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by Irina Kings | Dec 2, 2017 Review Intro is a member of the TXXX network, a group of small tube sites offering porn videos, photo galleries, and community features. These sites don’t have all the features of the internet’s larger…

Websites Intro is a member of the TXXX network, a group of small tube sites offering porn videos, photo galleries, and community features. These sites don’t have all the features of the internet’s larger porn sites, but they make up for it by specializing and by providing special features the big sites haven’t thought of.

At its heart, is a streaming site for porn videos. It has nearly 600,000 videos online according to a counter on the home page.

Unlike most porn tube sites, has a definite specialty. You won’t find a lot of professionally produced porn at It’s almost all amateur videos.

Content Review

The database holds nearly 600,000 videos. Though there are thousands from partners in the porn industry – websites and porn studios – most of the content is amateur.

In particular, has become a home to videos updated from webcam sites and home cam users. During one of our visits the site hosted nearly 60,000 videos from Chaturbate, 13,000 from MyFreeCams, 10,000 from BongaCams, 1,700 from Runetki, 1,000 from Cam4, 1,000 from LiveJasmin, and 600 from RusCams. Another 183,000 were tagged “Webcam.”

The result of all this cam content is that has a real do-it-yourself feel. Every page of video content seems to be dominated by video clips shot by amateurs on cell phones and webcams. Even the professional content on tends to be amateurs.

You see a lot of ordinary people in the videos you find at They’re not pornstars with perfect little bodies, pneumatic tits, and professionally applied makeup. They’re your neighbors getting naked in the spare bedroom. No special lights, no pussy waxing, no director to get them to contort into positions that let the camera see the action. It’s just real people. Women getting naked and getting themselves off with toys and fingers. Milf sucking their husbands’ cocks. Lots of enthusiastic, lusty, ungraceful fucking. At you see real people having real sex.

That’s a nice antidote to the boredom you get from watching one professionally produced scene after another at the internet’s mainstream porn sites. Those videos can all look alike after a while, the pornstars’ moans too note-perfect to be genuine. When a girl cums at, you can tell she’s really cumming. That’s pretty hot.

In addition to movies, hosts photo galleries. There don’t seem to be any commercial galleries at It’s just one photo album after another of real people, users, getting naked and getting dirty. Women shyly strip off their bikinis at the beach for their boyfriends. Young girls pose for topless selfies in the bathroom mirror.

The Categories button on the top-of-screen menu bar does just what you expect. It presents a list of the most commonly used keywords on the site. Click again and you can see all the keywords – along with a number representing the number of videos conforming to that category. The site had 77,350 Big Tits videos on a recent visit, 379 Changing Room videos, 1,177 Thai videos, and 10,124 Redhead videos.

There’s no way to combine categories using the menus, but if you type “redhead blowjob” into the search bar you’ll get a listing of only those videos that feature redheads AND blowjobs. That’s a good feature. At many sites, typing “redhead blowjob” into the search bar gives you listings of all the redhead videos (whether or not they feature blowjobs) mixed up with all the blowjob videos (whether or not they feature redheads). The hclips search bar is better.

The Community button lets you explore the profiles of registered users. You can send friend requests to other users, follow them to be alerted when they upload new videos, write on their public walls, or send them private messages.

Finally, the Free Cams button takes you to, where you can enjoy free chat in public rooms and buy credits for private chats.


There is no charge for accessing The site does offer membership, but registration is free. Once you’ve joined the site you can set up a profile page, communicate with other users, rate and comment on videos, and upload videos to the site.

There are ads on the website – a lot of them. When we accessed the site using an ad-blocker browser extension, selecting a video or search often resulted in a blank screen. Even using a browser with no extensions, searches sometimes failed, resulting in no content until we hit the refresh button to reload it. Sometimes we had to reload a couple of times to see search results or photo galleries.

This is forgivable in a free site. It’s just an inconvenience, after all. We wouldn’t tolerate it if charged a monthly membership fee. But since there’s no charge, we can forgive a few rough spots in the site’s implementation.


· Completely free to register and use, with no features restricted to premium members
· Excellent search and filter functions so you can find the porn you want
· Community features let you get to know other users via public and private messaging
· Excellent source of self-shot videos and videos from cam girl websites


· Buggy implementation sometimes returns blank pages until you hit refresh a couple times – especially if you use an ad blocker
· The site has a lot of ads
· Videos tend to be shot with cheap cameras, poor lighting, and amateur models – not professional porn


There’s something appealing about amateur girls getting naked and getting dirty. Other porn sites do a great job of streaming videos of porn professionals, women who are thinking about camera angles and facial expressions while they’re getting fucked instead of just letting the feelings wash over them. Given their pretty expressions and delicate sounds they make when the script calls for an orgasm, it’s hard to believe they ever really cum. At the orgasms are as real as the cellulite.

We’ll bookmark for the times we’re in the mood for candid, raw footage of real live girls. It’s also the first place we’ll look for video footage of hot models from cam-girl websites. It’s great to find so many of those videos in one place.

The site has a few rough edges, but it fills an important niche in the porn universe. We’ll be visiting again and again.