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by Irina Kings | Feb 3, 2018

ImageFap Review

ImageFap   Intro ImageFap –  Before there were videos online, in the dark days before broadband internet service, there were naughty pictures. Back in the…


ImageFap   Intro

ImageFap –  Before there were videos online, in the dark days before broadband internet service, there were naughty pictures. Back in the dial-up days it was thrilling to select an image, site unseen, and watch the modem lights blink as the picture slowly took shape on-screen. A single low-resolution image could take 30 seconds, or 60, or two minutes to load.

The world has come a long way since then. Although there is lots of video porn out there, there’s also a bustling world of adult-oriented photo galleries.

That’s what ImageFap is all about. This user-supported website offers access to millions of hot, sexy images in hundreds of thousands of galleries.

Content Review

There are all kinds of porn in the world. The industry is rushing to embrace 1080p and 4k high-definition videos. It’s making a big investment in virtual reality, which will take off once good hardware systems are sufficiently inexpensive to find widespread adoption. Users engage in cam-to-cam live chat with partners around the world, and high-tech sex toys are letting them control their partners’ erotic experiences remotely.

Amid all these technical innovations, you don’t hear much about sexy photos any more. But all the big porn production houses produce galleries of photographs in addition to videos. There’s still a huge appetite for galleries of sexy, hot pictures.

ImageFap is one-stop shopping for lovers of sexy image galleries.

The site has a vast collection of galleries online. On a recent day we found 2.3 million amateur porn galleries, 246,000 Asian galleries, 242,000 galleries featuring bondage, 155,000 masturbation galleries, and more than 32,000 galleries featuring pregnant women.

That’s not photos – that’s galleries. Some galleries contain hundreds of images.

That’s a lot of content.

Once you’ve selected a gallery, the first page of thumbnail images is presented on your screen. Click on a thumbnail and the image is restored to full size. You can scroll through the gallery with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard, or you can click to proceed. You can right-click on any image to download it and save it on your computer.

It’s all about overwhelming. ImageFap reports that it has more than 1 million “teen” galleries. Luckily, you can refine your search. For example, you can type “redhead” into the “search in this niche” search bar to get a display of image galleries featuring teen redheads. You can sort by image size too, and restrict your search to galleries uploaded within the past 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days.

Free registration transforms ImageFap into a blogging platform. Seriously – once you create a profile you can blog at the site. ImageFap doesn’t have a section devoted to erotic stories, but lots of members post erotic text in their blogs.  You can comment on other people’s blogs and you can publish your own.

Is also possible to follow other users, send and receive messages, keep track of content you’ve uploaded, and much more. ImageFap is a complete social networking site in addition to being a huge library of sexy photo galleries.

You will also find that in addition to image galleries, ImageFap contains tons of videos uploaded by users, including lots of clips from commercial porn producers. Every time you search for image galleries by keyword you can click a link to get a listing of all the videos that match the keyword. ImageFap doesn’t host as many videos as PornHub or, but it has lots. You’ll find whatever you’re looking for, for sure.

All of this is well integrated with ImageFaps forums, which contain public discussions, images, contests, and links to content. And with your profile page and blog. And clubs. You can join clubs in which members share interests and news and photos and videos.

The site even hosts live text-chat, chat rooms where you can meet up with other users and engage in sexy private chat.

Plus, ImageFap links to WankSpider, a search page for porn that includes links to all the major sites. To MovieFap, a streaming video site operated by ImageFap. To TNAFlix, a partner porn tube site. And EMPFlix, a streaming side specializing in HD porn.


ImageFap is absolutely free. So are its affiliated sites: T’nAflix, Empflix, Pornwall, Wankspider, and MovieFap. You can register at ImageFap for free, set up a profile page, upload content, save favorites, and enjoy all the other benefits of membership without paying a penny.

Some of the links posted by users in the forums go to pay sites or to download sites that charge for access. But that’s not ImageFap content. ImageFap is all free all the time.


• Millions of photos in hundreds of thousands of galleries, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for
• Lots of videos – both professional and amateur – uploaded by other members
• A complete social networking site that includes a profile page, member-to-member messaging, content management, and even blogging
• Topic-oriented chat rooms plus private text-chat
• Clubs that let you meet and interact with other users who share your taste in porn


• Because user galleries and videos are essentially unmoderated, content varies in quality
• Setting up an account can be complicated and time-consuming
• Other users can see your favorites, follow you, or send friend requests unless you block them


ImageFap occupies a necessary place in the porn world. It’s a huge repository of hot sexy photo galleries. The galleries are updated every day, around the clock, by users from everywhere on earth. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it at ImageFap.

Then there are the videos. These aren’t ImageFap’s strongest features, but there are plenty of them there.

The chat rooms are another nice bonus. It’s nice to enter the Cuckold Corner or the Domination Room or Celebs and have a nice dirty talk with others who share your interests. If you hit it off with another user you can always set up a private chat that can get as dirty as you want.

On top of all that you’ve got the ImageFap social network, which lets you set up a profile page, interact with other users, keep track of content you like, and even post to your personal blog.

It’s easy to see how ImageFap could quickly become a habit.