam interaction. Everything from the site’s design to its prices is set to impress users with high quality.

At Chaturbate and other cam-girl sites, all you need to broadcast is a webcam and a high-speed connection. LiveJasmin is the same, but somehow the performers on camera all seem to be more professional and more glamorous.

One reason is the way models are displayed on the site’s pick-a-model pages. At other sites, you see a freeze-frame image from the model’s current chat session. At LiveJasmin, you see a photograph that the model has posed for and uploaded – the model at her best. LiveJasmin advises its models to have professional photographs taken so they will attract more users to their chat rooms. Models can also upload brief welcome videos to promote their chat rooms.

It is this attention to detail that makes LiveJasmin seem like the high-end premium site for chatting with cam girls.

At most cam sites, you can specify whether you’d like to chat with a man, a woman, or a group. At LiveJasmin there are 17 different categories of performers: girls, lesbians, mature women, couples, groups, fetish models, boys, gay males, transgender, hot flirt, soulmate, DJ, dancer, fashion, fitness, love-life advisor, or cosplay. Performers in each category must conform to site rules for that category. About half of the categories don’t allow nudity, even in private chat.

It seems like a good idea to have a dancer category, for instance, so models can perform or teach visitors dance moves. Fashion, fitness, and love life advisors are there to consult with visitors and help them improve their lives.

However, on a recent visit we found thousands of models online in the girl, lesbians, mature women, and other nude groups, and only a handful of models in the “hot flirt” and “soulmate” non-nude categories. There may be a need for non-sexual cam chat services, but people don’t seem to look for that at LiveJasmin, and although the categories exist, you won’t find many chat partners online in those categories.

LiveJasmin allows you to chat as a guest without logging in.

You can’t specify a user name. It will  just show you  up in the chat as Guest7777 or whatever number the site assigns you. You also get logged out of the chat after a few minutes. At other sites, you can participate in open chat rooms indefinitely. At LiveJasmin, you log in or you move along.

There is no free registration at LiveJasmin. To become a user, you must purchase a package of the tokens that are used to tip models and pay for private chat.

Moreover, LiveJasmin models are prohibited from sexual performances and nudity in open chat rooms. The only way to see a nude model or a sexy show at LiveJasmin is to pay for a private show.

LiveJasmin makes it pretty easy to find the cam model you’re looking for with a search bar and a series of key words that let you filter the selection of chat rooms that appear on screen. For instance, you can specify Asian or New Model or Big Tits or Stockings. Once you establish an account, you can add models to your Favorites list and quickly see a screen of models whose company you have enjoyed before.

One handy feature of LiveJasmin is that each model compiles a list of activities that they are willing to perform if asked during private chat. There’s no need to guess or to spend expensive time negotiating these issues. Simply click on the model’s “bio” icon and the list of activities will appear after a sentence or two introducing the model. Models who refuse to perform activities listed on their willingness lists are reprimanded and site users get refunds for the payment they made for private chat.


LiveJasmin does not offer a free registration option. When you sign up for the site…  You must purchase a package of tokens and provide payment details for future purchases.

The least expensive sign-up package costs about $25. Private chat with LiveJasmin models is charged by the minute, with a typical average price of about $2.39 per minute. This turns out to be a low rate compared to most other live webcam sites. On the other hand, LiveJasmin’s top models charge much higher rates.


· Hundreds or thousands of models online performing hot shows
· Performers are divided into 17 nude and non-nude categories
· Free guest chat is limited to a few minutes, but it lets you see models live in action
· Because this is a large site, it has a very large number of very attractive performers
· Once you join, you can track your favorite models so you can return to their rooms when they are online
· No nudity allowed in public chat
· Models post “willingness” lists of what they will do if asked in a private chat session


· Extremely limited free chat for guests
· No free registration
· Confusing site navigation
· Some categories have very few models online
· Refunds possible if models don’t honor “willingness” lists


There are a lot of cam-girl sites out there, and it’s hard to recommend just one. It’s nearly impossible to make an apples-to-apples comparison about prices. Ultimately you’ll choose a webcam site because of the models you find there.

That said, LiveJasmin is certainly worth a look. The one caveat is that you must be prepared to buy at least a minimal package of credits to participate at LiveJasmin and see if it suits you.