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Bedroom Fireworks is a cheap magic box for adults

Why choosing only one sex toy from Durex, when you can go for more than one! After you make a decision to purchase the Bedroom Fireworks, chances are that your love life is going to enter the whole new dimension, and that is the great thing about these toys. For only 17.99 GBP.

Here is what you will get as a part of this magical box, as we like to call it:

– Play Tingle: we all know that tingling during sex can make both partners feel much more excited and reach an intense orgasm sooner

– Ultra Pleasure Ring: everything is much better when there is a sex ring involved, it is vibrating and making men super horny. The pleasure lasts up to thirty minutes.

– Chequebook: it is always a good idea to have something like this if you have a plan to have an amazing night

– Pair of Sexy Dice: what is it going to be, kissing in the kitchen or having sex in a doggy position. That is why this part of the product is here.

We highly recommend Bedroom Fireworks since it is one of the adult toys that can improve your sex life once and for all.

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